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  1. I know the awkwardness of Signature War Gear talents has been explained a bunch of times, but I haven't gotten a clear answer on how it applies with the Deed "Right Gear for the Job" on page 85 of RoB. My character is also going to be a Salamander Tactical Marine. Here are my questions. 1) If I am reading it right the Deed allows me to take any of the Wargear listed AS IS listed and I can only upgrade it with acquistion of a new talent. I'm considering either a Combi-Flamer or a Power Sword. If I take this deed, will I need to take the basic Signature Wargear Talent or Signature Wargear (Master)? 2) If I go with my Salamander Tactical Marine, is it possible to have up to 3 pieces of Signature Wargear (basic level) at Rank 1? This is between the above mentioned Deed, The General Space Marine Advance at Rank 1, and the Salamanders' Chapter Advances.
  2. Thank you. It confused me because every game before that had things like this as Elite Advances. It had simply never occurred to me that I needed to reevaluate that.
  3. Role: Player Looking for: Group Type of Game: Online or in person (if possible) Region: Eastern United States Time and Timezone: EST: 5PM to 2AM (lateness depends on if weekday or weekend) Game Style: Mix between Roleplay and Combat Game Preferred: Deathwatch but would play any of the other 4. Comments: Played and/or GMed every 40KRP game except OW.
  4. I've been confused about this for awhile. Are the Advanced Archetypes additions to the standard Archetypes or do they entirely replace them? I've looked at all the Tomes and none have given me a clear answer one way or the other. To give an example, I wanted to make an Alpha Legion Sorceror for a game, but just before it started up Tome of Fate was released. I thought Sindri Myr was a pretty awesome character in Dawn of War so I had wound up combining the Starting Archetype, the Chaos Sorcerer with the Advanced Archetype, the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine. The game is over, so it's a moot point, but was it against the rules to do this? My character certainly had some extra tricks but he never felt terribly overpowered compared to the others were doing.
  5. @Sebastian Yorke: You nailed it for me. I have no inherent problem with melee. It's just that with the way my group has been playing the various 40k games, it frustrates me for two reasons because they often charged into melee in spite of all common sense. Our brave Rogue Trader charging into a pit with Chaos goo possibly forming a portal and already had three Daemonettes in it. This was despite the fact that we had a ship in orbit that could purge it with a 'Sanctified' Lance strike as well as an armed shuttle flying around, piloted by my Void-Master. There's also the aforementioned Avatar of Khaine, where my Explorator could never use either his Best-Quality Ryza Plasma Gun or Heavy Bolter armed Servitor because there was always at least one friendly body in any Line of Sight my character could draw, the Avatar of Khaine being the worst example. "Guys...why are you charging the flaming statue of death with a sword big enough to chop a tank in half?" All those people getting in my way in spite of common sense? That certainly would leave anyone who likes using a gun with a bit of lingering animus.
  6. In almost every 40k RPG game I've been in, I've tried to make Ranged characters either because he had to be built that way to do his job (my Voidmaster who was the ship's Master of Gunnery) or had no real business being there (an Adept I played in DH1). However, I was rarely able to take advantage of any of it largely because my player group seems to be smitten with melee combat. It was impossible to use a Heavy weapon or even go Full-Auto with an Autogun because there would always be a friendly body in my line of sight trying to stab any and all targets, even ones you have no business being in melee with like an Avatar of Khaine (yes, really). So I have to ask, is a Melee build that much better overall than a Ranged build?
  7. Hello, everyone. I'm a Gamemaster with some experience running short campaigns and one shots. I want to run Rogue Trader but am running into a problem as how to structure my campaign. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to design my campaign to play to the overall theme, but not overwhelm myself writing adventures that won't get played or being forced to railroad them onto something that does not interest them. I get my inspiration from a lot of places: Captain Harlock, One Piece, Firefly/Serenity, Pirates of the Caribbean, classic pirate stories, Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, and many more. Do you have any suggestions on how to write it the story in such a way to give the campaign the right balance between freedom and order?
  8. I would suggest letting him know about the options that come with Craft (Armorer). I played an Explorator and wielded a Best Qualithy Ryza Pattern Plasma Gun with Multi-Scope and a Best Quality Omnissian Power Axe and boosted my BS. The player might not be able to do as much damage as the Arch Militant, but s/he can put down plenty of pain with some thought.
  9. We've all had situations where more than one skill check can possibly lead to the information you need. As a GM, how do you handle it? I'll give an example. Let's say the Explorers want to find out about a group of Eldar pirates operating the area. The skills that I see applying are Common Lore: Expanse, Forbidden Lore: Pirates, and Forbidden Lore: Xenos. Let's say someone has all of these marked as Trained. Is there a published rule or is it considered GM fiat? If GM fiat, how do you handle it? Let them roll up to 3 times? Roll once with circumstance modifiers? Addition question, if the tests for separate rolls differ in difficulty, do you tell them which will be easier or harder?
  10. Thing is, there's this bizarre presumption that the Eldar are the "nice" aliens, and thus get on well with humans and make appropriate allies, etc, etc. It's the whole "Looks somewhat like a LoTR Elf" thing, as best as I can tell - people seem to expect the Eldar to be like Legolas and Elrond. That and the "they look almost human, so they must be OK" thing. Frankly, I don't buy into that. From a human perspective, the difference between the capricious, arrogant and ancient point-eared aliens, and the capricious, arrogant and ancient pointy-eared aliens with blades all over their armour... is that the latter can literally eat your pain. The Eldar don't conveniently divide into 'naughty' and 'nice'. Craftworlders are isolationist, and tend to be variously manipulative and/or militant with regards to what they regard as 'lesser species' (ie, everyone that isn't them). Outcasts - pirate princes and rangers, who so many regard as 'ideal' - are mercurial creatures driven by whim and wanderlust, as inclined to genocide as diplomacy, and for reasons no greater than 'because I felt like it'. Eldar as a species are the creatures who created Slaanesh, and every excess and depravity that Slaanesh embodies... the Eldar can imagine, and are capable of. Their bloodlust and savagery in battle is a potentially addictive experience, even for the ascetic and ultra-disciplined Craftworlders. Even the 'noblest' of them are high-functioning sociopaths at best and downright psychopathic at worst, and may vary between the two at a moment's notice. And, by and large, they regard humans as quick-breeding vermin who defile all they touch and possess a particular vulnerability to the influence of The Great Enemy. The Dark Eldar are, at least, honest about what they are. I wrote the rules for Dark Eldar player characters (well, the Kabalite, and the basic Dark Eldar species rules, plus the armoury and bestiary in that book - the web enhancement were done by someone else. I wouldn't have agreed to do that if I didn't believe they were a feasible match for a Rogue Trader group. Of course they're not a fit for every group... but then, depending on how your group plays, there are options in the core rulebook that aren't appropriate for every group (you try fitting a Missionary into a decidedly impious group). N0-1_H3r3, thank you for writing this up. I originally had most of the same misgivings about allowing Dark Eldar characters as many others. I had felt that it would be like the fable about the Fox and the Scorpion crossing the river. I do have one issue with your justification. You say Dark Eldar are a better fit because they're more 'honest about what they are'. I'm under no illusion that Craftworld Eldar, Exodites, Corsairs, or Harlequins are 'nice' by any measure. My question is why other Eldar kin are incapable of controlling their urges where Dark Eldar are capable? Corsairs and Craftworld Eldar on the Outcast path are acting much the same as the Dark Eldar, though they receive no sustenance from it. Can't they act in pure self-interest same as the Dark Eldar? What prevents them from working with a Rogue Trader group out of a similar self-interest?
  11. I wound up doing this for him if you all are curious. He can wield his Bolter as a club (1d10+SB Pen 0 Impact) or fire a single shot in melee. All penalties and bonuses apply as they normally would. Also since it was mentioned earlier, I switched Lore:Codex Astartes with Lore: Da Natura Belli (the collected wisdom of Leman Russ).
  12. Changing his specialty is not an option at this point as the campaign (I am the GM) has started and he likes the character overall. Although, two weapon fighting is one way to do it, I've been wanting to look at other melee talents. I also need some clarification on what kind of penalty he will be going against. If he uses two melee or two ranged weapons without TWW, the penalty for both will be -10, and he will be making both attacks at -10. It will also be the same if he attempts to have one ranged and one melee weapon without both TWW talents and will be going at a -10 on both. Is this right? I've read both the Rulebook and the FAQ as well as searched the boards and can't find a definitive answer.
  13. He does have his Bolter and happily uses it. He just wants to be able to perform in melee much like a Grey Hunter would on the tabletop. I'm just trying to figure out if there are any melee talents he can take to reflect this earlier than Rank 5.
  14. I recently started a campaign and have a Space Wolf Tactical Marine who would like to get a bit closer to the fluff. He wants to be able to get stuck in with bolt pistol and close combat weapon when the melee closes with him. He doesn't wish to do the Assault Marine's job so much as be a propert Grey Hunter. although he has the Two Weapon Talents available, they're at Rank and 7. He wants to be able to be better at close combat soonish. Now my understanding is that if he attempts to dual wield a pistol and a close combat weapon, he will be at a -10 for both due to not having the two talents. Are there alternatives that he can take at Rank 4 or sooner?
  15. I guess I should also mention the Perform skills too. I want my player to be able to do more than just shoot and bash things. I'm imagining skill challenges like those in 4th Ed D&D (something I do think 4th got right by making it somewhat more explicit and rewarding such action with both knowledge and XP). I'm imagining stuff like during down time, a Space Wolf (who are known for their Sagas) rolling Perform: Storyteller to tell a great tale of Space Wolf exploits to his NPC Battle Brothers. Depending on how often he does it and how many degrees he succeeds by, he may earn some extra XP and maybe a few extra Renown points. I just figure it would be a way to encourage players to flesh out their Marines a bit. Other examples might include a @mortagon: How do you differentiate the Horde size? How much magnitude does one miniature equal? How have you allowed players to hit horde leaders (whether accidentally or purposely)? @Decessor: I agree, but I think it would allow a character to be more than just 'Space Marine #(very large number)'
  16. You might want to consider with use of that new Talent, having to make the Mantis Warrior roll for Insanity Points, so as to bring about the nature of the flaw as part of the Primarch's Curse.
  17. I'm asking for some general advice on how to keep the game simple. This may be a big vague, but I want to give my players the ability to make tactical decisions about their characters without bogging it down. I've done miniatures combat with systems before but I'm wondering how viable it is to make a horde on a playmat. How will Tactics rolls and Squad Modes come into play? How have you done this to avoid bogging players down in endless combats? How do you setup the Hordes properly? In most systems, I'm sure many of you have noticed that lore/knowledge/ type skills and craft/trade skills get left on the shelf in favor of almost anything else (though in DW, I can see this happening with many tactic skills too). I've thought about rewarding small amounts of XP for successful use of knowledge skills as well as certain uses of trade skills that do not benefit combat directly. I'm thinking about 20-30 for a standard success with an additional 10 per degree of success. I'm sure players would bite if there was a chance for more XP, but I don't want to break the system either.
  18. Simple. Remind them they are living under the "cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable" (excerpt from Black Library intro). When my group started acting up in my first session, I had my Inquisitor nip in the bud. He showed them live footage of an Arco Flagellant and said in a nutshell, "Keep screwing around and this will be your fate." That put an end to it.
  19. @Varnias Tybalt I agree. I wasn't arguing with you though now that I reread it I can see how it might of come off that way. Though it is off topic a bit, I have seen how people went into the marriage/2.3 kids thing and have it suck for them because they expected endless Rockwell moments instead of all the work and sacrifice it takes to make it successful.
  20. You've all got a point. @TheFlatline That's harsh but it does have some truth to it. People fall in love and then everything else drops off the radar because they can't get enough of each other. I know that it's life, but these same people need to realize it cuts both ways. I've had my friends who do this get pissed at me that they're not being included. If often went like this. Player: Why aren't you including me anymore? Me: Because you spend every spare minute with your girlfriend and blow off what few plans we do make to spend MORE time with her. Do what you want, but don't expect me to wait around for you to find a balance. Either they balance their time or they stop annoying me for not including them so it works out either way. @Cardinalsin I envy you. I wish my players and I could do that. @VarniasTybalt That made me laugh, but maybe just because I'm cynical. But it makes sense to me. I mean do people get married and have kids and expect to be able to put them away whenever they choose? It's their choice, but it's "equivalent exchange." For anything to be gained, something must be sacrificed. If you're willing to sacrifice RPGs or other things to spend more time with your spouse and whatever kids may have, it's your choice to do so. Just don't complain to me that you have no time anymore and that I'm shunning you. Your family life is not my business and it's not my problem. By volunteering and then flaking constantly, you're making it my problem.
  21. cyclocius said: Varnias Tybalt said: cyclocius said: Though seriously, I can sympthasize with anyone who has problems with players who seem to be welded to their other half. It is seriously annoying. My DH campaign has been on hold for a month and 2 weeks now because one player uses EVERY weekend avaliable to bugger off halfway up the country to see his girlfriend. Good for him but please...Think about your other friends? Sounds like the guy is locked up in a distance relationship. Don't count on seeing him for sessions much if he has to travel far in order to just see her. Then again their relationship will probably end due to the distance and him acting like he was welded to his other half. But until that time i suggest you drop him out of the campaign if you can. If you know that you want to go see your girlfriend during every forseeable weekend then you shoudln't volunteer to play in a lengthy campaign anyway... I know :/ He just phoned me to say he wasn't seeing her this weekend (I actually told him: "Finally" down the phone ) before he said he was going to Cyprus for 2 weeks. Nerd Rage.... I sympathize. The Assassin's player had to cancel for 2 weeks straight because he had to go to India. My initial reaction was "Who the #%*@ does he know in INDIA?!" His wife is an agent and is on a first name basis with many celebreties, including Bollywood ones.
  22. Funny that you should both mention that. I just asked out a girl was attached to a 4E D&D campaign I'm in.
  23. @ThenDoctor There has to be a balance. Your friend simply had it in the opposite direction of my friends. He was far too into it. My friends aren't into it enough. Both are equally as bad. You're wrong if you believe that I expect my friends to wreck their relationships. All I expect of them is to plan and manage their time as mature adults are supposed to do. If my friends have an anniversary, I'd ask them to have the courtesy to tell me so I could plan so they don't conflict. Unfortunately, I've had too many friends who get offended that they aren't being included and yet when go time came would disappear because their girlfriend is demanding they drop everything to attend to their every little "need." I speak of those like the one mentioned here in this link. http://unmoderated.info/cm/showentry.php?e=16&catid=member&entryuserid=168 Ultimately, it's not my business who my friends date, but I have no wish to feel the effects of their drama. I've also had enough of "I'm in a relationship" being used as an excuse for rude and inconsiderate behavior. A good SO understands that you need space and time for yourself. As for girlfriends wanting to join in, I would be fine with it if they're genuinely interested.
  24. Captain Harlock is a military man turned space pirate in a very dark space opera setting. There's the name, of course. The Haarlock Dynasty were people who were both military people and pirates in a dark space opera setting. Considering how GW and it's licensees have lifted from many different sources, it seems likely. What do you all think?
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