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  1. I would love to see it on that platform as well.
  2. It was a good first episode. One thing one you mentioned was you thought there would be a lot of Ghaston Grey being played at the tournament so you tweeked your deck to deal with it. I would really like what those tweeks were. I think that could help a lot of the intermediate level players by hearing what specific tweeks people make to deal with known power cards or themes. I look forward to episode 2.
  3. I did a search for Storm's End before posting the question. Thanks for the info though. It is much appreciated.
  4. Storm's End reads: If you win dominance, instead of claiming 1 power for House, you may claim 1 power each for 2 different House Baratheon characters. Melisandre reads: Renown.Claim 1 additional power when you win dominance, and when you win an unopposed Intrigue or Power challenge. If you have both in play (and another Baratheon character) and win dominance what is the result?
  5. Stannis's Northern Cavalry reads: Stannis's Northern Cavalry cannot be killed or discarded from play during a phase in which its STR has been raised or lowered. King's Pavillion reads: Each character gets +3 STR while it is standing. Does this mean that Stannis's Northern Cavalry cannot be killed in any phase that it was standing while King's Pavillion is in play, or because it is a static effect is the Cav only same the phase the pavillion comes into play and the phase the Cav kneels? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Please forgive me. If this has been addressed I could not find it through the numerous mentions of Narrow Escape. Narrow Escape reads: Any Phase: Put into play from their owner's dead piles or discard piles all characters that were killed or discarded this phase. Any opponent may discard his or her hand of at least 1 card to cancel this effect. Most burn cards read -X STR until the end of phase. Since Narrow Escape must be used in the same phase as a character died in would in bring back any character burned to death only to have them die again, or does the burnning effect end when the character was killed?
  7. Sorry for the blank post. If Lucas Blackwood is killed while the player has Focused Offensive revealed can you get around the 1 challenge that round? Or if you use Lucas's ability in an earlier phase do you get 0 during the challenge phase? Lucas Blackwood: Response: After Lucas Blackwood is killed, you may initiate a Military challenge against an opponent of your choice as your next player action this phase. Focused Offensive: Military Battle. You cannot declare more than 1 challenge. You cannot declare defenders. This plot's text cannot be blanked.
  8. Thank you. I did search for Maester Lomys before posting, but I probably should have done more research. Thank you all again.
  9. Maester Lomys reads: Any Phase: Kneel Maester Lomys and discard 1 power each from any number of characters you control to have each of those characters gain "cannot be killed" until the end of the phase. Wildfire Assault Reads: When revealed, each player chooses up to 3 of his or her characters. All characters not chosen are killed (cannot be saved). My Question is could you use Maester Lomys at the beginning of the phase (even if you need to use Dragonstone Port to do so) discarding a power off of character A, & B. Play Wildfire Assault as your plot (choosing Characters C, D, & E) effectively retaining 5 characters since you are not saving only they cannot be killed. Also since Wildfire Assault does not target characters to die (only to not be killed) you are not making any illegal targets. Does this work?
  10. It was released at GenCon. I played in a demo and it was so fun I bought it right afterwards. I love the mechanics.
  11. I agree as well. Day 1 purchase.
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