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  1. When rolling for attack, I have two speaker bikes. Since the keyword "Impact 1" is a weapon keyword and not a unit keyword, I assume I would two "Impact 1" = Impact 2 if I have two speeder bikes. If this is true, do I have to roll them separately?
  2. Berning22

    Vader Relentless

    The answer is simple, Vader can NOT attack twice. He is only ever allowed to attack once a turn. This is clearly stated as an example of page 12 of the Rules Reference.
  3. Does any have images of all of the cards?
  4. "Before this character gains 1 or more shields, you may remove 1 of his shields to deal 1 damage to a character. " "A character cannot have more than 3 shields. Any excess shields that would be given to the character are ignored. " I do not see why this is an argument. It clearly states in the rules that you CAN ASSIGN a character more than 3 shields!!! Period. That means you can assign a 4th shield to Qui Gon. When you assign, but before you give it to him you remove one to do a damage. Then you give Qui Gon the 4th Shield, but now it is only his third so he keeps it.
  5. I am very disappointed that Cunning can work this way - stupid really! For a cost of 2, you have just made Thermal Detonator and IG worthless in most games. It is already extremely powerful using on your own cards.
  6. Will this be upgraded for use with Imperial Assault?
  7. I know the figures will be different size, but I wonder if they will have an upgrade kit like LOTR War of the Ring and Descent???
  8. FYI - The high rez Tracking link is really the high rez markers file.
  9. Crimson skies rulebook: http://www.scribd.com/doc/48003837/Crimson-Skies-Corebook
  10. Berning22


    Why is the Falcon and Slave 1 twice the price of the other expansions. What am I missing??? I know they are a little bigger, but seriously $30???
  11. I read ion cannon late last night after posting this question. It is clear then that you must use your firing arc when using proton torpedoes. Are they worth it? I like Marksmanship for 3pts. My son used this last night with Vader and it was very effective. You do not get 4 attack, but changing your all of your focus rolls to hit every turn is very good (1 is a critical).
  12. Why are proton torpedoes so expensive for a one shot deal? Can you use them on someone that is not in your firing arc (you already have a lock on them)? If so, this may explain why they are 4 pts and only used once. Thanks,
  13. It is now on iTunes for iOS.
  14. I agree the FFG pieces look better, but you are paying $15 retail for one figure. The SSB boosters had 7 figures for I think $20.
  15. I totally agree with everyone saying these game mechanics could be for any theme. Where is the "Star Wars" besides the pictures on the cards? If you are going to "throw in" starships, they should interact together. Maybe some of the objectives can only be attacked by starships. I am not saying characters like C-3PO can not affect starships, but they should not be able to block them. I hope the deck construction that we see in the demo is only one way/one format to play the game. Advanced rules you can use any cards, etc.
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