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  1. Frostfire said: How would I address a space marine? "Please don't kill me" That's "Please don't kill me, My Lord" To you.
  2. Most likely, the Rogue Trader would have multiple accounts with a large banking guild such a House Krin and would also sink money into a number of different investments such as partial ownership in a manufactorum, shipyard or trade house. It is highly unlikely that they carry around vaults filled with the currency of many worlds in the holds of their ships. If this seems too modern, remember that banking and investing are nothing new. They have been done since the middle ages.
  3. Ticonius said: Why isn't he? Seems kind of harsh. He left of his own volition. Apparently there was a lot of tension building between him and the other players over his behavior in and out of character. There was more to this than just that one incident, but it did bring it all to a head.
  4. I'm about to restart my Dark Heresy campaign after my Acolytes royally screwed the pooch and managed to get themselves and Inquisitor Vownus Kaede into some hot water. They were investigating a strange outbreak of violence in an industrial sector of Hive Volg. They had discovered it's source in a potent new chem circulating in the underworld, that, on closer inspection was found to contain trace amounts of Genestealer DNA. They were closing in on the source of this drug, a Beast House enclave in the depths of the Hive Sump, when disaster struck. Our psyker, who had already caused much annoyance in the party by using his psychic powers for frivolous things despite repeated warnings about the risk to life and limb, got a perils of the warp roll while attempting to pull images from a hiver child with Mind Scan. He had favored of the warp and got two rolls, deamonic possession and warp specters. Now at this point, he could have easily chosen Warp Specters however the player did not want to "scare the kid" so he chose daemonic possession confident that he could resist it. Naturally, he failed the WP check even after burning all his fate points and was possessed. Then as the Acolytes had just finished Illumination, guess who possesses the psyker but old Mr. Sunshine himself, Tsiak the Crow Father. Meanwhile, the Arbites who had been compromised by the Logicians, decide to reveal themselves , capture the Acolytes and implant them with mind control implants. You remember, the Churgeon from Edge of Darkness? Well she was back all along. Now keep in mind that I had given ample hints that something wasn't quite right at the Arbites Precinct. They seemed all too interested in the investigation, the Precinct's sub-basement was sealed off for no apparent reason yet the Acolytes ignored it. Then the lone Acolyte the team sent to check on the psyker was ambushed, incapacitated and mind-raped by the deamonhost who then starts hunting down the Acolytes now that he knows everything the Acolyte knew. The Acolytes at the Precint manage to steal a Scarab patrol car, and finally escape after a tense car chase. Then the Acolytes arrive at a Mechanicus temple and the Tech Preist uses his conections as a Sector to call in the Skitarri tech guard to purge the sector. However, it was too little too late and all the main heretics escaped. So now the Crow Father, a Xenobiologist who is slowly mutating in to a Broodlord and a brilliant Heretek who can implant mind controlling parasites in people are all running free. Then to top it all off, Witch Finder Rykehuss spots a golden opportunity to eliminate his rival and issues a Carta against Kaede accusing him of heresy, treason and consorting with enemies of the Emperor. The Inquisitor and his retinue have been recalled to the Bastion Serpentis to stand trial. Any suggestions? Also, before you ask the player playing the Psyker is no longer part of this group as a result of this incident.
  5. I'd say wait until Ascention comes out. It will have details on running "epic level" Dark Heresy campaigns.
  6. I recently had to totally overhaul my original interpretation of the Tyrant Star. My original theory was that the "xenos" race who's anonymous ruins litter the Calixis sector were actually a race of human psykers who predate the Imperium. They foresaw the coming of the Age of Strife and tried to build a Soul Ark that would allow them to survive the coming chaos and asend to a higher plane of existance. However, the Ark was corrupted by Tzeentch and instead became a prison for their souls. The Tyrant Star has languished, imprisoned in a place in the depths of the Halo Stars where all time and space converge. Slowly, the billions of imprisoned souls have clawed at the walls of their prison slowly weakening the fabric of realspace preparing for the time that it will break free to rampage through the Segmentum Obscurus and consume the souls of all mankind so the imprisoned souls can share their eternal torment. Unfortunately, this theory was based on an extreme misreading of many passages, including a serious misunderstanding of who exactly Eloeholth the Faceless is (I thought he was a Chaos Corrupted Eldar Harlequin). So it all had to go out the window. After realizing my original mistake, I created a new theory that more closely matches published fluff. The new theory goes like this. One million years ago, what are now the Calixis and Ixiniad sectors were controlled by a race of incomprehensible Xenos. These chitinous beings had a very advanced understanding of the nature of the warp, indeed their technology was almost entirely based upon it. This race, whos name has been lost to time, sought power above all else. Using the secrets of their warp technology, they sought to build a massive xenos engine the size of a star that would give the user absolute power over space, time and matter itself. In short, they sought to possess the power of the gods themselves. Alas, the device did not work, and in the throes of its stillbirth it tore the very fabric of space and time asunder. The coriscating energies of the warp poured through and their civilization was totally eradicated. It was not until almost a million years later that the broken, incomplete remains of this engine were discovered by the Chaos Lord Eloeholth the Faceless. Eloeholth resolved that he would succeed where these strange aliens had failed. For thousands of years, the Silversmith of Prospero and his cult labored upon this alien device taking the alien mechanism apart, correcting the mistakes the original designers had made, and reassembling it. Despite Eloeholth's great knowledge however, it was a slow process. To speed matters, Eloeholth went out to the shattered remants of human civilization that remained there. Descending from the heavens on a chariot of fire like a prophet of ancient Terra, he gifted the people of the Adarantis nebula with his knowledge, creating the civilization known as the Adrianti. Using the new inventions that the eager young minds of the Adrianti churned out, Eloeholth's great artifice was nearing completion when disaster struck. The armies of the God-Emperor arrived. It seemed that Eloeholth's work would be for nothing, until his fateful meeting with the grief-stricken scion of a powerful Rogue Trader family named Erasmus Haarlocke. Erasmus had just lost his beloved wife and daughter to a rogue member of his house and was half-mad with grief when he ventured into the depths of the Halo Stars. When Erasmus laid eyes on Komus he knew that before him stood the one thing that could alter history and save lives of those he had loved and lost. Erasmus made a pact with the Silversmith of Prospero, he would assist in Eloeholth's endeavors and, in return Eloeholth would allow Erasmus to use Komus once, to alter history so his wife and daughter would still live. However, while Erasmus was consolidating his power, the Silversmith of Prospero made a dire discovery. Komus design was flawed at a fundamental level. All his labor of the past 3,000 years had been for nothing. Komus cannot work, it will not work. Attempting to activate it will simply repeat the disaster that wiped out its original creators and very likely create a second Eye of Terror. Eloeholth departed the Calixis sector, never to return, but Erasmus refused to abandon hope. Using Eloeholth's cult and the powerful, otherworldy objects he created Erasmus Haarlocke is determined to finis Eloeholth's work with or without him. Erasmus is more than wiling to wager trillions of lives on the off chance that he can see his beloved again. I like this theory for several reasons. For one, it meshes with most of the published hints that have been dropped about the Tyrant Star, it matches the prophecies published about it. It also explains the manifestations of the Tyrant Star as psychic echoes of the future growing ever more intense as the impending disaster draws nigh. It also explains why the fabric of time and space seem unstable in the Calixis sector and ties up all the loose ends very nicely. Plus it gives the campaign and epic conclusion, a race against time to stop Erasmus Haarlocke before he dooms the entire Sector. Not to mention that a Chaos Lord is probably the last thing my Acolytes would ever expect to have offered as an ally.
  7. Kill him off. The player charged into it without taking adequate time to assess the situation and lept feet first into a nasty hole. Just let the machine grind him into a slurry of blood and ground bone. If he complains, he brought it on himself.
  8. I just got my copy yesterday. Tattered Fates is designed to be highly modular so that the GM can make it as challenging or as easy as he wants. You probably could run it with 1st rank Acolytes, but that would mean skipping all the fun stuff so they can survive the ordeal. I would recommend 3rd rank+. 5th rank is probably ideal as it allows you to use the most.....interesting encounters.
  9. I have to agree with Brother Praetus on the "thinner books" point. It's just the nature of the beast. Not to mention that, if you look at the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay releases, they were pretty thin to.
  10. Keep in mind that a lot of 40k tech is just modern technology with a weird name. Pict plate = Film. Pict stealer =Camera Vicorder = Video camera Vidscreen = either a TV set or a computer monitor ETC. However, no internet, at least not as we understand it today. The most high tech installations may have an intranet-like setup, but these are exceedingly rare and their construction and use are a closely guarded secret of the Adeptus Mechanicus. For the most part information storage and retrieval is handled the old-fasioned way with vast libraries of ancient and moldering scrolls and manuscripts. In fact, this is one of the most ubiquitous images in the 41st millenium.
  11. I tend to go by the Eisenhorn Trilogy for the most advanced parts of the Imperium. When my Acolytes do go the Spires of Malfi, for example, they will find pheremone hunting messenger drones and jetbikes aplenty. Right now, they are hanging around the impoverished backwaters of the Imperium (the Coscarla Division, The Scintillian Underhive, The Gorgonid Mines).
  12. Not to derail this thread, but I think Baron has FOX news confused with CNN/ABC News/CBS News on this whole swine flu issue.
  13. I , for one have not seen any problems with my books, and these things have been abused to no end. They have been dropped, spread across laps and crammed into a backpack that is too small for all of them and strains to hold on, yet my books are still holding together. The only in store problem I found was that the cover of my DotDG books was ever so slightly bent. In my opinion, these are some of the highest quality bindings I have ever seen in an RPG book. If you have had problems, I would reccomend that you e-mail FFG or talk to the owner of the store you got it from. They should replace it or refund your money.
  14. Attila-IV said: A story hook just occurred to me. Heretics, terrorists, enemies of the Imperium, or just enemies of the ruling Govorner attempt to seize control of Ambulon as it passes close to Hive Sibellus. Their plan, should they succeed, is to use the city to "trample" the hive and cripple two of Scintilla's most important cities in one attack. Ideally the climax of the game would take place as Ambulon is beginning to climb over the lower hives of Sibillus, the entire city tilting at extreem angles, the Acolytes having to fight their way to the control center as the city pitches and weaves in all directions. Can you immagine the effects a Berzerker Thorn could have on Ambulon if applied in the right place? Wow, I have a new story thread.
  15. Well, they did specifically state in DotDG that they were leaving the true nature of the Tyrant Star completely up to us. So that each GM can use his own version of the Tyrant Star for the game.
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