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  1. Also just to be sure, can a Gladiator with Demolisher and Engine Techs perform one of the attacks after using Engine Techs, right?
  2. Then again I read this and I'm confused: To attack with an ordered unit, the owning player must have already completed the movement of all his units ordered during that turn. The player then performs the following steps for each of his units attacking this turn:
  3. Hey my friend and I were wondering if, when you activate an unity you move with it and attack. Or, you need to move every unit in your turn and then attack. I think it's, you just need to move all unit before attacking if you are moving multiple units due a card or something special. Thank you!
  4. Also can a Knight use Oath of Honor with the Reanimated as a target?,It says must be used on a hero. And in the rulebook it says: They may be targeted and affected by monster attacks, hero abilities, and Overlord cards that target a hero. But nothing about : hero abilities that target a hero. Thank you=)
  5. Subject: Word of Misery OL card Card Text: Play this card at the start of your turn. During this turn, each time a hero suffers any (Heart), he also suffers 1(fatigue) in adition to the (heart) suffered. Question1: What happen if a hero takes a wound that turn and he is already at his maximum fatigue, he will take the wound, after that a fatigue, but as he is already at maximum fatigue takes a wound and so on. Question2: The additional fatigue you take this turn it's per wound or each source damage, example, if a goblin makes 3 damage after soaking the damage, will that mean the hero takes 3 fatigue tokens, or just 1. It's difficult to rule the question number 1 but with a house rule if you ask me, and about the second one I guess it's per source damage, in my example above, that will mean just take 1 fatigue token.
  6. Too bad for us who live really far far away(Spain), I wish I could go there and get those promo figures, hopefully they will release them.
  7. Can't wait! We didn't have release date yet, right?
  8. I have been waiting to get my fixed copy of forbidden alchemy more than those 8 weeks.I've send emails which they don't answer. Any of you already received the fixed copy, along with that book they promised? Thank you.
  9. alaterra said: Every Second Edition-compatible hero falls under one of four archetypes: Warrior, Healer, Mage, and Scout. Healer! Awesome *o/*
  10. Scy800 said: I am hoping for a system similar to the one FFG uses in Gears of War. In that game, when you die, you are "bleeding out". Another player can however give medical aid to another character and resurrect him. The players lose the game if all characters are "bleeding out". Just imagine all the nice skills and items you could create to make heroes better at aiding their fallen fellows. Or monsters who could disrupt this process. Could give some interesting situations! I like it! I had the same problem as the OP the first time I played Descent, the "feel" of ,I don't care if I die isn't great, but I get used to it. I really would love the bleeding idea to be implemented.
  11. I get the same email now, so sooner or later I'll get my components =) My concern was the lack of communication they had, but as you said was due that structural change.
  12. Thank you for the answers I'll try to grab that big box.^^
  13. By the way, that url it0s the only place to buy those premium figures?As I was looking in the FFG online shop and I don't see em.
  14. Hey , I'm about to buy, as a present, the starter set of Dust and surely some premium figures, and I was wondering which set shall I buy, as I see 2 "core" sets.: http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=DT001 or http://store.fantasyflightgames.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=DT022 Or shall I buy both of em?=) Thank you!
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