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  1. I a recent game an interesting situation occured. One of my "Warpers" was caputered by an Acid Spit. Close beside the "Warper", the Flyborg "Queen" was located. When I rolled the dice, I was able to move my Queen within close range to the "Warper" with the Acid Spit on. The rules state that when you have moved the Queen, you can flip one of your own bugs within Long Range. The question is this: If I flip my "Warper" will the Acid Spit then be sliding off or is it supposed to stick to it's target in this peticular situation?
  2. In Dungeon 35, "The Pull of the Depths", the Leader, "Meladon the Magnificent" has a special ability, saying: " Meladon can spend one movement point to move any figure in his line of sight one space, as often as he likes". In this particular dungeon heroes can be moved into pits, taking 2 poison damage. Can Meladon spend 3 movement points pushing a hero stading next to a pit into it (1 point), pull him out (1point) and then push the hero in again (spending 1 more point), thereby giving the hero 4 poison damage total? Or between two pits? Should he pay the cost of two movement potins to pull the hero out of the pit?
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