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  1. at lest some people are starting to get shipping orders. ordered my copy the same day it came out and i still have not heard from them yet. i wish i knew how they where getting shipped. i live in the state right below them so i suspect i might be last as it wont take every long to get it to me. though it is a little disheartening to hear that Edsel62's friend is getting his copy first and he ordered weeks after Edsel62. although seeing that i started this thread i more then likely am last now LOL but people are getting them so it only a matter of time now
  2. i know some people around here hear things. i was wondering if anyone in the know has heard anything about it yet. i know ff will send an email when they do but i'm just starting to wonder if i'll ever see it this year.
  3. Brother Vinn of the Imperial Fists "Primarch-Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of him on earth" we are forever loyal.
  4. when people added a name and chapter did you get a confirmation email saying your order had been updated to add what you missed? i had a question and they let me know i forgot my chapter so i sent them one but i never got a response letting me know my order had been changed to add my chapter. just wondering if i should pester them again to see if my chapter had been added. it also dose not show up on my order from just my name right now.
  5. i agree with you and wish there would have been something a little more for the sisters. i'm just thinking out loud but would have a Canoness be a better fit for a Ascended career? i admit my knowledge on the Sisters of Battle is very very limited. anyway i'd be interested in looking to what you create for them
  6. anyone know if the character sheet in Ascension is download yet or when it will be made available? i know the book just came out and it might be awhile but i just thought i would ask.
  7. why not an Antarctica location? not sure how it would work but it would be fun to see.
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