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  1. Just an odd question… but I find myself constantly wondering why a game as good as Dust (both of them), has so little local presence. It occurs to me that our local game store has a Press Ganger constantly showing/organizing Warmachine/Hordes events, a Henchman showing off Malifaux, etc… and yet Dust advocacy is left to me, in all my unofficial glory. :-p I love Dust Tactics and Warfare. I have played WH40k, Warmachine, Malifaux (which I also love albeit in an utterly different way), and a few other systems, but Dust is the one that won my heart. I now own every single Axis/Ally unit, all expansions, all campaign books, and have begun SSU as a faction. I've tried to be a good steward of the game, and am meticulously painting everything so that any demo game I am asked to do will have an amazing table presence. And for all that, I just wish I had something formal in the way of support. NO ONE… literally within forty-five minutes in any direction plays Dust in any organized way, and based on shelf allocations, the store barely knows it exists. All this, mind you, as someone not in the middle of nowhere, but someone just about an hour-and-half north of New York City. I know this is a kind of meandering commentary… but for a game so incredibly supported in terms of releases, is anyone else surprised by the virtual invisibilty of the game at your local level?
  2. So at this point, the fiance and I have one of everything for Axis and Allies in Dust. This puts me in a comfortable position as I only really have to buy 1-3 units every few months, making the hobby FINALLY easier on the wallet. That said, I LOVE the game. I love it mechanically, aesthetically, and while I play Malifaux more often, it is only because there happens to be a local community for it. So, as I keep up with new Axis and Ally units, I was thinking of slowly adding SSU until we have them, as well, on a status where I only worry about new releases. That said… where do I being? Operation Zverograd is the only one I intentionally skipped since I knew it was kinda SSU's debut, so obviously there is that. Beyond that, what are their best/essential units that are sort of standard? On the flip-side… what sucks and can more easily be saved for the end purchases, a few months down the road?
  3. Man… these post-holiday sales are killing me… but I am instantly enamored with the world of Dust, and the game itself. Taking advantage of some deep, deep sales I just binged and bought these too… Dust Warfare: Campaign Book HadesDust Warfare: Campaign Book Zverograd Dust Tactics: BBQ SquadDust Tactics: Red DevilsDust Tactics: Light Assault WalkerDust Tactics: Heavy Recon GrenadiersDust Tactics: Heavy Kommandotrupp ExpansionDust Tactics: Corps Officers Expansion Dust Tactics: Battle GrenadiersDust Tactics: Allies Hero Pack Basically, this means that barring the heavy walkers/transports, and a couple units, I own one of everything Axis and Allies. I suppose for completion it means it means i'm also missing three expansions (SeeLowe, Cyclone, Zverograd, Hades) for Tactics-side. Were the Battle Grenadiers and BBQ Squad ok choices? They seem to be identical models to those in the Revised Core Starter… I guess going forward through 2013 we may eventually buy SSU, but I imagine Warfare will require duplicate units once we find our favorites. Thanks for the help all!
  4. Well, my thought was that i'll end up buying the additional books as .pdf's on Wargamevault, or wherever, as having them handy on an iPad during play might be nice and save a little space/fiddly. For the moment we're just playing Dust Tactics, as it'll be spring when we finally get our proper gaming table set up, will have purchased terrain, etc… Unit wise, is anything lacking? My fiance plays Axis, but always feels weird playing the "bad guys", so she intentionally wanted to re-theme her army with as much fun/weird/different stuff as possible. As such, i'm thinking Zombies, Gorillas, and so forth are a good start.
  5. Alright, so taking advantage of an absurd 50% off sale at a certain online game-shop I made a moderately big purchase with the thought being that we'd drip it into our games during the next couple months… So I got these… Dust Tactics: British Commandos Kill Squad Dust Tactics: Axis Gorillas Dust Tactics: Axis Hero Pack Expansion Dust Tactics: Laser Grenadiers Dust Tactics: Woten/Flammluther Walker Dust Tactics: MCW M3 Walker Dust Tactics: Operation Cerberus Dust Tactics: Special Ops Grenadiers Dust Tactics: Special Ops Rangers Dust Tactics: Tank Busters Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook With these additions, we should be set for Tactics AND have a good cross-section for Dust Warfare right? The goal, eventually is to own about 400-500pts of all three factions, so we can do regular 300pt games with plenty of options.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys, but by all means, keep 'em coming. We're looking to transition to Dust Warfare at some point as well, if that helps. I've heard, particularly on the Warfare side of the game that the sniper units prove really valuable. Should I get one or two units per side? What about odd-but-fun looking units like the gorillas?
  7. So i'm looking to expand some Dust Tactics/Warfare stuff as I got a beautiful pile of it for my birthday and now Christmas. We already love the game and I anticipate wanting a lot more. My fiance and I will play primarily, so for now we want to buy in roughly equal AP costs. We own… Revised Core 1x Medium Walker for each side 1x Kommandtroupe/Boss (for each side) 1x Grim Reapers 1x Axis Zombies Also, 1x Tile Set 1x Building accessory So what would you guys buy with your next $100 - $200 purchases? Campaign books? Units (which?) Terrain? Help a fan out… and happy holidays all!
  8. I don't know how late I am, no if people even still check this thread but I would definitely like to join up. I'm relatively new to the game in general but would love any excuse to play.
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