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  1. I'll try my best to get there! Do you guys have some regular players at Games and Stuff?
  2. Where is the regionals at? I'd really like to play but I have virtually no experience. I can try my best to check it out though anyway!
  3. Anyone around the DC metro area play? I recently started but don't really have anyone to play with sadly. Anyone around?
  4. Yeah I personally hope as well that there are more hand drawn card images.
  5. I live in Minneapolis, close to roseville where FFG's headquarters is. I am fairly positive no targets in the entire state carry them anymore. A couple game shops still do though, and they still sell fairly well.
  6. Breadroll

    Gotta Con

    I wish, I heard gotta con was gunna be good this year from someone.
  7. Dreamers games (http://www.dreamersgames.com/) has nearly enough Kingdom Hearts players to hold regular tournaments, but we still need more! Anyone in the are interested? We generally are all together on saturday morning till later afternoon. Anyone interested? We really only need 1 or 2 more players
  8. Anyone wanna play over msn? Skype maybe as well, i have a cam. My msn is : Batman_the_dark_knight@hotmail.com
  9. I second this request. The only images i have seen was a few off EbayJapan
  10. I'd love to play with you over something other than YIM, Email, KH Chatroom or MSN messenger work for you?
  11. Awesome thats what I figured. And the magic value is compared to their POW. Thanks for your help Roxas.
  12. sorry for the double post, the edit button was not loading. Also, can dark cards you have out as friend cards be attacked by your opponents player cards? Or can they only be damaged with spells when in your friend zone? thanks
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