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  1. I have faced this list.. and boy was it nasty .. I was using a slightly modified list from the original in Steel Squadron that I used (thank you sir).. and I got out maneuvered.. back to more tactical thinking
  2. To see how epic it all was.. here are some of my badly taken pics .. (someone will post better pics soon)
  3. "If that was not the case, then the Imperials would generally want to make late-game retreats in Vader/Palpy's system, to avoid this card happening. If the battle wasn't going their way, they could just retreat, and this objective would be nearly impossible." But that would be thematic would it not? Retreat the leader to save him. After that would make it easy to do (gain 2 points without a skill test ) and would lose a leader to the other side. Having said that.. "Retreat? in our moment of triumph? "
  4. after deciding over Turbo laser reroute or Slave turrets. I would go for Slaved turrets.. (of course that is still subject to change )
  5. The problem with the Liasons is that you will need to burn a token to change the dial. Tokens that you may want to save for something else or tokens that you do not have. (unless you have Tarkin or Garm) the Commanders though those are sure fire things that will trigger.. so more Wing Commander or Engineering Captains for me.
  6. take out the overload pulse.. put in tractor beams
  7. Funny.. I have done that a couple of times before.. the trick is not to jump in too early.. sometimes waiting to jump behind their lines at turn 4 is okay.
  8. Hello.. trying to search for anything related to Counter so let me ask this here. If you Attack a Squadron and users its counter ability. Can you use Defence tokens against it? (assuming you have any)
  9. Had 4 Awings (with Tycho) and 2 Bwings The one that won 2 of the events here was packing 2 Whales and 10 Y wings..
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