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    Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland
  1. I would be interested, if you are still looking. I won't be available until about 21:00 most nights though. I'm in Ireland.
  2. I too am a fan of the WEG version, I'm still trying to complete my collection, though I do have quite a lot of them. I never liked what WOTC did to Star Wars or D&D. I do like the 40K rpgs from FFG and am well up on the collection. I just can't decide yet whether or not I will get this new SW RPG. All my rpg campaigns have died out due to real life interference, I haven't even been able to start a 40k one even though i'm collecting the three(soon to be four) lines. Just don't know if I can justify collecting another game I may never play, especially when I haven't yet finished collecting the WEG one.
  3. AnyBody in Cork, Ireland with room in a tabletop game of DH,RT,DW give me a shout. Preferably in the city or Cobh.
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