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  1. Hello, could anybody help a newbie to understand better this game? My question is: Where in the rules for CoC LCG I can find that deck is allowed to be constructed from more/less than JUST 2 fractions ? I see some discussions in this forum where some players mention they play with combination of 3 fractions... Is this ALLOWED in LCG? Isn´t it only some rule from CoC CCG ? If it is allowed, WHY FFG in the rule book mention that just 27 combinations can be created with Core set ? Many thanks in advance !
  2. Hi everybody, I have read through the rules a several times but still can´t understand some basics :-( Can anybody help me to understand if EQUIPMENT TOKENS have to be thrown away out of my backpack when they are used once ? I´m confused a little. I feel that for example granade token should be thrown away when granade thrown, but then what about fire -weapons, what about other special "ability" tokens ? To thrown away a gun when used once ? If not, then what is it good for to cary for example two granades etc. ? And what about OBJECTIVE TOKENS ? Does the person who acomplished the objective to carry the objective token in one of the slots ? Thanks in advance. Maybe answares are in the rules but I overlooked them.
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