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  1. This was a qoute from devilmonkey from the old forums "FFG-Heart Points are used to track your HP...you didn't know that?"
  2. Charles Bissey (TwilitNothing) I was forced to quit this game because of money issues. I play a few different card games and it got to the point that I had to limit myself. KH is a really good game, but due to lack of OP I decide to drop it. I will reconsider if OP ever starts up. The card game I play currently is just over a year old and already has many good locations were they are sold and played regulary. I know you've kinda had OP with the tournys with different rules, like Neverland and Curse of the Heartless, but nothing really stable.
  3. WayToTheDawn said: Sora_Yagami said: Owned... Aww, yeah...twas sad posting that...but it's for the best. The Best Team merges with the Oldest Team to form the greatest team ever.... Wow that is sad. Like I said in my last post, the team and everybody in it was awesome. Interesting how the new team works out. On a side note, I just found out that my local Target is selling KH cards, so I may start playing again, depending if I can find somewhere to play regulary.
  4. Wow it has been a while... Hey all! DiZ is back...sorta. Considering OP has not started up at all (as far as I'm informed) I will "officialy" stop playing Kingdom Hearts TCG. However I doubt my absence will be that big of a deal mainly because I haven't been on for like, a year or 2. However, if anyone will be at GenCon, I wouldn't mind hooking up with them, seeing as my only scheduled event is D&D stuff. You all were always awesome and I couldn't have picked a better team. Until our paths cross again, -DiZ1881
  5. Someday you will find a moment, where you can be an honorable person I love those moments, I like to wave at them as they pass on by
  6. I play a huge slew of games that I won't post at the time, but it all boils down to one thing.... Kingdom Hearts
  7. ^ but i drowned... < Loves D&D 4th edition v Can control the elements
  8. oh, well, i feel like an idoit right now...
  9. "I'm totally waving my lighter in the air right now despite the looks I'm getting in the libray"
  10. I'm sure that other people have found this too, but it's at the top of your post, next to the date and time it was posted.
  11. what i meant was, get rid of them from the line.
  12. well thats stupid is it you're fault that the printer was low on ink? if you can't use them in actual play, then get rid of them
  13. Spongebob Squarepants But if we're talking strictly anime, probably Bleach
  14. ^ but isn't it? < Wondering why his first vid was deleted when his third was uploaded v rock to hard because he is not a mortal man
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