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  1. Randito


    Sorry. Double post. Can't find the delete button. < whomp whomp >
  2. Randito


    Found it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/913060/Jet_Lancer/
  3. Randito

    Fang Preview is up!

    Quadjumper with Afterburners... execute a red reverse maneuver then boost forward for the win!
  4. You had me at Phantom pack.
  5. Randito

    End of Netrunner

    My Darth Maul underwear, BB-8 electric toothbrush and Boba Fett trashcan disagree. I don't think Star Wars would "revoke" a license from anything.
  6. Randito

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Agreed. The 2-dice turret is kind of a non-starter for this fantastic ship. Without some kind of "Add a 3-dice primary" type title card, it kind of puts this ship into the support ship category. Having a cheap carrier for Jabba and his 2-crew slot requirement isn't a bad thing and there might be some fun party-bus-style builds you can do but with that low-attack value, it won't really shine in my opinion.
  7. Randito

    Guns for Hire: Not enough generics for Starviper?

    Sorry. I was wrong. I just wanted to run a bunch of cheap PS1s with the cards and ships I bought. No need to chomp my head off. (Back to lurking)
  8. Sorry if this has already been covered: A dumb question. In the Guns for Hire expansion, how come they didn't include extra generics for the Starviper. It's missing the PS1 Starviper (Black Sun Enforcer) and the PS3 (Black Sun Vigo) in exchange for the PS5 Starvipers (Black Sun ***). That kind of sucks. I have extra Starvipers but I can't fly all of them at the same Pilot Skill. I don't remember any kind of pack or expansion coming out that caused mismatched generics like this. Wow, two PS1 Starviper's with the discount would be awesome to fly! Nope. No luck for you.
  9. One of the new tactic cards in the expansion has the following text: " ... resolve your after the Imperial player?" What is the advantage of doing this? If you were the attacker, you could have a little more insight in how to apply your damage. But to be honest, it doesn't seem that useful compared to others. Am I missing something obvious?
  10. Randito

    Stay on Target, BB-8 timing

    Thanks for all the discussion and especially the video. Wow.. what a game. So much maneuvering and in that tight space. Some real masterclass flying there.
  11. Stay on target reads: When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same speed BB-8 reads: When you reveal a green maneuver, you may perform a free barrel roll action. What is the timing of this? Can you do the following? 1. Reveal a green maneuver. 2. Trigger BB-8 and barrel roll 3. Then trigger Stay on Target to change it to a different maneuver at the same speed but treat it as red? Wow. This is on Nien Nunb.
  12. Randito

    Gozanti builds for team epic?

    That's a pretty cool build. You may want to add a "Sensor Team" to it. This increases your range for Target Locks (and supression) from 1-3 to 1-5. This gives you a lot more range to support your escorting ships. One small gotcha. I suspect you'll probably do Target Lock -> Reinforce and the Target Lock -> Recover. The Recover action forces you to spend all your energy, so be careful about that. 1 Energy - Turret 1 Energy - Construction Droid Remaining energy - Recover (up to your shield value) There's a crew card -- Shield Technicians -- which gives you some flexibility on how much energy you use to recover your shields. If you're feeling fancy you could use a Targeting Coordinator, which lets you acquire Target Locks during the Energy phase. That frees up an action for you to Coordinate -> Reinforce and use your Targeting Coordinator during the Energy phase. You'd need to drop the construction droid. So, less tanky but way more support options. It's a cool tanky build. But you need to put some docking clamps on that boy and drop your Tie Fighters in the middle of the fight.
  13. Randito

    First Quadjumper Tournament list

    Thanks for the report. I enjoy any list of generics, especially oddball ones like the Quadjumper. For some dumb reason, I bought three -- secretly hoping for the moment I can put three on the board.
  14. Randito

    The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

    [ delete because i'm an idiot ]
  15. Randito

    Quad G1-As

    The lack of a barrel roll for the G1-A's (minus the title, of course) makes it harder to fly. You're trading the evade for the roll, when comparing G1-A's to B-wings. There's something for some Mindlinks / Jukes on the Gands (PS5, EPT) but it gets expensive quick.