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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before. But what's the !#@$% deal with availability? I can't seem to find Captain America Hero Pack anywhere. The packs I have found have been where and there, and I have had to hunt for them.
  2. What's the community consensus on Iron Man? He always seems really strong, once the armor comes out. Maybe, I just haven't learned how to play the other heroes yet... looking at your SheHulk.
  3. Afterburners becomes really powerful. It also gets a little weird with cloaking and decloaking. Wingmates don't get a chance to cloak (because of the limited actions) but they could, in theory get the benefit of the 2-speed decloak reposition.
  4. Bravo, good chap! It does get a little weird. Do K-turn or Talon-roll wingmates get stress too? Or a reversing Quad-Jumper squad?
  5. If a Wing Leader moves and then uses his/her action(s) to reposition with a barrel roll or boost, do the wingmates line up as expected with the new Wingleader? For example, a Interceptor moves two forward and then boosts. Do the other interceptors in the wing, line up and then get their restricted actions?
  6. Randito


    Sorry. Double post. Can't find the delete button. < whomp whomp >
  7. Randito


    Found it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/913060/Jet_Lancer/
  8. Quadjumper with Afterburners... execute a red reverse maneuver then boost forward for the win!
  9. My Darth Maul underwear, BB-8 electric toothbrush and Boba Fett trashcan disagree. I don't think Star Wars would "revoke" a license from anything.
  10. Agreed. The 2-dice turret is kind of a non-starter for this fantastic ship. Without some kind of "Add a 3-dice primary" type title card, it kind of puts this ship into the support ship category. Having a cheap carrier for Jabba and his 2-crew slot requirement isn't a bad thing and there might be some fun party-bus-style builds you can do but with that low-attack value, it won't really shine in my opinion.
  11. Sorry. I was wrong. I just wanted to run a bunch of cheap PS1s with the cards and ships I bought. No need to chomp my head off. (Back to lurking)
  12. Sorry if this has already been covered: A dumb question. In the Guns for Hire expansion, how come they didn't include extra generics for the Starviper. It's missing the PS1 Starviper (Black Sun Enforcer) and the PS3 (Black Sun Vigo) in exchange for the PS5 Starvipers (Black Sun ***). That kind of sucks. I have extra Starvipers but I can't fly all of them at the same Pilot Skill. I don't remember any kind of pack or expansion coming out that caused mismatched generics like this. Wow, two PS1 Starviper's with the discount would be awesome to fly! Nope. No luck for you.
  13. One of the new tactic cards in the expansion has the following text: " ... resolve your after the Imperial player?" What is the advantage of doing this? If you were the attacker, you could have a little more insight in how to apply your damage. But to be honest, it doesn't seem that useful compared to others. Am I missing something obvious?
  14. Thanks for all the discussion and especially the video. Wow.. what a game. So much maneuvering and in that tight space. Some real masterclass flying there.
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