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  1. You can also check out the Macharian handbook made by MalikCarr: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/52965-macharian-handbook-an-acolytes-guide-to-the-galaxy-of-guns/ Its a compilation of items from most of the source books.
  2. Another issue you need to touch upon is the rate of power gained per xp. In vanilla Dark Heresy you can get incredible much for your xp compared to all the other game lines. In my group we once reached the conclusions that a RT character should gain twice the xp as the DH1 character to have a comparable progression rate. It seems like DH2 is somewhere in between these two, but we have only superfluously investigated that. We did not really do the other games. In the end we settled on having all characters build in one system and do "elite advances / packages" to get stuff moved across systems when applicable.
  3. Wonder if these forums are going to disappear too
  4. Parry only works against melee attacks, and the pistol shot in melee is a ballistic attack. The type of attack is defined by what attribute you test against (or vise versa).
  5. The two bionics are mutually exclusive. If you want to have a bionic arm that gives both +2 armour and +2 toughness, sure go ahead and introduce it in your game. The existence of these two bionics does lead one to imagine a "combined product" I guess. In my opinion the subskin armor should not stack with other armors, just like wearing a mesh armor under a carapace armor does not stack.... but that is another discussion I guess.
  6. Do you mean that if you then decide to spend a second fate point to reroll the test, you retain the +10 bonus from the first spend fate point? Absolutely. Btw. if you have sufficiently low chance for rolling you gain a higher chance of success by using +10 than using a reroll. Can't remember where that limit is though, might be in one of my old posts.
  7. The inquisition would probably wonder if the new candidate is more loyal to the Inquisition or the Assassinorum. I guess in a special case this mistrust could be overcome, but it is certainly an issue.
  8. No leadership is not useful. It is useful for inquisitors, but the elite advancement grants the leadership aptitude... I might even go as far as suggesting to remove it and replace it with social for the command skill and the four non inquisitorial talents (Contact Network, Halo of Command, Inspiring Aura (enemies beyond), Ceaseless Crusader (sister of battle)). YMMV.
  9. Good point! The sector governor can play a big role in a DH game, after all. I suppose he would classify as a Sovereign or even Court tier contact? It may well depend on how big and important the sector actually is ... in the same sense, a governor of a more important world could be Master or Sovereign tier. The Calixis sector governor is definitely Court tier, but for a smaller sector it could be Sovereign. And the Malfi governor is on Sovereign level.
  10. Nice table! missing sector governor (is there also a sub-sector governor?)
  11. Emphasis mine. The text is clear, though using the Peer talent as the example is poorly chosen, as you can actually can take Peer multiple times on the same specialty, as described under the talent: "This talent can be awarded multiple times for the same group, in which case it should be listed as Peer (X), with X equaling the number of times the talent has been awarded. This can be used to represent groups who particularly like the character and may even be staunch allies. In game terms, the bonus to Fellowship tests increases to +10 times X. Additionally, when the character acquires this talent, he increases his Influence by 1."
  12. Don't math-hammer it too much, a good role play reason to get a talent is many times more fun imo. Wounds is something that you need more and more of as the game progress. 9 wounds is beginner level, so at 9000 xp you should have a couple more. How much? Not sure. :-)
  13. It is a good build. I do think that parry +10 should make its way into your build. Consider Step Aside for your wish list as it gives you an extra parry (or dodge) each turn - maybe more important than whirlwind of death and combat master, really depends on whether you are offensive of defensive. If you drop whirlwind you can also consider dropping the +5 perception and inescapable attack (inescapable attack is very good, but you are also paying a lot for it). Getting more wounds is also a good idea, especially since you only pay 200 xp. Another talent for your wish list should be Counter Attack.
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