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  1. Due to the main company the site it was hosted on went offline, it has moved to be listed on a fan forum. http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Community-Boards/?p=%3Fforum%3D681291 I'm curious if anyone knows if Oggdude is either going to do an update for the latest books (I remember it being said he didn't own them) or if the community could help with the coding instead of being just Ogg?
  2. No offense taken! I get lazy at times when I see certain avatars as well
  3. Haha, well it is that time of the year again to change my picture either way (And yes, Ahsoka fan :P)
  4. I just logged into my G+ after a long absence and realised I am a member of that 4000+ strong group as well as a GM one for SWRPG FFG
  5. Now I have caught up. Hi all, sorry to see this is what has brought some of us here this morning. I was also in that group (and in the SWRPG GM one, leaving that now I am reminded who admins it). I wasn't banned from the Facebook Group as I made my final comment about not wanting to be apart of this group and departed on my own terms. If they are banning people, then that is just atrocious now. My wife and I have run groups before and her comment to me made the most perfect sense to share: When you run a community, whether on Facebook, in a video game, or so on your ultimate goal is to annoy/offend the least amount of people possible. The admin's wife came into that conversation on Facebook (she is an admin too) and said it was his style of humour. Humour or not, in a group that is dedicated to Star Wars RPG FFG, you leave that style of posting to your own wall and not a community built around a product where we all want to get along and request assistance/tips/etc. I will try and be more active on Google Plus if there is an active group there and normally I was active on forums like here but with work commitments and life, I've been absent and tend to deal with other mediums. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook feel free (Jason Pounsett) here as I've already had a few since the 'situation' come my way. Glad to have more likeminded people around! *gets off his soapbox* P.S. I saw the tweet from Paige concerning would FFG create their own official group but they cannot as they are designed to be business free.
  6. Looks like I'm the first to chime in to say I went with Subversive Tactics and both my wife and son hate me for it. Not only could I cancel out surges, make them gain strain (or later deal 1 damage per strain on target up to max of 3) or to interrupt when they try to rest. I played that up to the last campaign mission and we need to get back to that sometime soon. Honestly, it was a LOT of fun but I love crowd control in games and hence my wife and son both knew that and were afraid of what it would do in the game. They really, really, hated that class and thought I played it well. My next one will be Military Might, I believe, before the son will be running our next campaign I believe.
  7. Congrats I'm glad too that I chose to not continue with X-Wing. Expensive for something we didn't play too often and mostly they would end up on the shelf to look good I do though like the idea of Armada more but with SWIA now, I think I am set for money spending >.> Now to pay off my Ally/Villain pre-order. Oh and also.. I love the quality of the AT-ST. Very sturdy and well made honestly. I don't fear dropping it, not that I want to.
  8. Mine just arrived today and I did a quick flick through the manuals (all good, no pages missing), and I obviously checked the models carefully. Mine were all good except a probe droid has one of it's three legs off the base which I'll glue down soon. The AT-ST is now put together with some shaving for the chin gun as well as the right foot to be able to slot in properly. All in all, I LOVE the miniatures and looking forward to starting to paint them in the next few days.
  9. Just a quick update: The Combat Company updated their site to having Imperial Assault in stock as of today (23rd December) and my order has been shipped. Their site states January 2015 but they have 25 stock there at present.
  10. There is a Story Mission down the track that if the Rebels fail it, they have to them proceed to the Captured mission before doing their upgrades/purchases.
  11. It really seems dependant on the store and where they get their stock from since Good Games are saying they cannot get any till late Jan/early Feb while Combat Company hasn't said when yet and it was mentioned in another thread about Aetherworks who were getting theirs in next week. It seems like we have a mixed bag.
  12. I'm hoping that is the case, DF. Good Games whom I was going through said they couldn't till Jan/Feb due to distribution rights and The Combat Company who I am going through now (no LGS where I am) have no ETA. I would love it sooner than later, obviously! Heya. Try Aetherworks. That is where my LGS has ended up getting it's copies from. Cheers I'll keep that in mind next time as I've already fully paid for SWIA but checking their site out now.
  13. I'm hoping that is the case, DF. Good Games whom I was going through said they couldn't till Jan/Feb due to distribution rights and The Combat Company who I am going through now (no LGS where I am) have no ETA. I would love it sooner than later, obviously!
  14. Thanks and you can imagine I was happy to get the refund! At least now I have a guideline and I can be surprised if it arrives sooner. The mob I am getting it through now I also have all the Ally/Villains ordered as well
  15. You guys are very lucky, as I found out yesterday. My online store (that was overcharging way too much in the end) have said that FFG lacks the distribution rights for Australia and cannot get them to our stores till late January, early February.. You can imagine, with being overcharged THEN hearing that, I wasn't happy with the store. I've gotten a refund, going to reorder somewhere cheaper and live with the fact it ain't coming at Xmas.
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