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  1. So there's not an entry for the Recusant-class Commerce Guild Destroyer or the Theta-class shuttle? Oh well... I guess this saves a few things to appear for the first time in a starships collection book.
  2. I was really hoping to see those really big Mandalorian Gauntlet-class fighters and even the pirate saucers.
  3. The Sheathipede seems to be build with variations on the central segments resulting in different lengths. Variant segments with side doors (and door guns) shouldn't be too hard to do.
  4. That's not mud... it's poo. The crafting rules, whether for droids or otherwise (but especially for starships) are utter garbage.
  5. Preventing it would have required a rule that differentiates planetary scale hard points from personal scale hard points and/or an overhaul to the gear section that makes the personal scale weapon options less expensive/more common/non-Restricted compared to planetary scale weapon options.
  6. The Republic had Judicials--a sort of galaxy-spanning police force/coast guard. They also had a number of militias defending individual worlds or (relatively) small areas of space. These two groups were the source of many of the non-Clone/non-Jedi Republic officers during the CW.
  7. My delivery estimate just went from Wednesday to Tuesday. To bad I'm working all night Tuesday...
  8. Modified Hammerheads seen at Scarif had extra structures attached to each side of the hull. Something similar can be used as a way to fluff a mechanically legal modification.
  9. Now you know why I have no interest in roleplaying during the Clone Wars: my suspension of disbelief had been thoroughly shattered. The CIS is horribly written, the Jedi are portrayed as moronic, and Palpatine implausibly manages everything himself (with the aid of an idiot named Dooku). In short, it's all a bunch of crap in my eyes that would take me right out of the game if I wasn't stinking drunk while playing.
  10. The U- wing is a Sil 4 ship, just like most light freighters, and changing weapons does nothing to crew, passenger, or cargo capacities in this game. Modifications can be made, and not everything needs to fit within the standard hull. A modified U-wing may end up looking very different from the ones seen in Rogue One.
  11. There's no good real-world equivalent where machineguns are forbidden but light autocannons are legal. Even in your example, anything that you can do with a heavy repeating blaster, you can do with even more overkill using an auto-blaster. The heavy repeating blaster can wipe out whole squads of stormtroopers, but the auto-blaster can kill a platoon in the same time. Remember that the auto-blaster is the concealed weapon on a Hutt's floater to be used for personal defense...
  12. I got an answer from Customer Service that the second piece of text was a mistake and that Vicious does work on Critical Hits.
  13. Works fine with an experienced group, but can lead to a lot of indecision in newbies. As a GM, decide which of Duty, Morality, and/or Obligation you're going to use. I also suggest using the Force and Destiny starting rules for everyone (+10 XP or +2,500 credits or +5 XP & +1,000 credits without worrying about taking on extra Obligation or burning off Duty).
  14. That'll be what pushes them to install quad laser cannons in the door mounts. And these would still be non-Restricted, cheaper, and easier to find than heavy repeating blasters...
  15. I'm looking at PCs running their own largely independent cell. The cell will have a handful of small craft for various missions. Initially, I was looking at a pair of U-wings rather than a single Lambda. The U-wings work great for a variety of missions, but upgrading the standard door guns (light repeating blaster) with auto-blasters is likely to happen quick, especially considering that they don't take HP, are fairly cheap, and are very easy to find. Once that happens, door gun fire support against personal scale targets becomes total overkill.
  16. It's likely to be whatever weapons the PCs' cell equips their birds with. By the RAW, the auto-blasters are way cheaper, easier to find, and WAY more damaging.
  17. I'm just worried that auto-blasters are too much of an improvement over heavy repeating blasters yet are half the price, 5 points lower of Rarity (it's easier to find an auto-blaster for sale than it is to find a blaster pistol for sale), and are not Restricted. The scale rules really suck, and the fact that costs don't scale makes things pretty crazy. I mean, I could totally see replacing the light repeating blasters with heavy repeating blasters, but what's the point when the auto-blaster is better in every way (except for maintaining game balance)?
  18. You mean Speaks Binary doesn't mean I can beep, whistle, and chirp out my dissertation?
  19. Yeah, I can see that. I do wonder about a few points on the U-wing... The stats in Dawn of Rebellion list it as having a Class 2 hyperdrive while a more recent canon souce (2018's Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles) says it has a Class 1 hyperdrive. I'm wondering if I should just switch it to Class 1 baseline or if I should just stick to Class 2. Also, the rules allowing the switching of a mounted weapon for another one (that isn't "twin") without costing a hard point do not seem to care if the weapon is personal or planetary scale. With the U-wing, it is rules legal to switch the normal door guns out for heavy repeating blasters (personal), auto-blasters (planetary), or even quad laser cannons (planetary). Of those, only the heavy repeating blaster is Restricted and it is also the highest in Rarity (8). Meanwhile, the auto-blaster is not Restricted, has the lowest Rarity (3), and is the cheapest of the three by far. I can't really see a rules reason not to upgrade the door guns to auto-blasters, and then you get something like the below image on each side of the U-wing. The above is the GAU-19/B in a door gun mount.
  20. Rather than those specific pods, I am envisioning a similar piece of gear designed for non-droids that would break up in the upper atmosphere where the occupant (wearing sealed armor with personal life support and a grav chute) would then drop onto the world. This is more like HAHO techniques for inserting special forces. I don't really have any reason to doubt that SW tech couldn't pull this off, I was mainly wondering if the pods or something like this had already been detailed in the RPG.
  21. The Darkflare, the S-46l Medium Scout Ship from Cyphers and Masks is described as "T-shaped" in the text. Is this supposed to look like a hammerhead corvette but with the front section running horizontally rather than vertically? Also, it has two turrets (with Firing Arc All), but they are not listed with mounting locations. Are they supposed to be dorsal and ventral, or port and starboard, or some other configuration?
  22. Viper Probe Droids travel to worlds in single-use one-way hyperspace pods. I have a few questions about these pods. Have we been given game stats for these pods in any published product? If not, what would be an appropriate Price/Rarity? Can such a pod be modified to carry other types of droids? What about modifying them to carry a human or another sentient (if that being had their own life support)? For example, could the Rebels put a team of covert agents into pods and make a hyperspace-based equivalent to a HALO insertion?
  23. Starships: In Rise of the Sepratists, the Damage for Flak Cannons is listed as 4 (Light & Medium) and 5 (Heavy) while both Stay on Target and Lead by Example list the Damage for these weapons as 5 (Light and Medium) and 6 (Heavy). Are Clone Wars-era Flak Cannons intended to have a lower Damage? This also applies to the Munificent-class Heavy Frigate in Rise of the Separatists where the Medium Flak Cannons have Damage 4 compared to the Munificent-class Command, Control, and Communication Frigate from Lead by Example where the Medium Flak Cannons have Damage 5.
  24. I have sent it in for clarification. I imagine that the answer is On the Boat...
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