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  1. HappyDaze

    Player feels like a passenger

    If she's never fleshed out the character and the character is the type that isn't really involved in decisions, perhaps she might want to retire the character and try a new one. There's nothing wrong with opting out when an option that seemed good at first fails to pan out. Whether she switches characters or not, it should be up to her to get involved. If she doesn't, then I wouldn't waste the effort on trying to pull her along, but your feelings may differ. As far as I'm concerned, the GM has plenty of other responsibilities while the player has only a few. Chief among those player responsibilities is making their character an interesting part of the game.
  2. Passive passenger restraint systems (i.e. seat safety belts) Safety rails
  3. Remedies for male pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction will always get funding.
  4. The above is a valuable lesson. Just because one game does x doesn't mean all games should. There are plenty of things in D&D I don't want in Star Wars, and there are a lot of things in FFG's SW that I don't want in other games too,
  5. That's a load of crap. As much as news might be appreciated, lack of news is not "what Kills an RPG dead." If that were the case, then Palladium's lines would long since have died out.
  6. HappyDaze

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Guarded Stance is a maneuver available to anyone. You can find it in the combat rules section of the book. What you are listing is a talent. You can use both the Defensive Stance talent and the Guarded Stance maneuver together if you are willing and able to use two maneuvers.
  7. HappyDaze

    Party size...

    This game is designed to be very easy on PCs. Combat is about as threatening as a pillow fight and the good guys almost always come out ahead. The trick is for the GM to maintain the illusion that this isn't the case.
  8. HappyDaze

    You get 3500 xp

    I killed one just last week. In a one-shot (pun unintended, but it fits...) of WEGD6SWR&E, it can be rough to abandon cover when you're out of character points. A 2D+2 Strength vs the 4D+1 damage of a Sporting Blaster Rifle is really nasty when the character rolls a 1 on the Wild die and the shooter gets a 6 on his Wild die. It resulted in instant death for the character. However, the rest of the group successfully completed their mission. So, the good guys won, but at a cost. Not all games are pillow fights like FFG's system.
  9. HappyDaze

    You get 3500 xp

    So are you a GM or a player in this, because all this upgrade crap for baradium is pure butt-pull. As a GM you can butt-pull like this (until your players dethrone you), but as written, there are no upgrades for using a baradium charge. I'm just using the rules...the same ones you love when they give you overpowered crap from crafting. EDIT: Oh yeah, and BOOM!!! Your Jedi dies in a cloud of baradium dust!☠️☠️☠️
  10. HappyDaze

    You get 3500 xp

    RTFM powergamer. The Move maneuver is a specific maneuver. It is distinct from Fly/Drive and using the Enhance Force Power to leap as a maneuver. You need a dev ruling? Please. I accept your defeat.
  11. Even if a skill isn't a career skill, you can still access it for only a small increase in XP cost.
  12. If he doesn't want the Spy signature abilities, maybe he really doesn't want to be a Spy (big "S"). It's not even unusual in this system to take a different Career and operate as a spy (small "s"). That Colonist or Smuggler could be a spy, and so could the Technician or anyone else. If they decide to pick up Spy specializations (after the first "free" in-Career specialization), so be it, but they still choose the signature abilities from their Career.
  13. HappyDaze

    You get 3500 xp

    Nope. Force Leap is not a Move maneuver. It's a use of a Force power (Enhance) which can initially be done as an Action and later as a Maneuver. Regardless, it is still not the Move maneuver, and the Move maneuver is all Time to Go allows. BOOM you're dead!☠️ OK, not necessarily dead, but out of it and easy enough for any idiot to finish off by simply throttling you until you die by suffocation (or just bashing your head against the ground repeatedly). As for Conflict, I relish it. Dark side has all the fun! However, sacrificing a minion droid like a remote is not Conflict worthy at all. Those things are barely more capable than the "brains" of smart munitions and are certainly not people. Also, giving talents to NPCs is perfectly legal within the RAW. So again, BOOM!!!
  14. HappyDaze

    You get 3500 xp

    Nope. As you're operating as a vehicle, you would need to take a Fly/Drive maneuver to go anywhere. Time to Go specifically gives you a Move maneuver (it's capitalized in the text because it is a specific maneuver) which is an on-foot personal scale thing, so you'd go nowhere. BOOM!☠️