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  1. Hey, as long as you accept that it's your own fault for not min-making to "easily" get the 3 Triumphs and 22 Advantages on the crafting check that's needed to break the galaxy!😜
  2. HappyDaze

    Selling Stolen Ships

    If you're willing to sell low, like 25% of price, it should be easy to offload a ship. For the cost savings, let the buyer deal with all of the crap.
  3. Sure... Wait for one of the min-maxers to tell you how they routinely score a Triumph and seven Advantages on every roll.
  4. HappyDaze

    Draw Closer Opposed check?

    If solid objects (or some type of restraints on the target) don't block the movement, then teleportation is going to be a possibility too.
  5. The scale rules were actually very elegant and functional. They work FAR better than the personal/planetary scale division seen in the FFG lines. However, if memory serves, the "good" scale rules don't show up in 1e and you instead get the crappy die cap rules. Oh, and I've had two groups of PCs that commanded capital ships, both in games following Pirates & Privateers. One group had a corvette and another a frigate. It was a lot of fun.
  6. No worries! Soon the 31st Anniversary Edition will be announced.
  7. HappyDaze

    Draw Closer Opposed check?

    So if your player says Draw Closer teleports the target, that's OK? What if it involves hentai genital-tentacles of grasping & groping? The trappings matter and the trappings of Draw Closer have always been described as telekinetic, so why change that?
  8. I have had a character much like that, but he wasn't Force-sensitive. He was a Nikto slave that escaped from his Hutt sugar daddy and wanted revenge against the whole Kadjidic. Fun character.
  9. A huge share of Maul's story is after TPM. The Maul that appeared in TCW and Rebels was an interesting example of a flawed character.
  10. I'm sorry. If you've never understood it, I'm not likely to be able to change that. However, I see nothing wrong with a player playing someone like Asajj Ventriss (spelling?) or maybe even someone like Savage or Maul as a PC, but I'm more interested in seeing a more subtle shade of dark in a rogue Inquisitor (likely not fully trained at the start of play).
  11. If you're smart, you dont wait until you've exhausted the material before launching a new edition. You don't want it to just be the same stuff rehashed, you want the new stuff to draw in those that want everything even though they are happy with the old ruleset. FFG is canny enough to know this, and they excel at finding ways to get their fans to buy almost everything they make...even if it's a new edition that some may feel is premature.
  12. How can it depend on the final outcome when Conflict and Mortality are checked per session (well beforethe final outcome is known)?
  13. I'm not just going with contrary examples. I'm looking at a group of characters that fight the bad guys but not necessarily for the right reasons. These are more on the antihero side than the villainous IMO, but they shouldn't easily be able to float up to light side paragon.
  14. What aboutthe intermediate steps? The gathering of materials, scoping the targets, and recruiting allies for the effort are all steps that might take place in a session. None of these are particularly dark or light themselves. What happens if a Morality 50 character that wants to BOTH take down the governor he hates AND help the people he loves does these acts? Conflict or no?
  15. That's also where I'm worried that every action will require a "why" before determining Conflict. Does the awarding of Conflict change if the same action is done: A) To hurt the governor (while also benefitting the people). OR B) To benefit the people (while also hurting the governor).