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  1. HappyDaze

    Melee range bands + Melee combat

    FFG's narrative dice systems are absolutely not meant to reflect reality in any way. They are meant to make a narrative. I don't like this philosophy and strongly prefer simulationist-style systems, so I'm often fighting with this one to keep it tolerable to me.
  2. HappyDaze

    Stat this weapon: the lightsaber rifle!

    Oh, this is definitely going into my "Proof: Disney Canon Is Just as Bad as Legends" file, right alongside the helicopter saber. Just wait until they hybrid those two together...
  3. My impression of Catholic Mass from attending a Catholic school: "The power of guilt compels me to pass through this ritual of stand/sit/kneel/stand/sit/kneel calisthenics."
  4. HappyDaze

    Melee range bands + Melee combat

    Is it? That depends on what you're buying. A blaster pistol is 400 credits. There's no way that the basic blaster pistol is a $3,000 handgun (here a 1:1.5 or 1:2 ratio is more likely). On the other hand, a light freighter for 120,000 credits is equivalent to a $900,000 aircraft. A light cargo plane (twin-engine, like the Beechcraft King Air line) can often cost in excess of 4x this amount (here a 1:30 ratio is fitting). IOW, the Star Wars pricing schemes are all over the place.
  5. HappyDaze

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    I recall a player in a Vampire game many years ago asking me to help her build her character. Looking it over, I said, "You're spending a lot to start with 5 dots in Subterfuge. It's probably a waste to have more dots there than the GM does in real life." After laughing, she dropped it to 3 dots, which was probably still higher than that GM possessed.
  6. HappyDaze

    Quick Prompts for Ryloth

    Start by describing your version of Ryloth. Legends and current canon are quite different.
  7. HappyDaze

    The Complete Species Guide

    That's not really how the ability to see in the dark is been handled in Chiss, Kel Dor, Arkanians, or with scanner goggles. Perception covers a wide range of things, but it doesn't directly cover removing setbacks from darkness.
  8. HappyDaze

    The Complete Species Guide

    FFG started us off with Trandoshans having infrared vision that lets them see in the dark... but only in the fluff text. In the actual species stats, they see no better in the dark than the average human.
  9. HappyDaze

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    You could make a meme about it...
  10. Let the player do the work of having a meaningful death for the character. If the GM sets it up, it's not really meaningful, just railroading with consent. As the player just wants a new character and want the old one dead or maimed, I'd suggest just having the old character offed in a quick and meaningless way (e.g., a speeder crash). It helps the galaxy to feel a little more real when important people can die in unimportant ways.
  11. HappyDaze

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    There will also be the temptation to "weaponize" Obligation and turn into a punishment rather than the player tool it was intended to be. Note that some of the adventure writers themselves have fallen into this trap.
  12. HappyDaze

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    In RPGs, this often doesn't work because PCs avoid attachments to others and are borderline narcissistic sociopaths even when they aren't killing people. It's almost like they know they are the center of the universe and that (almost) everyone else is just an NPC...
  13. HappyDaze

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    You could try maxed-out Misdirect and go with an illusionist/ninja. Then throw in Suppress to limit opponents' Force powers.
  14. HappyDaze

    Cassian Andor Live Action Show

    I'm less interested in a show where I already know the ending. In my eyes, the prequels suffered from this, and it's going to be a problem for me again here.
  15. Wasn't the Battle of Jakku in 5 ABY? You say Resistance and First Order, but should those be Rebel and Empire?