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  1. Keep up the hype!

    Generic rules systems without settings rarely get much hype because mechanics alone are boring conversation matter. You talk about mechanics when you have to, but you often talk about setting because you want to. If FFG doesn't put out quality settings very quickly, this will be a dud.
  2. Imperial Living Preview

    I hope we get a "Partisan" that's good at doing collateral damage and being a terrible being while fighting on the side of good.
  3. Imperial Living Preview

    No money on Lasat?
  4. They all speak like Tom Hardy's Bane.
  5. i wonder if we'll ever see SW characters shooting up with stimpacks onscreen.
  6. If I cared about canon revisions, this is one change I would hope doesn't come to pass. I don't think that Star Wars needs "more human-like" aliens. We already have so many "near-human" aliens and more seem to pop out all the time.
  7. Am I the only one to find the "Band-Aid" on Kylo Ren's face amusing?
  8. I ventured some guesses at the top of the page.
  9. One of my players literally doesn't like their faces. Too "fluffy puppy" for his tastes and the S&M ballgag/vocoder doesn't help. However, they are mechanically attractive.
  10. Force-Sensitive Snowflake Angsty Teenage Girl Grumpy Droid Den Mother Closet Jedi Yeah, there's lots of possibilities...
  11. Why can the pommel do this but the striking head of a baton cannot?
  12. Overloaded Background & Expectations

    My guideline is that a character background should be minimal before the game starts. I'd rather the character develop in play, even if some of it is in the form of revelations of the character's past.
  13. Overloaded Background & Expectations

    Tell the player to add a 20-point "Delusional" Obligation to the sheet. The character may believe all of that stuff is true, but make sure the player knows that the answer is a big "NO" to it really being the case.
  14. I don't mind the idea of the pommel cap. What I object to is that it can hurt a guy with high Soak when a swing with a two-handed club cannot. The pommel cap is still a blunt instrument that does it's effect through bashing, yet the system worked it to be an armor-ignoring effect.