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  1. Apparently, it's always a sausage party on a Kontos.
  2. Looks like something Lobo (DC Comics character) would ride through space.
  3. I limited Brace to those conditions--environmental or not--that move/push/pull the body in some way. This can be high/low gravity, the effects of rapid maneuvers when in/on a vehicle, strong winds (in an atmosphere)/currents (in fluid or underwater), precipitation, earth tremors, etc. While I limit it to things that move the body, it can be used with any skill (e.g., with Medicine to do first aid while in the back of a speeder truck making a fast getaway down twisting streets).
  4. Yes, I too remember Dark Heresy 2e. It's a great example of FFG's ability to do exactly what we are both talking about (the good and the bad sides).
  5. I would rather see something new in the hopes that it is different (and hopefully better) rather than trying to squeak increasingly fringe pieces out for this tired system.
  6. Not sure that's what I'd call good news. It likely means more of the same, and I'm not looking forward to more of the same.
  7. Dont know about that, but I do know she has every talent from the GM's Girlfriend specialization's tree.
  8. A Trade Federation ship (pre-battleship refit) is big and full of dark, scary corridors and compartments.
  9. FFG has wasted it before...several times. Why would the new kids be any different?
  10. Gadgets and Gear made some slight tweaks to the HRB. I don't think they applied to the tripod, but it can now be carried by larger species (it says Herglics, Dowutins, and Besalisks) as a one-man weapon in the same manner that a smaller being would carry a LRB. Herglics don't have official PC stats, but Dowutins and Besalisks both do.
  11. I never found starting gear to be an issue in this game because they don't give you enough credits to get much of anything.
  12. I've seen some works that suggest that speeds are slower the closer to the core d/t the physics of Star Wars. This means that moving one "square" on the map near the Core Worlds might take 24 hours (Class 1) but one "square" in the Outer Rim might only take 8 hours (Class 1). If it were used consistently, it might be interesting to try.
  13. Do the droids have any planetary scale weapons? If not, a single light freighter with a belly turret can wipe out an army of infantry droids.
  14. Now I'm picturing a short, hairy Canadian Jedi with three short lightsaber blades extending from the knuckles of each hand while wearing a red Star Trek TNG uniform.
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