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  1. HappyDaze

    problems of a heavy

    You can glue arms on it if you want them so badly.
  2. HappyDaze

    problems of a heavy

    Just get an AT-PT. You can keep the twin LBC and still have a hard point for an Auto-blaster if you want one. And you're behind Armor!
  3. Don't just look at it for military ops: consider the potential economic gains of using a Class 1 hyperdrive "guide" ship to lead packs of Class 3/4 transports. Also, this will be the last time I respond to these posts from you. You seem to waffle on everything and dismiss every idea. It comes off as being trollish and a giant waste of time. You keep wanting the "just right" answer when it's just background and a "right now" answer should do.
  4. HappyDaze

    Running a campaign with Sith?

    Never underestimate the hard choices that arise from butchering a village.
  5. HappyDaze

    Running a campaign with Sith?

    Many games start with a combat scene fairly early on. If you want to play dark side characters, just go for a scene of unnecessary carnage and mayhem. It won't be hard to go dark side quickly even if Morality started at the default 50.
  6. HappyDaze

    A Crew In Need of a Ship

    Ignore makes that even easier.
  7. Quantum entangling multiple navicomputers to allow for tighter and more efficient squadron/fleet jumps. Perhaps allowing the group to "draft" one another and travel at the speed of the fastest (rather than slowest) hyperdrive in the formation.
  8. HappyDaze

    Running a campaign with Sith?

    Maul is still around during that time, and he's Sith even if he doesn't use "Darth" anymore. He could certainly impart the Sith tradition to others if he wanted to do so.
  9. HappyDaze

    Juyo Berserker questions

    Certainly characters that never roll their Force dice (because they instead use powers that Commit dice) tend to gather less Conflict. This is kinda weird in that the Commit route is "safe" in comparison to active use.
  10. HappyDaze

    Cybernetic Hardpoints

    While I can see some cybernetics having hard points (mainly structural replacements like cyber limbs and eyes), I don't think hard points for g-mods makes much sense.
  11. HappyDaze

    More Books?

    Consider it a canvas with only a rough work on it and no more books forthcoming to add details. The GM and players need to do the rest. For some this is disappointing, for others it is refreshing. For most, it'll be somewhere in the middle and the tropes that are so often repeated are likely to fall flat unless effort is taken to make something with them.
  12. HappyDaze

    How does the Cloud City Grand Prix work?

    The problem is the race is set up to allow the shooting. Don't hate the players that run with the scenario, hate the writer that came up with the stupid idea.
  13. HappyDaze

    How does the Cloud City Grand Prix work?

    It's not cheating, but even if it were, why should PCs be discouraged from doing it? PCs in this adventure are already assumed to be thieves and swindlers. Why race fair?
  14. HappyDaze

    How does the Cloud City Grand Prix work?

    You could, but that's not what the rules say on exceeding HTT. The rules say you lose power. On a gas giant, that means you're probably going to die. Of course, the fix would be to have the racers deploy emergency balloons to keep them afloat. It should be pretty easy to have a balloon with sufficient buoyancy to hold up a small vehicle high enough in the atmosphere of a gas giant that it isn't unrecoverable (or crushed). Using such would certainly put them out of the race though. Unfortunately, this would make the race all about shoot first and don't get shot rather than actually doing any racing. In effect, it becomes a quick but uninteresting game of rocket tag. Better IMO to just eliminate the shooting aspects from the race altogether.
  15. HappyDaze

    Keeping the People Down

    China is quite a bit more complex than that. The company town equivalency that was suggested previously is pretty much what I'm going for, just scaled up from a town to a score of planetary bodies within a single sector.