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  1. That matters not a bit to me, and I never bother trying to "agree to disagree" when their agreement means nothing to me.
  2. The Fett family would tell you meaningless deaths happen in the SW universe if they weren't dead. Biggs and captain Antilles too. And all of those Jedi on Geonosis or at the execution of Order 66. Sure, these weren't the stars of the movies, but neither are PCs. PCs are characters in a game and that means they don't have the kind of plot armor that on-screen stars have.
  3. If your players love the limitless sandbox idea, then forget about prep. Whatever you plan is likely to get thrown to the side and you'll have to pull something new out of your butt every session. It can be fun for a time, but it can be both exhausting & frustrating too.
  4. Those are all good suggestions for Threat and Despair, but a failed (0 Success) Astrogation roll should, by definition, mean you didn't get to where you intended. You can try to say that it means you didn't get there when you intended, but fast/slow travel is also covered under Advantages/Threats, so that argument is crap. So, it all comes down to getting at least 1 net Success on Astrogation or else you really don't get to the adventure site.
  5. It's in Special Modifications. The cost is Difficulty x 500 for a mod to an attachment on personal gear or double that for mods to starship/vehicle attachments. The price is steep, but it is automatically successful, so it's a good way to fully mod out those attachments with 4÷ mod options.
  6. It's FFG. They always allow for a big helping of rat crap in the sausage of their games so they can later milk you for a new set of rules don't promise to have less rat crap, but people keep on hoping.
  7. Sometimes those narrative effects can get in the way of the story no matter what skill is involved. While the benefits these results can provide are interesting twists to the story, sometimes the twists just get annoying. Sure, you can ignore such results, but what one player finds entertaining, another finds annoying, so if you're using the system, either use it or don't but don't go halfway.
  8. It's made for forward compatibility with the second edition rules.
  9. The Empire can easily afford to spend 1k on concussion missiles to shoot down a 120k x-wing. The Empire can win an attrition battle like that.
  10. With the amount of backed-up materials they have, I strongly doubt that this will be out for the holidays, unless you're talking about Easter.
  11. My only point with Saw's Partisans is that their approach has precedent in the setting and that they were not murderhobos because they were selective in who they killed (although they were quite accepting of collateral damage, they didn't make attacks that wouldn't inflict harm on the Empire), and they made attachments by fighting for a cause.
  12. If we are going to use the Hitler Youth as our pattern for the SAGroup, then it should be noted that the former trained and used 14-18 year olds in a variety of combat and combat support roles. These were not defenseless kids. They were members of a paramilitary group being employed in direct support of the military, and were thus legitimate military targets. I see SAGroup in the same way.
  13. Again, the film (I'm assuming you mean Rogue One) only shows them from a limited point of view to show the story the writer/director wants to focus upon. A work dedicated to the Partisans, even the Battlefield novel Inferno Squad, will show them with more depth and nuance. I prefer to believe that more depth and nuance exists in all areas, not merely those where the camera has been set.
  14. Whether Saw's crew were heroes or villains depends entirely on your point of view. As for your second argument, there's nothing on screen to suggest that the Death Star had bathrooms, but I assume that it did. I can also easily see officers on the Death Star being assigned assistants from senior-year SAGroup members. These are obviously not invited to the senior staff meetings that were shown on film, just as those meetings did not occur in the bathrooms.
  15. Rebels killing Imperials without mercy is a dark take on Star Wars (and is shown in Saw's Partisans), but it's not murderhobo behavior. If you're going to use the term, then get it right. The murderhobo kills anyone for whatever reason (the murder part) and never makes in-game attachments (the hobo part).