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  1. We've got a few House Rules. Here's our take on Critical Hits and Wounds which work well for us. _____________ Critical Hits One of the problem with the RAW is that crits are very swingy: After spending your hard-earned Triumph or 4 Advantages, you might make your nemesis drop his blaster or you could blind him. Kinda anti-climatic. There is also the rationalization problem with instant effect crits (such as "You fall prone.") somehow needing to be healed so that they don't make future critical hits more serious. Huh?! I believe that critical hits, ultimately, are about dealing damage. They shorten fights, the effect is obvious and it simply feels good deal a boatload of damage. Critical Damage A Critical Hit is activated exactly as per RAW. When a Critical Hit is scored, you add twice the number of successes to the base damage (instead of just the number of successes). Any effects, talents or qualities that effect the Critical Injury Roll add (or subtract) a further 1 point of damage per +/- 10 modifier. Additionally, a 1D10 is rolled and the Critical Hit Side Effect Chart below is consulted. Critical Hit Side Effect Chart 1- Slowed: Until end of the encounter, the target can only act during the last allied Initiative slot. 2 - Staggered: The target takes Strain equal to the twice the number of net Successes 3 - Distracted: Until the end of the encounter, the target cannot voluntarily suffer strain to activate any abilities or gain additional maneuvers. 4 - Dazed: The target is disoriented (+1 Setback Die) until the end of the encounter. 5 - Demoralized: Flip one light side Destiny Point to a dark side Destiny Point (reverse if NPC) 6 - Knocked Down: The target is knocked prone and suffers 1 strain. 7 - Left Vulnerable: Attacks against the target gain a Boost Die until end of the encounter 8 - Lame: All Movement related skills are at +1 Difficulty until end of the encounter. This generally includes: Athletics, Brawl, Coordination, Lightsaber & Melee checks. 9 - Debilitated: The target suffers 1 strain each time he performs an action until the end of the encounter 0 - Stunned: The target is staggered until the end of his next turn. Example: Feevo scores a solid hit with her Vibrosword with 3 Successes and a Triumph against Inquisitor Zaar. She decides to spend the Triumph to turn this hit into a critical. The damage calculation is: 4 (Base Damage, Strength 2 + 2) + 2 x 3 Successes = 10 + 1 Point from the sword's Vicious 1 Quality + 1 from Feevo's "Lethal Blows" Talent resulting in a massive 12 points of damage, which are reduced by Soak and a further 2 point due to the Zaar's Durable 2 Talent. She also roll 1D10 on the Critical Side Effect Chart, coming up with a 2. The target takes a further 6 points of Strain as he is Staggered by the attack! Wound Levels As Wounds starts building up, there are various debilitating effects. INJURED If a character's Wounds are more than half (round up) of his Wound Threshold but less than our equal to his Wound Threshold, he is considered Injured. Being Injured means the character is considered Disoriented until sufficient Wounds recover to take him below this level. INCAPACITATED As per RAW but without suffering a Critical Injury MORTALLY WOUNDED When a character accumulated Wounds in excess of his Wound Threshold plus twice his Willpower Score, he is Mortally Wounded. A Mortally Wounded character is also Incapacitated and cannot recover Wounds until the character is stabilized. Stabilizing a Mortally Wounded Character: One attempt can be made per hour and it requires a successful Average Medicine Check. The difficulty of this check goes up by 1 (until it "Formidable" is reached) for every failed stabilization attempt. Once stabilized the character Mortally Wounded condition is removed and the character may begin to recover Wounds normally. Death Checks After each hour an unstabilized character must pass an Average Resilience Check or die. A Triumph generated by this check may be spent to immediately stabilize the character. Example: Feevo has a Wound Threshold of 11 and a Willpower of 2. Her Wound Levels would be: 0 to 6 Wounds: OK 7 to 11 Wounds: Injured 12 to 15 Wounds: Incapacitated 16 or more Wounds: Mortally Wounded
  2. Tried to read "Aftermath"... didn't get very far. Maybe 50 pages or so. The writing - not good - bad maybe even. Very short sentences. Lots of hyphens too. May-be too many. Then I gave Smuggler's Run a go. I got the audio book from Audible which was probably a mistake. Instead of a traditional reading, it has all sort of sound effects combined with an overly dramatic and, umm, "enthusiastic" rendition by the reader. It's obviously aimed at kids and it became very annoying after two hours, so I didn't finish that one either. I think it would have worked better has I got the Kindle version instead. Now I'm listening to "How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise" by Chris Taylor which is absolutely fantastic. Can't recommended it enough for anyone interested in Star Wars as the cultural phenomenon it is.
  3. Roleplaying Games make a relatively small contribution to FFG's turnover (10% IIRC) so I think their development team is limited and can only work on so many products simultaneously. Right now their focus will probably be on AoR and DH 2nd Ed. EDIT: From FFG's GenCon Seminar: "RPG's make up 10% of "market share of what we sell". 37% board games. 24% LCG's. 16% miniatures. 9% supplies. 4% other."
  4. Some good suggestions here... I'd also like to mention the new-ish Dark Horse comic series simply called "Star Wars" which is excellent. It takes place right after ANH and follows our favourite heroes as they come to terms with the fallout from the destruction of the Alderaan and the Death Star. I especially enjoy their kick-ass version of Leia...
  5. There's some good advice on how to handle consequences but, as I see it, that's not gonna fix anything. By the sounds of it your players don't want to play Star Wars but "Murder Hobos looking to get rich in Spaaaaaace!" Punishing them with loads of Bounty Hunters or Storm Troopers hunting them down won't change that. I suggest you sit down with them, explain what Star Wars means to you, especially the expectations you have in terms of character roles and behaviour. To me, that means no psychopaths, no torture, no **** and pillage etc. Basically, I run my Star Wars PG13 and the players understand and embrace that. If their idea of what Star Wars is or should be does not overlap with your view, then rather play "Battlelords of the 23rd Century" or something similar which might be more suitable to their tastes. Always remember: No Gaming is Better than Bad Gaming!
  6. HorusZA

    Gaming mats

    Any idea what the technical term for the material is? I've had a custom play-mat made of PVC and it's turned out horribly: it wrinkles and creases quite badly and doesn't lie flat properly. I want to make a Version 2.0 but need to know what to ask for.
  7. I got diced so badly last week, I almost rage-quit: Was a social game, opponents B-Wing (with HLC) rolls 4 hits on its first attack, another 4 hits the next turn, 4 hits the turn after that until finally only scoring 3 hits on the last. I think the B-Wing alone rolled more hits than my entire squadron. Oh, and to add insult to injury his Y-Wing never failed to hit with his Ion Turret...
  8. So, I picked up my custom playmat today... It's 1.2m x 2.0m made of PVC with a nice starfield on it. Wasn't too expensive either: R270 (which is around $25). Problem is: Folding the mat creases it badly, especially around the corners where multiple folds come together. This means using it like a tablecloth will probably ruin it pretty quick. My conclusion is that the material was probably not suitable so it's back to the drawing board. The PVC is quite thick with a kind of mesh pattern on the back of it. Anyone else made a custom mats that doesn't suffer this drawback? Any suggestion of alternative materials?
  9. A million times this! That said, there should be a social contract between Players and GM which basically states: "Do What Thou Wilt, But Giveth Me Time To Prepareth.". This comes right after the cardinal rule: "Don't be a d!ck."
  10. I'm one of the guys that has monkeyed around with Starship Combat coz I don't like what FFG has done. While not perfect, we're currently using this set of House Rules for our Dogfights: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCo9WoSsZs1tOEa45_sEGI5BtyfPt_lAhPfgohc_d_I/edit?usp=sharing
  11. I suggest you head over to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay forum. What you describe is also a feature of said game and has been discussed a quite a few times IIRC and you might find some good ideas there on how to address it.
  12. Throat-slitting? All this unnecessary violence... Why not just knock him out with a well placed blow using a rifle-butt or handy rock? As for mechanics, I'd give the player an auto-success if he tried any of the above and get on with the game...
  13. I like what you have here, gives the pilot more things to do. Two concerns, however: 1. I'm not sure I like the upgrading dice mechanic for each point of speed, that's a bit excessive. But this parlays into point number 2.... 2. Speed. In all the house rules for dogfighting and whatnot, nothing really takes into consideration Speed. There is no reason, whatsoever, to ever go anything but your max speed. This doesn't really translate well. Meaning under these rules, a pilot of a speed 3 YT is always looking at an upgraded 2 red dice before the pilot skill even factors in against a standard Tie. Perhaps some maneuvers that can only be accomplished when a vehicle is traveling a certain speed. Because without it there is no reason to ever use the Accelerate/Decelerate and Punch It maneuvers. You should always and forever be at max speed. Meaning no matter what your piloting "skill" is, you will always be handicapped by the speed of your ship. Good piloting should be able to make up the difference somewhat, as something like a Hard Brake or Feint Overshoot should be able to shake a ship off your tail. Or perhaps making the "Get on His Tail" maneuver force the tailing pilot to match the speed of the tailed ship, or at the very least be +1/-1 relative speed. Basically, if you solve for #2, you solve for #1 as well. Just some thoughts. Many thanks for the feedback. I don't think the way Speed has been implemented in the game makes much sense in general: What does taking a "Fly" action twice actually mean?! Aaaaanyways, I did ponder some of the points you mentioned, specifically the "I'm travelling at Speed 5 and get behind a guy doing Speed 1: Shouldn't I match his speed so as not to overshoot him?" issue. I decided to ignore that wrinkle as things could get a bit sticky trying to integration of the existing Piloting manoeuvres, but your idea of adding a "Hard Break" might actually make that work The reason why I decided against any minimum speed requirements was to make the system as inclusive as possible: I rather give the ability to perform a specific manoeuvre to anyone, but potentially at a penalty, instead of saying "Sorry, you're in a Speed 3 Freighter, so no 'Gain the Advantage' for you."
  14. I'm using a set of home-brew Dogfighting rules to simulate the to-and-fro of close quarter starship engagements. They may be too mechanical for some, but they work for my own campaign. Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCo9WoSsZs1tOEa45_sEGI5BtyfPt_lAhPfgohc_d_I/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Maybe the "problem" stems from the fact that the default weapon installed on the Wayfarer (as per RAW) makes no sense considering the nature and limitations of the vessel? If it was a turret instead of forward fixed, this conversation would have a very different tone. I'd just make it a quad turret laser cannon and get on with blasting those persky pirates/Imperials/rival metal-heads
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