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  1. What a great bit of news! I've read some of Craig's novels based upon another game system and really enjoyed them. I'm hoping this means full length novels!
  2. It's FFG's policy not to comment on products that they haven't announced.
  3. I'd love to see novels based in Terrinoth. Anyone else? I know it was hinted at during this years In Flight Report, but I also hope FFG is planning a World Book for Terrinoth similar to the one for Android.
  4. I definitely want to see the elves in Battlelore, but at this point I'd settle for any sign of life for the game.
  5. Battletech is currently being published by Catalyst Game Labs.
  6. Battlelore Second Edition is too different from the previous edition for something like an "upgrade kit" to work. This is pretty much a fresh start for the game. There was always issues with reprinting the base game at a decent price which i suspect was a key reason why FFG wasn't really supporting the game. There was no way to bring new people into the game without an available base game. Now with this new edition new players can get on board. I am a HUGE fan of the original, and I'm really excited about the new edition.
  7. Just a heads-up for those of you who don't listen to the D6 Generation podcast. They recently released a bonus episode with an interview with Dust Warfare co-designer Mack Martin recorded at Adepticon. You can check it out via iTunes or here: www.thed6generation.com/webpage/d6g-bonus-new-services-dust-warfare-interview
  8. MiniatureReview said: I would provide a much more in-depth review, but I don't have the game and didn't really read the rules while at Gen Con. You probably already know this, but just in case, you can download the rulebook from the Dust Tactics page. I played through a full scenario at Gen Con and enjoyed the game alot. I bought it. I'm going to be playing my first game since Gen Con tomorrow night and introducing a friend to the game. We have been playing AT-43 (which I still love) but are giving a few other games a go for the sake of variety. I'll have a better formed opinion tomorrow evening, but based on the game I played at Gen Con I think the game plays just fine. Yeah, it's on the simple side, but I don't mind that. It's nice to have a game with cool minis that plays quickly. But, that being said, I wouldn't mind seeing an "advanced rulebook" or some such down the road. The proposed PDF alternate rules are a start. I also would like to see a hardcover scenario book like Descent and Tide of Iron got. The planned expansions have me excited for what's to come.
  9. Thanks for sharing that. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I can be patient. I haven't played a game of BL in about 6 months at this point. We've moved, been remodeling an old farmhouse and all the games have been packed away. I just recently found the box with BL in it and am hoping to get a game in....very soon! But having the game packed away has certainly taken the bite out of this transitional period between DoW and FFG. Haven't noticed the wait as much as I would if I had been actively playing. Now bring on the big news!! ;-)
  10. A campaign system would be awesome... ...just stick it in the book along with the scenarios!
  11. So, Tide of Iron got a beautiful HC scenario book. Now I read that one is in the works for Descent. FFG, how about a nice scenario book for BattleLore? Seems like a perfect complimentary product to me!
  12. Ah, that's excellent! Thanks for spotting that!
  13. Yup. Definitely sad to see this game go. It played great, and was a lot of fun. It's demise isn't unexpected, but still very sad.
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