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  1. Hi everybody Just wanna drop this if someone plays Conquest in the vicinity of Malmö, we are lining up some tournaments, the date is not 100% set right now but follow the events on Facebook to stay posted 3/4 - Summer kit 2015 - FB Event link 8/5 - Store Championship - Malmö- FB Event link 12/6 - Regional Championship - Malmö- FB Event link 19/6 - Spring Kit 2016- FB Event link Best Regards / Hans
  2. Hi guys! I know this is far-fetched but there is still a chance there is some Conquest players in the vicinity of Malmö in Sweden. There will be an Winter Kit tournament the last weekend of march, mor specifc the 29/3 12.00 All the info is availaible here https://www.facebook.com/events/619884408112105/ It is in swedish but if someone want to join and don´t speak swedish that´s no problem Cheers!