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  1. Steve-O said: dajusta said: 3. Why does the abbot suck? I hadn't noticed that he did. Keep in mind the Abbot is also immune to the Warlord/Diplomat as the Bishop is, even though it doesn't say so on the card. Why do you think this, I tried to find some reference but was unsuccsesful. No mention of it in the FAQ or anywhere? Also one more question : Can the Diplomat take a district from another player that he already has in his city (will have a duplicate), or can he give a district in exchange that the targret player already has in his city (will have a duplicate, if yes does the player have to discard it) ? Thanks
  2. fpol

    Spirit Parasite Rune

    http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=105 again, but that one works ok to me. Anyway,here is where you can find it : on the game page (catalog->board games -> RB) under support to the bottom of the page under references first line says "A detailed description of the player versus player combat featuring Mordrog and Mad Carthos!" and part of it is a link
  3. fpol

    Spirit Parasite Rune

    Yes, if, in a phase, you are defending, you are not dealing damage so you can't use the rune. But that is if you are attacking (resolving a challenge or attacking other player), if you are being attacked by another player (you are effectively a challenge) then you can use the rune (all items, but no allies) in any phase (this is described in here : http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=105 ).
  4. MiraCoolX said: The only downside is the need to rest every round to get rid of the converted exhaustion counters and therefore we traveled a bit slower. Hm, maybe we did something wrong. Are you satisfied with the difficulty of the game? hm, maybe here is a problem, you need to be near death before you rest or go to town for a healing (if you have money and there are interesting items then you can go to a town earlier). After some time, you cannot rest, because there are no adventure counters nearby and you can't reach them with 2 or 3 dice.If one of you starts to push it to the brink, all of you will have to or will start to fall behind him, and at that point knockouts will happen. Also you can use doom track to include time limit, and make it harder
  5. fpol

    Farrow's Outriders

    The_Warlock said: alboy said: Since the card doesn't say that you might change the order of combat actions, but only choose which one you want to have as first, if you choose Melee the order will be Melee, Ranged, Magic. But un this case you did just that, you changed the order of combat phases. I think it shoud be melee than magic. You start in the second phase of the combat round, you can't go back to the firrst, after that you play the third phase and then it's a new combat round. So : melee, magic, (new round) escape, ranged, melee, magic ... I don't remember what is the exact thing that the card says, but if it says that you can choose in which phase you start the battle than I'm sure that what I wrote is correct. If it says choose the first phase (not start battle in that phase) then I'm not sure how it should be played. why shouldn't the ranged phase dissapear, again I'm not sure what are you testing, but it's like your enemy didn't spotted you in time to do a ranged attack, you are already to close to him
  6. Red Scorpion: "Once per turn, you may take 1 exhaustion to cancel 1 wound" I think that you can use the ability only once per turn to cancel ONLY ONE wound. If you could use it once per turn to cancel multiple wounds it should say something like : "Once per turn, you may take X exhaustion to cancel X wound"
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