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  1. Seems to me if Phase Shift used wording similar to this: Play: The next creature or artifact you play this turn enters play ready. then it would have been clear. Example: Play: The next creature or artifact you play this turn may be a non-Logos card. With that wording it would be clear that you can play Phase Shift multiple times for multiple cards. It is funny that this debate continues to rage on when in fact the issue is just simple ambiguity. We should all just agree it's ambiguous and wait for a ruling - because it is. Intent doesn't matter when it is not explicitly defined - unless it's an RPG when the GM can just make the call however he wants.
  2. Bottom line is I don't really care what the answer is one way or another but I think that until there is an official ruling it is sufficiently ambiguous that one could make a case either way and there is not much that could be done. In other words could we please get an OFFICIAL RULING.
  3. Here is the specific situation that came up: I played Spangler Box and used it to purge a creature transferring control of Spangler Box to my opponent. Then I played Oath of Poverty which destroys "each of your artifacts" - we want to know if Spangler Box is "my" artifact when my opponent controls it since I am the owner. Rule book reference please because I couldn't find it. Here is the text for Control: "CONTROL A player owns the cards that begin the game in their deck. When a card enters play, it is under its owner’s control. A player can take control of an opponent’s card. When this happens, that card is placed in the new controller’s play area. If it is a creature, it is placed on a flank of the new controller’s battleline. If a player takes control of a card that belongs to a house not in the new controller’s deck, they can make that house the active house during step 2 of their turn. If a card that has changed control leaves play for any reason, it moves to its owner’s appropriate out-of-play zone."
  4. If you are in Canada (or want to pay international shipping) http://boardgames.caseems to have plenty. They had a big stack of them when I was in there last week to pick up my preoders.
  5. I can't find any rulings about the models getting in the way of each other. The YT is much larger than its base and I find that the model is often in the way (touching) other models even if the base is not. What is the ruling for this? Do you just remove the model from the base and follow the rules as applied to the base itself? Or is this considered overlapping.
  6. Is it true that TOI does not include information about TOI monsters in the dungeon levels of RtL and that you can only get the TOI monsters thru spawn cards? I was planning on getting TOI assuming that it would add the most to RTL, but if the monsters don't show up in the dungeons...well that just stinks. Has anyone done a homegrown for it? This actually leads me to think, I wonder if there is a way to assign point totals or something to monsters so that the OL can mix and match monsters from the different expansions in a single dungeon. Has anyone thought of this? Fang
  7. I have a couple of questions about lieutenant encounters. Specifically when are they triggered. I understand that if a Lt. moves onto the heroes it may initiate an encounter, or if the heroes move onto an Lt. they may initiate. But what about when no movement is occurring. This can happen in two cases that I can think of: -Lt. is besieging Tamalir and the heroes flee a dungeon to allow them to return to Tamalir. No movement has occurred there (the players movement resulted in them entering and exploring the dungeon they have subsequently chosen to flee). Are the heroes eligible to encounter the Lt. when they flee to Tamalir? -If the Lt. and the Heroes begin a week in the same location (like in the above example), can the Lt. attack the heroes? The rules explicitly state that "If a lieutenant enters the party’s location he may (but does not have to) attack the party." But in my example the Lt. is not "entering" the party's location but rather, is already on that location. If Lt. can attack does it also get to add a siege token? Similarly, if the Party Action phase is entered and the Heroes and Lt. are on the same space, can the heroes attack the Lt.? If they do, can they also take "train" actions in town, or are they restricted to visit action or can they take a recuperate/train action? Thanks
  8. I don't have Sea of Blood but have read the rulebook, and I am wondering if it should be thought of as a new "standard" rule that the stamina upgrade token's from Secret Training should be considered only +1s and not +2s in RtL. Was this change made in SoB because it was determined to be too powerful? Fang
  9. Ran into a kooky situation in our RtL campaign last night. Got the overland encounter with Manitcores and the map was one that had lots of trees. We quickly realized that the OL could park the three manticores on top of tree squares, blocking the paths to the exits and the players could never get past. The reason is trees give units in the trees Shadowcloak, meaning they must be attacked from adjacent squares, but Soaring makes it so that the range is always true range + 4 therefore the Shadowcloaked Manticores could never be attacked by any character. This was further exasperated by the fact that the Manticores get two yellows and blue giving them plenty of range to pick off the heroes from height. We found this something of a flaw as it forces the game into a situation where the OL is waiting for the players and the players are waiting for the OL (to leave the trees). The only solution we could see would be for one of the heroes to have had Acrobatics and sprint for the exit while the rest sacrificed themselves to the Manitcores to end the encounter. We thought this was pretty dumb. (Another dumb thing is that a large monster has to only be in one tree space to get the Shadowcloak ability...we removed that stipulation and that is how we got around the problem...but as written the problem exists). I'm interested to hear what the rest of you have to say about this issue. Fang
  10. I suspect that it is not broken as most larger pewter models are sold in multiple pieces. I would recommend using cyanoacetate (crazy) glue but I would recommend pinning the miniature before gluing. This entails drilling a small hole with a pin-vice drill in the two facing pieces and gluing a small piece of paper clip in place to provide strength to the model since I assume you will be using it to play. You can get pin-vices from Games Workshop stores or from Lee Valley Hardware as well as from many online retailers. They usually come with an assortment of bits. Ususally you will want to use a needle file to make sure the parts fit as tightly together as possible before gluing and you should remove any other flash (extra bits of metal) with a file or hobby knife before gluing also. Here is a link to an excellent article detailing it out. www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp Fang
  11. If a hero moves from one adjacent square to another adjacent square of a monster (Master Hell Hound) with Aura, do they take damage, or is it only when you first enter the monster's aura that you take damage and then are free to move "within" the Aura without damage. Fang
  12. Hein99 said: Hey ingfang, Thanks for sharing this! If you pick up Sea of Blood it comes with more of the tuck boxes. And so long as you don't over extend yourself into 3! campaigns it would work out for your dual gaming This is not actually the case. If I did that then any items acquired by the heroes in one campaign would be inaccessible to those in the other. Same thing goes for skill and the overlord cards that might be in use in a particular dungeon or the overlord upgrade cards. You really need to return the entire contents of the game to the supply when toggling from one campaign to the other. So tuck boxes don't help.
  13. I have the problem that I am currently running two RtL campaigns at the same time (one with my kids and one with my buddies). So I can't use the tuck boxes to store the game between sessions. So, I have created a record sheet that records all the state information for a campaign that allows you to completely pack it up and restore it later. You can find it at: www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/51176/complete-campaign-record-sheet If you like it pls gimme a thumbs up cuz I need the geekgold. Fang
  14. Right...that's what I meant. Thanks for answer.
  15. So far we have played two dungeon levels that had '?' on them. One was the one where the '?'s web the players for the skeletons to attack against and the other was the Downward Spiral where the '?' spaces allow the OL to play chest/door traps. Do the players get to know where the question marks are when the map is layed out? That is the way we played it for these two levels, but the players just avoided them making them pretty useless. Or do the players know there are ? marks out there just not where they are?
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