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  1. Do you have to finish all teh scenarios for you score to be counted? Because we tried the 10th scenario four times today, and each got clobbered because of bad look (fourth time looked promssing until three monster surges acumullte nine monsters on Devils Reef. Non of us had the money to rent a boat, and four of the monster then preceeded to walk in to nearby vortex). We won;t have a time to try again befoe the 30th.
  2. As two wweks have passed since scenario 10 was released and nobody asked this question I gues the anwser is obvious, but I'm not seeing it. The question is following: Does all of the Innsmouth components, include the personal stories (which are used for specific mode of play) or not?
  3. Dose she choose with ever item she draws, or doe she simply takes the first item, of given or lower value, drawn?
  4. jhorner said: We also created a house rule that made sense to us: you don't have to make a Bank Loan roll in an Other World. I mean, is the bank guy really gonna come through the Gate to collect? Since both the Univeristy and the Newspaper keeps sending you money when your in the Other Worlds, it seems quite possible that Bank Guy could also reposses you stuff on Yuggoth.
  5. I realized yesterday that Joe Diamond's name is play much like Monterery Jack (well iot not a name of cheese, but still). Joe's a Harboiled detective. His first name is pretty common, like Sam. His last name card suite (Diamonds) much like Spade. So his name is play on Sam Spade, Hammett's PI from The Maltese Falcon. I feel dumn for not noticing it before.
  6. Pulled throught by the sin of our teeth. We played twice today, giving up in the middle of first play when we saw that we didn't have a chance to win. The second time around we almost did give up in middle. We had four monster surges in Gardners Place. One in Witchhouse (we sealed the Gate before another one could take palce). WE had a lot of bad rolls, and actually switched dice in the middle of the game, to counter our bad luck. Rita ended up with two madness and one Injury card, and kill 12 moster, thesame amount that all the other Inveestigtor killed together. Marie and Kate actully didn't mange to draw any combat spell (but Maries Crimson Sing halep rita on two occasions). We ended wit a whooping 30 points, the most we got from a scenario so far, largly thanks to the lage amount of monter thropies. It was one hell of a game. The odds were against us be we pulled through.
  7. scovron said: heh i didnt see anyone form poland here :/ scovron Kielce / Poland Now you can. Warsaw, Poland.
  8. Won on out thrid attempt yesterday, through we almost didn't realize, because we didn;t count on winning with fighting a GOO. We sealed Unamble and the Witchhouse (one with tokens the other with an Elder Sign), and 9 Doom Tokens, we had one only one gate open thanks to the fact that gates tried to open in those two location for three-four turns. So we manmaged to close al the gate and win without fighting.
  9. Firefly said: A question from scenario 5: There are equal numbers of monsters in Shub and Ithiqua's areas. An "add 2 doom tokens to the doom track" rumour is drawn. Does this mean that 2 doom tokens are added to both tracks? That would mean 4 doom in one turn. Since the scenrio notes that Doom Tokens are added to Shub's track when ther more moster in her location, and equal amount of moster means that doom tokens are added to Ithaqua's track. The same when there are no mosters on table (since there aren't more monster in Shubs territory). So two doom tokes get added to Ithaqua's track I'm afraid. Edit: Ok I missread the bit in that siad that in case of tie doome tokens are added to both. So twqo token get added to both tracks.
  10. MrsGamura said: or Remove the Doom Token to give you more time to get ready. Sound like you guy should have ignored the Rumor cause he Woke anyways. I used the ability to remoce one before the battle, but it was pertty much a lost cause. It would have been much more usuful to remove it during battle in that case, which I'll probably do the next time around (unless there a really big chance we will win by gate closing/sealing).
  11. WE played a trial game yesterday since the fourth member of CIA was away. Four characters: Marie, Mark, Ashcan with Jenny (teh character that fourth member would have probably played). Great Ritual was major loss for us as Marie (my charcter) was forced to discard most of her spels (and take injury card before hand to able to pass the rumor). She lost much of her bite due to this. We went in to the final battle with Mark having his at 3, Marie having 2 stamina and quickly loosing cpabality of inflcting any damage (she gave away her weapons to some who would be devored in one attack). Over all I blame our inability of keeping watch over the doomtrack, and thus not being prepeared for the final battle. I think I'll use Marie's abillity (removing a doomtoken) during the battle, as it seems to be more potent then.
  12. While playing the 4th scenario today we can across this otherworld encouter: Pass a Sneak (1) check or the creatures capture and experiment on you. Lose half oy your items, then immediately return to Arkham with no memory of the experiments. The no memory part confuses me a bit. Does a investigator who fails the check, recive an explorer token or not?
  13. Ozzy said: Quick question on Ithiqua. When you enter the end fight and you begin rolling for "perished" items, does this only include Common and Unique items or does it extend to Spells (even though they are not called items by definition). The fact that you can trade Spells like items leads to my confusion. Any input is appreciated, as I would like to get this cleared up before playing the scenario. Cheers! Ozzy I Asked about it on the general forum. Since Spells count as items, the ability does work on spells too.
  14. Do speels count as items fo the Start of the Battle Ithaqua ability?
  15. Gar_Stazi said: This is Trevor Bruttenholm (Pronounced "Broom" for some odd reason), the 'father' of Hellboy. Most people will remember that he died in the first Hellboy movie and had a short cameo at the beginning of the second one. It prenouced Bruttenholm. Broom is just a nickname the soliders gave him. And on side note, he died in the very first Hellboy comic, too (Seeds of Destruction #1).
  16. We managed to win but bearly. The crew consited of Jenny, Ashcan, Marie and Mark. We didn't bank any clues, and actully we didn't seal any gates. in a suprsing turn of events Marie turned out to be the teams moster slayer (wither + Magical knife + the unique item giving + to spell check and conctatly drawing psychical immunity moster will do that), while Mark was the gate closer. Ashcan draw Scrifices to Make as one of his staring items, and spend a few turns trying to acomplished it, before we realized that he could (since the Curiosity Shop was closed). He was a bit pissed about it, and comp;ained that the Scenario should have it removed of the Unique Item pile during setup. We had some bad luck in dice and OW encouters, and inj the End Subby woke up and we had to fight her. We managed to defeat her a turn before the first fatalities would have taken place, mainly due to fanrtic item and spell swaping. Overall we managed to get 21 points (lost 1 or two in monster trophies thanks to Shubby), which i think isn't ( and isn't great either). Well probably have another go this weekend.
  17. Avi_dreader said: Yes. This League set is called Temptation to Buy Black Goat of the Woods :') And I'm giving in because i can't play it otherwise. And I brought CoDP the other week, think that this will go about similary to the last League. Should have bought DGoW.
  18. Both took around 1.5 hours, which is a bit quicker then our regular AH games. We play in team of 4.
  19. Finished game minutes ago. We played with Sister Mary, Ashcan, Micheal and Jenny. Me playing Micheal finished with 18 clues and close to 15 trophies. Micheal (with Calvin) and Jenny were mainly cleaning up the streets, Ahscan and Mary took over handling the gates.WE managed to keep Arkham clear and didn't draw any Terror raising cards, so we managed to keep the TT at 0. Being plagued by several monster surges seemed to be blessing in disguise (more monster trophies and more clues). We've managed to score 31, but loking at comments in another thread (that states that scores in the low 30 are to be expected), that doesn't seem to be very stellar score.
  20. We got 25. Would have been 26 if we hadn't pulled the Familly is butchered mythos card.
  21. Avi_dreader said: Shouldn't be too rare, as long as you don't draw Family Found Butchered :'D Well, it's nice and late here, just the right time for me to give thsi scenario a shot :'D That's what happened to us too. Oh, and we also finished the scenario with one doom token slot to spare, due to drawing Stars are Right on the penultimate turn (and geting two doom tokens during one mythos phase)
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