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  1. Does anyone know of a quick way to strip the backgrounds out of FFGs bonus content for L5R? I want a print to use them, but they don't seem to be layered (at least not in a way I can use to turn off the backgrounds), and they're somewhat ink-heavy (can't fault the presentation for looks, but it isn't ideal in practice!) That and I'll likely end up printing in B&W, which makes everything a lot less legible with backgrounds,
  2. For sure - my point was just that runaway successes often don't often occur because players don't have the incentive to keep rolling them up because of limited benefits and potential costs.
  3. You probably meant glory here, Though some clans might consider getting caught dishonourable (possible breach of duty for scorpion perhaps)... But that's likely offset by them losing less honour for the activity in the first place.
  4. Ooh, On a related note, there is a Maho in the shadowlands book which specifically does something very like what is being discussed here - negating an attack in progress by swapping places with another character which then becomes the target, But if memory serves (no book to hand), it explicitly changes the attacks target and it doesn't use opportunities as a mechanic to make it happen (and IIRC it's a once per scene effect, so it's very limited), If regular opportunities where meant to do things like this it makes mobility opportunities very powerful.
  5. If that where the case then you could never trigger opportunities like critical strikes because they have success as a requirement in order for you to select them, The TN was set before the dice where rolled, Nowhere does it suggest that you reassess that at any point, and it's clear the game designers intended for the TN to be publicly known at the time you selected dice to keep, I'm coming to believe that the movement thing is a red herring - you don't teleport, and no-matter how fast you can run, you don't outrun an arrow... My personal take on the range thing is that if the action was valid when you started it then it is now,
  6. One note here, Tainted isn't a condition, it's a Disadvantage, You can copy Afflicted though,
  7. That isn't how the rules are worded though, My point was that the implication of the wording there is that success is "locked in" at that point, We may not have determined the consequences of success yet, but fundamentally the success of your roll was determined back when you where selecting dice to keep. I don't think that fits in with the ethos of the game - this is just my interpretation of the rules though, I think that the way the rules, especially where die rolls are concerned, is heavily structured around the idea that if you buy some effect, then you get that effect- though quite how it will fit into the narrative may well take some work (note that some effect may be the chance of something occurring, as is the case with the elemental kata techniques discussed above), A good example of this is how the rules around hidden TNs are presented, it is clearly emphasized that players should know what they're getting when they choose dice to keep. In your example, the "trigger" was back when you spent the Opportunities - all that is left to resolve are the consequences of that, and work out how it fits together in the narrative,
  8. Rather annoyingly this doesn't seem to have been added to v1.2 of the rulebook...
  9. In other words, you can't have a situation where success is still in doubt when you choose opportunities...
  10. Well, As discussed earlier, I would argue that the TN was fixed at the start of the attack (step 2, part 4), so it hits, Actually, this is doubly important because many opportunities require success in order to use them - you may assess and resolve success at step 6 part 4, but it is clear that if you have the right number of successes at step 5 (choose kept dice) then the roll was a success,
  11. Ah - Breath of the Wind Style, Disappearing World Style, etc, That's easy to fix though - spend the opportunity to trigger "Heart of the Dragon" first, then spend the opportunity to trigger the elemental effect, Your main attack can still fail, but I figure that's just the risk you take by trying to get a better effect,
  12. Do I have an old version of the rules or something? My book lists TN 3 for rising blade? And I can't see any reduction for a compromised target under it, the Compromised Condition or Heart?
  13. Sure, But not all rolls benefit from bonus successes... On a lot of rolls 12 successes is exactly as good as the two successes you needed to meet the TN, But the 10 or so strife you likely accumulated make it a lot worse than just taking the bare minimum number of successes
  14. Okay, a bunch of issues I want to raise here, Starting with: When people come on here asking questions, I think it's most productive to answer assuming that they are using the RAW unless they note otherwise. We can't just assume that they're using the same house rules that you are (or I am, or anyone else for that matter) - the answers would be incoherent. That isn't to say that suggesting house-rules is bad, just that it isn't going to be helpful if you are assuming that they're using them when you answer questions. I fundamentally disagree with this part, Knowing the TN when choosing dice is a pretty fundamental part of the system (to the point where you are specifically rewarded if you don't have that information for some reason), The target number was determined at Step 2 / Part 4, My interpretation is that once it is determined it is fixed. Strife is just the breaks, Range is more of an issue. The game was written with using opportunities before determining the effects of the check, and accordingly doing it the other way around will likely have significant consequences to the way a whole bunch of techniques work - for example, Hawk's Precision would do precisely nothing your way, Striking as Water is significantly weaker (it wouldn't apply to the current attack), etc. A lot of Techniques use opportunities to enhance their effects (forget kata, the invocation section is rife with this sort of thing), These don't work your way without a lot of tweaks. I'm a little baffled by what you mean by "elemental kata" - it can't be the "Strike as..." kata, as you don't roll to resist them (unless they cause a critical strike anyway), It could be kata like thunderclap strike, etc - but the rolls to resist their effects happen after success, not as opportunities? Regardless, I wonder if perhaps you're making a big deal out of something that comes up infrequently? I do agree that "heart of the dragon" should probably resolve after the main attack - that would be much simpler to work out, but that clearly isn't RAW.
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