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    LETE reacted to progressions in Wealth Obsessed Players   
    For me it's not about making it feel like real life, but more like a Star Wars story.
    There are a lot of things which happen in pulp sci-fi adventure stories that aren't very realistic, but they're part of the fabric of the adventure genre. To me, that's what Edge of the Empire is designed to emulate.
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    LETE reacted to Desslok in Wealth Obsessed Players   
    Okay, three pages on I suspect I'll be just repeating information - but what the hell. . . .
    Oh sure you could do the Heavy Hand of the GM, removing money and goods and ships and equipment at the drop of the hat. However the bigger issue here is: game expectations. You need to sit down with everyone and come up with what EVERYONE - GM and Players - wants out of the game. Do they want to be high rollers while you keep them in abject poverty? That's not going to work, horses pulling the cart in two directions.
    You need to sort out the tone of the game - big money bigshots vs Cowboy Bebop "forced to eat mushrooms that cause everyone to trip out because there's no food left on the ship at all" - before anything else.
    And the key word here is "Compromise". All people at the table are there for fun: gm and players. You might have to strike a balance between your penny pinching and their grab everything under the sun ways. Tell them as long as they don't rip up the floorboards and pry the gold fillings out of the teeth of the dead, you'll make sure to give them cool swag occasionally. Thus, everyone is happy (and it makes the cool swag feel more important).
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    LETE got a reaction from knasserII in Wealth Obsessed Players   
    Are all PCs' motivations wealth related?
    If not, maybe you could begin by taking this into account when doleying out XPs... by being insane murderhobos they're acting against their own goals!
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    LETE reacted to kaosoe in Ancient History?   
    Nothing produced by FFG. I don't think it's likely we'll see any era sourcebooks, at least not unil they have released all of the career sourcebook. But Wookieepedia is always a great source to mine. Especially for the Old Republic era or the Great Hyperspace war.
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    LETE reacted to themensch in Ancient History?   
    Kaosoe offered up some great resources, and I would like to add that a trip to a used book store (or amazon of course) for some of the Essential guides and related material might also be helpful, as they could have pictures of things from those eras.  I've picked up a number of really handy books for pennies on the dollar, and it's always great to have them around the table during the game.  
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    LETE reacted to themensch in First!   
    I'm gonna need a bigger dice box.  
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    LETE reacted to Split Light in First!   
    I had resolved not to buy this.  I certainly don't need another beginner game or more dice.  But it's so SHINY.
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    LETE reacted to Alatar1313 in Beta Update 11   
    [cross-posting my reply from your post in general discussion]   What they're saying is that you can't use the Sunder weapon quality to spend a mere three advantage to completely destroy a lightsaber. You must spend two triumph to destroy the target's weapon (which can be used regardless of whether you have the Sunder quality).   See the change to p149 in the beta update: "Table 6-2: Spending [AD] and [TR] in Combat (page 149): In the entry for spending [TR][TR], add the following option: “Destroy an engaged opponent’s lightsaber weapon. At the GM’s discretion, the crystal may be salvaged from the destroyed lightsaber and installed in a new hilt, with any modifications intact.”   Compare this to the Sunder weapon quality on page 118: "When activated, the attacker chooses one item openly wielded by the target (such as a weapon, shield, or item on a belt). That item is damaged one step: to minor if undamaged, from minor to moderate, or from moderate to major. If a weapon already suffering major damage is the target of a successful Sunder, it is destroyed. Sunder requires [AD] to activate. If activated multiple times in the same attack, each activation can be applied against the same weapon, potentially taking a weapon from undamaged to destroyed in a single attack."   I guess they were finding it too easy for lightsaber wielders to destroy each other's lightsabers. Since lightsabers have sunder, the optimal combat option would be to destroy your opponent's lightsaber before they could destroy yours. Also, this does not require a hit. Miss with 3 advantage? Destroy your opponent's lightsaber. Seems pretty overpowered considering the cost and/or difficulty to obtain a lightsaber.   Also, this change was done to bring the F&D rules in line with the previous lines. In the EotE core rulebook (page 167), the lightsaber description has the line, "Lightsabers cannot be sundered."
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    LETE got a reaction from Josep Maria in Beta Update 11   
    ...& then you start next episode w/the PCs descendants!
    (Hmmm... I wonder where I've seen that?)
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    LETE reacted to Josep Maria in Beta Update 11   
    Yep its a pretty good option. It's like a tv show. When it looses audience, we will create an awesome ending and say bye to this story... but it's too awesome yet XD
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    LETE reacted to Lorne in Beta Update 11   
    At some point, you really should just declare yourself Empress Regnant of the Entire Frakking Galaxy.  Bring the story to a close and continue with the next generation.
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    LETE reacted to Daeglan in Beta Update 11   
    The Devs have said that 6 dice is where the system starts to break. 
    IE 6s in attributes cause problems as well. And you can't get 6s in skills I suspect for that reason. 
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    LETE reacted to awayputurwpn in Beta Update 11   
    Sure, you could potentially be looking at a +120 roll to your crit, but keep in mind that a FR 6 character with Makashi Finish is, what, like around 650+ XP. I would say that at that point, huge criticals might not be your biggest concern
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    LETE reacted to Lathrop in Beta Update 11   
    Most things tend to get into broken areas with a Force Rating 6. In general, 4 is probably the most a player will get to before everyone starts getting into broken territories.
    But in regards to upping criticals, keep in mind that by just dipping into Bounty Hunter/Assassin and Soldier/Sharpshooter, that a player can get a guaranteed +50 on every critical through Lethal Blows. So Makashi Finish's less guaranteed nature based on rolls that can be further dropped by Force dice being committed (and Force Dice generally requiring you to hit the bottom of trees to get first), isn't too bad in my opinion.
    But I guess you could even argue that boosting criticals aren't going to matter too much anyways since you can only use Makashi Finish with a Lightsaber anyways - so high damage and low critical ratings/Vicious ranks are just automatically in play anyways.
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    LETE reacted to Danthrax in IMPERIAL HUGE SHIP ANNOUNCEMENT   
    WOW they designed a NEW ship in the universe just so it would be 1) a Star Destroyer-looking thing, and 2) small enough to fit in this game! Interesting way to solve your problem, FFG.
    [edit] IT'S HAPPENING

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    LETE reacted to Elkerlyc in IMPERIAL HUGE SHIP ANNOUNCEMENT   
    About bloody time.
    Now if only Imperial Assault would have sucked and/or armada too I might not go bankrupt.
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    LETE reacted to Julia in About to start my first game, and need one quick clarification...   
    Yes. This is a nuance rather important to remember when resolving cards such as Counter attack.
    Enjoy the game!
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    LETE reacted to Kallel00 in How does 2nd Edition Compare with 1st Edition   
    2nd needs more expansions
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    LETE reacted to Daeglan in Beta Update 11   
    In the Edge beta there were significant changes. In the Age beta there were not. In the Force and Destiny Beta I expect some significant changes to the new systems and no changes to the existing systems. 

    IE Move Force power won't see changes. But Unleash Protect might see big changes.
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    LETE reacted to Budgernaut in GIVE IN...   
    Oh come on. Just one won't hurt. 
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    LETE reacted to Pseudonym in Eldritch Horror Statistics   
    The tie happens when the mythos deck is empty. When you try to draw a card from an empty mythos deck -  the mythos phase ends and then you lose the game and win it at the same time.
    If doom advances during the mythos phase, causing Azatoth to wake up, you lose the game, since the mythos phase never ended.
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    LETE reacted to Desslok in Beta Update 11   
    Will FFG lose and/or give up the license? Almost certainly. The when, on the other hand, is the important bit. All business fold and change and grow and shift direction over time. So some 10 or 15 years down the line, we might have concern.
    For the short term? Hell, for the next 5 years? Yeah - we're good. Don't sweat it guys.
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    LETE reacted to Soakman in The Haunted Few Preview up (MoM)   
    I'd probably take Agnes if she told me she was an ancient sorceress in a past life who lived in another dimension called Hyperborea and had fought (although unsuccessfully) an ancient one before.

    I mean, when monsters are pouring out of inter-dimensional tears in space/time and someone volunteers (crazy or not), I'd probably take what I could get and assume they're all insane to one degree or another. But what the heck, somebody's got to try.
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    LETE reacted to Krysmopompas in The Haunted Few Preview up (MoM)   
    Good to see my man George in there - the ultimate challenge in AH, we'll see how he does in EH.
    That being said, would anyone in their right mind take a waitress, a violinist, or a lawyer to a secret expedition in Antarctica??
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    LETE reacted to kmanweiss in where are the yuuzhan vong   
    Thank god.  I was worried I was the only one that hated the YV.
    I've been hoping every day since Disney acquired the IP that they never ever touch the YV.
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