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  1. Hello! Are all PCs' motivations wealth related? If not, maybe you could begin by taking this into account when doleying out XPs... by being insane murderhobos they're acting against their own goals! HtH L
  2. ...& then you start next episode w/the PCs descendants! (Hmmm... I wonder where I've seen that?) L MTFBWY A
  3. Hiyas: Me: [Cash-strapped, checking out this outstanding-looking product] FFG: [LORD SIDIOUS VOICE] You want this... don't you? Me: [uSING JEDI TRAINING] Must not give in... MUST NOT give in...! L MTFBWY A
  4. Fortunately there's no RPG police knocking down anyone's door, & if you want, you can ignore anything in any game (basically playing another thing)... L MTFBWY A
  5. Hiyas Mae! Actually, AFAICT, the bulk of the Morality rules themselves (acquiring Conflict, tallying it, et al.), is still very much in place, only the "triggering Morality episodes" part is optional. Jes' sayin' HtH L MTFBW A
  6. Hi: It seems on this, we are of the same mind, Donovan. The above quote is almost, to the letter, how I got my all-force-users group together. They were all students in a sort of "madrassa" run by an ex-padawan (or just another Force-user that has carved his own doctrine, himself guided by the Force, they haven't inquired yet so... I can keep it nebulous)... The campaign proper starts at the master's funeral. All the adventures we've played have been flashbacks. To test it properly, IMOHO, I've been careful not to introduce anything outside from the Beta book. Not even other race/gear options. HtH L
  7. After checking the announcement, I still firmly believe that Elder Things & cars don't mix. L
  8. That is what I was pondering. According to the chart, it's still difficult not to accrue Conflict, of at least one (& I'll bet it'll be amended towards even more Conflict gain or more Conflict-oriented actions). & that is just "one way". For instance, in my group, they rather have their F. Powers fail when DPs show in the Force Die than generate Conflict. Bottom line: It's hard being a "good force user" in F&D. Thanks L MTFBWY A
  9. Heyas! Please don't incinerate me -- I'm just making sure I've got the right ruling for these: If a PC doesn't generate/accrue Conflict in a session, 1. s/he still makes the Conflict roll at the end, right? 2. & s/he will always add to his/her Morality score, (becoming more & more a paragon of the light side of the Force) right? Thanks for your time! Lete MTFBWY A
  10. Oh, it was complete crap then too.Trust me. Hiyas: It raped my childhood. L MTFBWY A
  11. Hiyas: I believe it's nestled in the Lightsaber section's comments. Not spelled out specifically in the Ancient Sword entry itself. L MTFBWY A
  12. Hiyas: I thought that they tried to pack too much into one episode. Not enough "breaks" to digest emotionally what was going on... I guess the opposite of the Clone Wars experience. L MTFBWY A
  13. >Anyone >cable or satellite provider C'mon, who pays for regular TV anymore? It's archaic. Hiyas! Last of a dying breed, before the dark times, before the Smartphone... A more elegant setup from a more civilised time... Not those randow, clumsy devices. L MTFBWY A
  14. Just to comment on that point of the story. It is difficult for me to swallow that that trap is the best the Empire could design to capture some Rebels. Besides deploying 6 stormtroopers inside a cell (which is very pathetic taking into account the record of successes the stormtroopers have)...(...) Hi: This could be due to the fact that the Empire's resources are streched thinly in that system. They were caught unawares by the rise of the Rebellion State (RS), as a matter of speaking. L
  15. Hi: So, would it still count [mechanically] as a "forged weapon" or not? Thanks! L MTFBWY A
  16. Hiyas: Step on some toes & use Halagad Ventor... As far as I can tell from your posts, he (his tragic story*) encompases all the turbulent uchrony/alt. galaxy you're running. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Halagad_Ventor L MTFBWY A *Of course, this oughta be adjusted to your epic.
  17. Hiyas: Just remebered: Vergere. Nasty. L
  18. Hiyas: Another woman popped into mind: Lumiya, from the original Marvel comics. Obscure enough? L
  19. Hiyas: The future Emp'rah of the Sith (Legacy series by Dark Horse comics): none other that Drath Krayt!!! [Echo echo echo] L MTFBWY A
  20. Hiyas! I would like to have one. Caption: "Jedi Boobies: Bound by the power of the Force". That's alls I've got. L MTFBWY A
  21. Hiyas: Maybe consider Quinlan Vos? Kyle Katran? A'Sharrad Hett? Mara Jade (Lucas hates her)? "Assuming that Order 66 didn't happen, who would be head of the Order if Ben defected and Yoda retired? I'd assume Mace Windu, but would anyone else make sense? That's what the players are already expecting." Ki Adi Mundi would try to have a competition w/Plo Koon to see who's boss. Yarel Poof ends up making pizza for the Emperor in the Death Star. HTH L MTFBWY A
  22. Hiyas: Originally, from the best-selling book series... L
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