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  1. I got my mat, and play a game on the weekend. It was an epic game that went 8 rounds. A Solid 7 hour game that went back and forth a couple of time. D
  2. I am not sure what the concern is either. For people who do not like app supported games, they should play games that are not app supported. There are a lot of games that I do not enjoy. Desert themed games I have always found quite boring, but I do not go on forums to hate on them, I just don't play them. I think the people who do not like the idea of the app, are more concerned that there is a game coming out that has a theme they enjoy, but is not actually the game that they want. If that is the case, just play a different game.
  3. I do think they are running out of content, but I believe there is also lots more than can be explored. An outdoor wilderness theme, a trip overseas, the hospital etc. would all make good ideas for expansions.
  4. I am not excited for there being no dice. For me a great game has the following: Dice Cards Miniatures Tokens Currency I think this game will not have dice or currency. It still looks like a great game though. I can't wait for it to come out! I don't know. When I think about this game, it feels like it should have the traditional D&D set of dice, but that is likely just me.
  5. I have not seen it yet, but anyone know when it is due to be out? D
  6. Nanich

    Moving as a Party

    Based on that statement, I figured I was right. I know if their first version of Fury of Dracula, you could form a party. You would not spend any other actions and if you move, all other investigators in your party moved with you, but.... One one investigator could do the move action in any given round, but that was clearly stated in the rules. It appears that if you are in a party of 2 players, you can move up to 6 times in a given turn. D
  7. I have played both Mansions of Madness 1st Edition (a player plays the Overlord), and Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition (The app places the Overload) My group prefer 2nd Edition. You do not need the internet to play it, but you need to download the app. We found that 2nd Edition is much more thematic with a greater variety of types of scenarios. When we played 1st edition, everyone reluctantly HAD to take a turn being the overlord. The goal of the Overlord is to win the game, not to create an engaging story. Many cases our Overlords won, by of course following the rules, but in a way that was not thematic to the story of the scenario. Just my thoughts. This game is not a hard pass, but a hard yes.
  8. Hey folks, I am pretty sure I know the answer to this. My buddy and I are about to play our first cooperative game of Runebound. It seems that if we are in a party together, we are able to move further in any given round. I can move my buddy when I move, and he can move me when he moves. This is correct right? It does not seem quite right, but I can not see anything that says otherwise. Don
  9. I feel the same way. I would not say I am upset, but the game ending condition seems really weird. I just played a 2 player game with someone who had never played it before. Towards the end, I had three cards that gave me points for the shields being ahead. I knew my opponent had a least one. My opponent was happily enjoying the narrative for the shields and put in all the work to advance the shields. I just ran around the board trying to achieve the bonus of my 4th Card. He did so much more than I did as far as the narrative of the scenario goes, but I won by not really doing anything... It seems really weird. When he achieved a reward for doing something crazy and advanced the shields two spaces, and I won. It was kind of awkward when I declared victory as a result of his good game play. I think next time we play, we will forget the agenda points and just keep playing until we get through all the cards. In other words play for the sake of the story.
  10. I am about to led a session and there are a couple of rules I am not sure of: The stat TO oftern looks something like this: 6(2) Does this mean when the creature is hit with 12 points of damage, it will soak up a total of 8 and be hit with 4 points of damage? For ST is often looks like this 3(4). This is strength and damage. When this creature scores a normal hit, is the hit for 7? Thanks again! Don
  11. Where does it say this in the rules? I know that is what the rule is, but I can not seem to find it!
  12. Hey, What happens when monsters and NPCs take stress and fatigue? I thought I read somewhere that they take a wound instead. Don
  13. Yes that information is amazing. I was not really happy with what was on the GM screens. Those new screens have the information I was needing during my last game! Nanich
  14. I am having troubles understanding all the different types of checks. I know it is all in the rules, but it is spread out and hard to locate the specifics. I just GMed my first session, and in some cases, to keep the flow going, I was making it up as I went. What I am confused about is adding the challenge dice. Standard Check: You add challenge dice based on how hard the GM things the action will be. Opposed Checks: You add challlenge dice based on the opposing NPC characteristics. Action Checks: This is where it gets tricky. If it is a melee or ranged attack you add one challenge die and misfortune for the level of defence. If it is a skill vs skill check you add challenge dice based on the "opposed check difficulty" chart + anything in the upper left hand corner. If it just has one skill listed and no Vs., just the one skill you only add dies based on the upper left hand corner. Does that make sense? Is that about right? Nanich
  15. Hey folks. I GMed this game for a bit a few years ago and I am getting back into it. At one point I used a program that saved its files as .eon. I still have those files, but I can not ifnd the program to open them. The program allowed me to have encountures ready with the creatures' action cards and stats ready on one sheet. Does anyone know what program that was? Don
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