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  1. That argument would hold more weight if the cards that boost the success of your duels weren't Banzai! and Fine Katana, cards you'd be playing anyway.
  2. Or you don't see the Kaiu Daimyo and have a deck clogged with Holdings.
  3. How big a problem are they? They've won one Kotei more than Phoenix. They've won one Kotei more than Scorpion. They have the same Favor points as Crane, two fewer than Scorpion. They're fourth in the Glory Race. They aren't making up a disproportion amount of players at events. They aren't making up a disproportionate amount of players in the cut. They certainly don't seem to be a big problem. There will always be a best Clan, and it appears to be Crab at the moment, but they're nowhere near the runaway Clan that Scorpion were for most of last season.
  4. Rating Yasuki Hatsu in comparison to Agasha Swordsmith is pointless, since they can't be in the same deck. Regardless of the power level of the Swordsmith, Hatsu is a powerful card that fits in well with the Crab deck that sees the most play at the moment.
  5. Why would I trust you when I've seen how well Unicorn can perform in the hands of a competent player? Unicorn topped the Swiss at Birmingham Day 1A and put 6 players into the cut in the event. Your doom and gloom predictions are baseless whining- Unicorn were certainly bad last year, but good players have shown that that simply is no longer the case.
  6. Yes, if you fast forward into the future where the Lion and Crab packs are out and assume that Unicorn received no cards in the meantime, I can see why you'd think they're bad. But it is all just an assumption, one with no basis in reality.
  7. But Unicorn are competitive now, so "forever"is already over.
  8. I'm unclear as to the point you're trying to make- do you think people should be able to pick their opponents in the Swiss? You having a bad matchup one time doesn't seem to mean anything in the context of what you are quoting.
  9. Money may be A motivation for rotations, but it's not the only one - they are also good for the health of the game. Card pools become unwieldy, and if there isn't a rotation the power level needs to increase constantly to ensure new cards are worth buying over older ones, which also become harder to get, decreasing the ability for new players to join, potentially leading to a constant decrease in playerbase with limited ability to replace losses. As it stands it's quite an assumption to state "with old cores being dead" when we have no actual information on what is happening with Cores. Your entire second paragraph is based on assumptions and expectations, not reality.
  10. https://blogs.magicjudges.org/rules/mtr2-11/ They could be based on these, which work quite well.
  11. This is the important part of it for me. The promos are determined by players playing in Kotei, but only players playing at Worlds get the benefit, which seems backwards.
  12. Do you think that someone staring at half a deck's worth of cards and trying to memorise what's there is genuinely any faster? Someone taking too long to complete either task is wasting time and should have a judge called.
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