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  1. I doubt it, because of the single Dynasty event we've seen so far, and how poorly that would interact with being resolved mid-Conflict.
  2. Or a 40 card deck that is even more consistent at getting to the threats you want, in a game which already has very consistent decks.
  3. Yeah, I can see how Icon of Favour is really blowing up the scene, and Dragon have definitely been going all in on Niten Student. Or perhaps it's just a coincidence that just as in cards without Role Restrictions, some cards with Role Restrictions are bad, and some are too good. Certainly Supernatural Storm and Voice of Honour and Let Go and Censure and Shinjo Ambusher have all been kept in check by their Role Restrictions. But this was the whole point of freeing the Roles... The top players had their best Role more often than not. But now everyone gets to play the one they want. A Role doesn't no longer has to be competitive for someone to build a deck out of it, and people aiming to be competitive very little has actually changed.
  4. Except my narrative didn't involve declarations about how cards were playtested and balanced, because I wasn't involved in playtest, and thus can't say such things with the certainly you seem to have. What I can say with certainty is that the two major events that happened at the weekend (Australian GC and Polish GC) saw 4 different Crab Roles, 4 different Crane Roles, 6 different Dragon Roles, 7 different Lion Roles, 4 different Phoenix Roles, 4 different Scorpion Roles and 4 different Unicorn Roles, so perhaps the draw of the supposedly "so powerful they need to be dealt with" cards isn't as big as you think it is.
  5. So it's just an assumption you're stating as fact? Because there are lots of powerful cards that aren't elementally locked, ones more powerful than Fight On or Mark of Shame, and you're basically ignoring them to create a theory that apparently has no basis beyond your own opinion.
  6. I think it's simply a data interpretation issue. Odds are if I was playing in an Elements Unbound event I would have played the same deck that was currently legal, because it had the best Role for the deck. And that is true for a lot of Clans- it wasn't hard to always have access to one of the best Roles for you Clan. And if there's Regular and Elements Unbound events running at the same time, it makes sense for me to play in the one where I can better predict the format, as it gives me a better chance of winning. And even going forward, most of the competitive players in the game will continue to play what is considered the Clan's most competitive Role. However, now that 25% of the players that wanted to play something new and different can do so in official events, regardless of what the top tier players think. For me that was the entire point of the freeing the Roles. I'm also not super convinced there's a large proportion of the game's competitive US playerbase that isn't active online, simply because I don't think the game has that many players.
  7. I've seen what happens when people are upset at the choice that is made, and I'm sure neither you or FFG intend to be advocating bullying, but the "consequences" from upset people for a choice in a game is just bullying. The negative reaction to the Scorpion choice at Worlds 2017 ranged from passive-aggressive to flat out aggressive, and none of it was acceptable or should be encouraged. The reality that the people attacking Mark for his choice were both factually and morally wrong seemed to matter not at all to FFG, as comments from the Design Team said they like seeing the community reaction to the Scorpion choice.
  8. The idea that changing roles constantly created new decks and playing styles is a fallacy that has been disproven repeatedly by tournament results. It rarely created new decks, it only ever temporarily weakened good decks until the Roles cycled back around again 4 months later. New cards created new decks, and the Roles were more likely stop people being able to play those new cards as enable them. Role Locking wasn't an amazing tool that constantly allowed the tournament environment to rotate and change- just ask anyone who has played against Crab since the start of the game how different that matchup feels. I have played the same deck since before the first Gencon event- Bid 1 Scorpion Dishonour. The most impactful changes to my deck were not due to Roles changing, but due to the Restricted List. Not once was I put in a situation where I felt I had to change my playstyle because of the available Roles. The top Clans had access to the Roles they wanted for their best decks. Scorpion were never stuck suffering with a poor Role and forced to build entirely new decks. Nor were Crane. Or Dragon. Or Crab. In fact that only Clan to really suffer from poor Role choices were Lion, who went into Worlds with no Keeper Role in the Clan perhaps best able to take advantage of those Role locked cards. Role locking didn't balance the environment in even the slightest way. And in reality since the top players in a Clan were picking the Roles that best suited how they wanted to play, which was generally the same way they got into a position to be involved in that decision, the only people who were seeing their deck building opportunities lost were those that wanted to try something new. There was some merit to Role Locking when the card pool was so small that variety was otherwise impossible. But now there are enough good cards in each element that decks can be built to fully take advantage of most of them- Air, Earth and Water each have cards that most Clans will happily build around. And now there's a chance for people to do that, instead of every Scorpion deck using whichever Air/Keeper Role is currently available but otherwise playing a weaker or stronger version of the same deck. And if in the unlikely scenario that everyone just ends up playing the same deck, we are in absolutely no different a position than we would have been had Role Locking remained.
  9. It is likely that a standalone multiplayer product wouldn't be profitable enough to exist, so they needed to include some otherwise legal and useful cards to justify it. It sucks for people who don't like multiplayer, but means that the option can exist for the people that do, which to me is a a fair trade off. And honestly, if only 30% of the cards are completely unusable in regular play that's still a better percentage than most Cycles
  10. But the fight winning card in that combo is Toturi, not the Monk. One of the main benefits of abilities on characters is that they are paid for when you buy the character, but the Examplar not only costs a Fate to activate, he also requires you to play other cards to actually generate any benefit. It's a potentially powerful ability, but it has significant limitations.
  11. That argument would hold more weight if the cards that boost the success of your duels weren't Banzai! and Fine Katana, cards you'd be playing anyway.
  12. Or you don't see the Kaiu Daimyo and have a deck clogged with Holdings.
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