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  1. This is how card games work. Deck archetypes have strong and weak matchups, and part of evaluating an environment is determining how popular each archetype is and working out what's the best option to take advantage of that.
  2. Why though? What does it add to the game beyond 'shaking things up'? Your suggestions are not only complicated but also massively distort the math behind the game, for no apparent benefit. An important part of game design is to only implement mechanics that have a tangible benefit when playing the game, not just because you thought them up.
  3. Not sure why you feel that's relevant to the current discussion, but if you want to moan about something everyone already knows is too good, you do you. Only if your intention is to buy four Provinces worth of characters a turn, which is unlikely. Seeing as most decks run 7-9 holdings people have accepted that you will want to run some holdings and so the only cost is the opportunity cost, and the payoff of "win the game" is a solid one that outweighs the value of most other holdings, assuming of course that honour decks become viable. Of course there are things that can be done to change the card to reduce it's potential. I don't think anyone was unaware of that- we already have a weaker version of the proposed card in Bonsai Garden, which is a great example of a card that is not very could be easily will be if the deck it is designed for ever becomes competitive.
  4. The suggested holding is both terrible and ridiculously powerful. Right now there's no deck that would bother playing it, as 1 honour doesn't do much. But as soon as there's a genuinely competitive honour deck it would be an action speed non-interactive method of gaining 1 honour with no real cost, which is ridiculous. Would anyone be happy if Scorpion got a Holding that said "Action: Sacrifice this holding - your opponent loses 1 Honor. "? Because that's what it would be the equivalent of for the type of deck it would see play in.
  5. Evilgm

    Disguised Protector

    You don't need a character to count the skill, but you do need a character to win the Conflict. If you have no presence but have higher skill the result is the same as a 0-0 tie, with no winner and the Ring returning to the pool.
  6. Evilgm

    Exploring Role Selection

    If you need to start including letters as well as numbers to explain your sequence, it is too complicated. It places a strange focus on one side of the Roles (Keeper) for no apparent benefit, based on a belief you have that the flavour of Keeper means they should be more important and unique. Part of it relies on win rates during events, despite the fact that pairings in events are random and thus win rates are completely out of players' hands- a single player may be able to win an event and thus get the right to choose, but his Clan might have a half dozen people learning the game that tank his options based on their results in the event, not his. Most importantly, it provides no tangible benefit over "Top of Clan at each event votes, with the winning role for each Clan going to that Clan.", which is succinct and easy to both explain and comprehend.
  7. Evilgm

    Exploring Role Selection

    I'm not sure why you think this has better flavour, or any at all, but I'm 100% in support of anything that allows my Clan to keep a Seeker Role time after time, as they are in general better than Keeper Roles.
  8. I find the game to have a tremendous amount of interaction. An L5R game is all about incremental advantages, and you generate them not only from your own actions, but by preventing your opponents. Every decision can matter, and that is more likely the cause of people going to time that someone holding back and building up resources. Also, the core premise is flawed- players are no more encouraged to interact in Magic than they are in L5R, and just like in a lot of card games (including L5R) creatures will commonly simply run past each other to attack successfully until that no longer becomes a viable strategy for one player and they are forced to defend. Having to spend mana and play cards doesn't encourage interacting, it just encourages playing cards.
  9. Except the Roles change every 12 months and it rarely takes more than 2 to determine the core of the best decks for each Clan using those Roles.
  10. Not really. The majority of Fox players were staunchly anti-Mantis.
  11. I can see that point being made for the Wasp and Centipede, but absolutely not the Fox. The Fox never wanted to join the Mantis, that was a big part of the Yoritomo's Alliance/Mantis Clan storyline. They were shoehorned in as the result of a Temptation during the Race, and it erased a big part of what the Fox were about.
  12. The Mantis Great Clan had more, because the Mantis Minor Clan had allied with and absorbed a number of other Minor Clans, including the Kitsune. In the current timeline it would make very little sense for the Mantis to get a Kitsune. Not that it makes any sense for the Scorpion to get a Zokujin...
  13. Evilgm

    Cheap, Ring-Boosted Cards

    Because you listed a bunch of things you can do to try make a 2 cost character in Crane decent. Crane already have amazing 2 cost characters that don't need the effort put in, and she's not going to force any of them out, especially as they just got a 1 cost Courtier in the same cycle. The abilities on these cards aren't a real ability, they're a thing that comes up once a tournament and is a nice bonus.
  14. Evilgm

    Cheap, Ring-Boosted Cards

    I don't believe the Phoenix is part of the cycle. The Scorpion is excellent for decks that want a cheap body, as is the Lion, whilst the Crab is solid. The Dragon will likely see play due to the Monk keyword alone. The Unicorn will depend on how important passing first vs outnumbering the opponent becomes. The Crane is trash, being 2f means it doesn't have the utility of cheapness most of the others have, and is lacking the keyword rarity that will help out the Dragon.
  15. I too am whelmed by Duty. In low bid Defensive Dishonour I want to minimise the amount of dead draws I get, and this is a hyper-situational card that's dead most of the game. It's a unique and potentially game-breaking effect when you need it, but I'd rather have a card to win me the game before I end up in that situation. A deck aiming to always bid 5 will certainly find more value in it, not least because they can afford to draw cards that do nothing for most of the game, but even then I don't know if I'd consider it an auto-include.