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  1. I agree, and that should be reflected in options taken in a given round to enhance one's defense. Expanding on the current setup, I am in favor of a system whereby some level of instinctive (or reflexive, muscle-memory, deep-ingrained training, or whatever you want to call it) defense is in effect. If Toturi decides to go all out on an attack, or simply has a bad set of dice to choose from on a role, he should have some basic level of passive defense that is better than the sack o' taters. The beta rules as currently written are dependent on characters taking choices each and every round to keep their defense at some desired level. In the event of a change in tactics a skilled combatant ought to have some level of instinctive defense to make him harder to hit. A skilled combatant attacking recklessly will be easier to hit, of course, but he could still be more difficult to strike than a significantly less skilled combatant fighting normally or even defensively. As it is now Toturi is no better than an untrained peasant levy in terms of avoiding a hit unless he is specifically dedicating options to defense. His years of training should count for something--even being reckless in an attack, or hindered in some other way, he should still be potentially better at avoiding a hit than JoeBob the eta. At the very least, having the base TN based on Air Ring, Vigilance or some other attribute should be an optional rule or a variant to be tested during the Beta phase.
  2. Have played RPGs since the '80s. Started L5R about 2000 or 2001. Have played 1e, d20, 3e, and 4e. We tried 2e briefly 15+ years ago, was not that great.
  3. This system is an odd tack-on, being the only truly random part of the creation process. I like the idea of family influencing the character creation process. Possibly changing it from a random process to a set of options to pick from. You pick "option X", therefore you choose a benefit from column A and a penalty from column B.
  4. I agree this needs to be addressed. A skilled combatant ought to be harder to hit naturally, without doing anything special. If a skilled (or agile) combatant also opts to take various defensive actions to further bolster his survivability, so be it. In previous versions of L5R, Reflexes determined the base TN to be hit in combat. For this version I would use either the Air ring or the Vigilance derived attribute to determine base TN to be hit. Have the base TN either equal to Air or Vigilance, keeping the other existing options to modify combat and TN in place.
  5. 7th Sea sold to one of its creators. Here is an article: http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?2987-7TH-SEA-Sold-To-John-Wick#.Vjlb_bzB7oo
  6. Sent in a question to FFG's customer service regarding the L5R RPG. Here is the reply I received today: We do have plans to roll out Legend of the Five Rings property in to a role playing format. As our forums are tied to games, and to date the, the only thing we’ve announced so far is a Living Card Game, that four is the ‘official’ home. Legend of the Five Rings Forum: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/456-legend-of-the-five-rings-the-card-game/ I hope that helps! Regards, Kalar Komarec Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com
  7. Will the reprint of the core book include the errata? I can't find whether this is the case or not.
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