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  1. If the barrier is on the forest and the dryad makes you move there, do you ignore the barrier and move there or stay in the same place?
  2. Thanks for posting the links Douglas. I wonder if Fantasy Flight would ever publish a Talisman novel or a collection of Talisman short stories? My vote would be for a graphic novel because it would be cool to represent the card art in a comic book form.
  3. I found this story of the samurai character over at Fortress Ameritrash. Check it out! http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1348:into-the-valley-of-fire&catid=52&Itemid=100063
  4. This thread is to show some of the sources that Talisman cards are based on. In another post Archdruid listed some great sources for 'Lord of the Rings' (Barrow Wight), Norse Mythology (eg Ymir's Glow, Ragnarok), Lovecraft (Rimespawn, Sky Screecher), Magic The Gathering (Planeswalker), Greek Mythology (eg Pegasus, Centaur, Medusa), Oriental Mythology (Eastern Dragon, Yeti), Medieval European folklore (eg Basilisk), Native American folklore (Howl of the Wendigo). The goblin sapper might be from the old warcraft game. Talismonger is a NPC from shadowrun. The horn of summoning seems like it has roots in some ancient mythology. If you find any sources please post them here!
  5. The sunday gaming videos are hilarious. The one guy gets toaded, the other guy dies two times in a row. It's funny to see new players run into the dungeon right away and draw the strength 10 battle colossus. I wish more people would film Talisman games and post them.
  6. Velhart said: I was looking at the purchase cards from old editions, and this are the objects that can be purchased there.. Douchnuts Douchnuts??? Those don't sound very appetizing at all. Well, maybe without the cream filling they would taste OK.
  7. If you have enough craft to take 3 spells can you choose to only take 1 or 2 so that the lore master doesn't go away?
  8. If you think the Talisman board is big just look at this Arkham Horror game!!! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/597157?size=original
  9. Old Master said: I would have like to see some bag of gold cards replaced by events or objects until we do get a place to spend the gold we already have! The goblin sapper blows up cards on the table when you pay him gold. The pedlar lets you buy stuff like in the market. The porter and the champion will join you as a follower if you pay him a gold. At the arcane archive you can spend gold to buy spells. There is even a new quest to give another player a gold to complete.
  10. Mattr0polis said: Crown & Scepter- I like this one since it sticks with the classic crown roots, but doesn't really give much time for others to challenge for the win. Once someone gets to the Crown, you are pretty much done unless you are already in the Inner Region, or unless two people get there & fight over it, buying you some time. I guess that's not really different from the Warlock Quests or possibly Ice Queen ones though, and I guess you just gotta try & hurt/kill the people who are doing the best loong before they are moving in to the Inner Region. Could make for some more brutal PvP games in that case. The transportation spell that switches players on the crown is really nasty if you play with this ending. Swithing spaces with someone on the regular crown of command isn't that bad because players get enough turns to catch up unless they get really lucky casting the command spell. The crown and scepter will kill you off before you make it if you're starting from the portal of power. This was the random ending card picked last game and I almost made it to the crown and knocked the other player off.
  11. These endings better not be in the next set unless they are EXTRA cards plus some all new endings. If there are other new endings in the set then throw in the danse and crown.
  12. I like the warlock ending the best because the new quest cards are really cool. I like the idea that you have to keep working for the ending from the game's start to finish. The other endings you only get to do for a couple turns at the very end of the game. The warlock ending brings more adventure to the game and lets you screw over other people by making it harder for them to complete quests. I hope there are more endings like this in the next set but they don't have to work with warlock quests it can be something new.
  13. Velhart said: Nice review. Arcane Archive and Lore Master looks very cool One more chance to get spell cards.. Trickster looks nasty, and transmutor is also dangerous. But who is the Ice hydra? From the List, there is not a ice hydra in the frostmarch deck, or do you mean the chill Bane? I copied down some names wrong. Arcane archive is correct not spell archive Trickster is correct not tricker Transmutor is correct not transumation machine Chillbane is correct not ice hydra
  14. I think if a card has two special abilities you can use them both.
  15. JCHendee said: Even in hating Timescape the most of any expansion in any edition... admittedly, I have some twisted curiousity just to see what they might do with it. Although they'd have to do more than what they did with the Dungeon. Overall, I find the new Dungeon a worthwhile variation once in while, but not something I would play regularly. So you can imagine what it would take to turn my head on a Timescape re-issue. Hmmm... but maybe they ought to do something else first. I'd have to agree with that. The rest of the corner boards should come out first then the dragons. After that maybe timescape or something really different like an ocean adventure. FFG came out with the seas of blood expansion for descent so maybe they will do a pirate expansion for talisman!
  16. I played my first real game of Talisman with the Frostmarch today. I printed a copy of the new characters and played the with the dungeon before but it was nice to play with all of the real cards and miniatures. The ogre chieftain miniature is much cooler than the troll I used as a replacement. We wanted to play with the new random ending cards and so we drew one when someone reached the crown. I got the ogre again so I could try to do better than the last game and NOT die in the dungeon this time. The leprechaun and warlock were dealt out to the other players so the necromancer never got played. We wanted to draw mostly Frostmarch cards to see all of the expansion so what we did was make a stack of adventure cards that was about the same size as the Frostmarch deck and then shuffle them together. This made a mix so half the cards were from old sets and the other half was new Frostmarch cards. We did not play with the dungeon either because we wanted to keep drawing Frostmarch cards, although the dungeon board was sorely missed by all. Instead of telling you how all of the game played out I'll just point out some of the cool stuff that happened and how the winner was able to claim victory. Unlike last game, my ogre got off with a good start and drew the frostbite sword early in the game. This is a weapon that lets you freeze people when you beat them. I drew the tricker card some turns later and he played a really nasty trick on me. The tricker is a monster that steals one of your objects if he beats you but if you beat him you can steal an object from somebody else. I had even craft with him but I rolled low and lost the fight. The tricker stole my frostbite sword but lucky for me this wasn't a big deal because I had another regular sword anyway. The tricker has weak craft but he could be a really nasty dude if you run out of luck. Frostmarch has some other really nasty monsters in the deck. The big guys include another giant, an ice dragon, a big ice elemental and a creepy ice hydra with really high craft. Most of the monsters with low craft and strength numbers have special abilities that make them deadlier. The deadliest of all is the basilisk that kills you outright it rolls doubles. It didn't kill anyone this game but it will be awesome when it does. Talisman really needs more cool cards like this! Things started getting really interesting during halfway point when there were more cards left on the board and we kept drawing big monsters. Even with a weapon and some bonuses we couldn't take down the ice dragon and giant. One of the new events came into play and protected characters from losing a life if they were beaten in fights for two rounds. Everyone tried to land on the big monsters because they had nothing to lose! This was a nice change of pace from trying to avoid them most of the game. Someone drew a goblin sapper that reminded me of the goblins in the old warcraft computer game. The sapper is an encounter that lets you blow up a card if you give him a gold. The leprechaun had the most gold so he cleared the board of the really nasty monsters for us. I should point out that leprechaun gets a bunch of gold every time he lands on a woods space. It wasn't hard to figure out that you could land on the leprechaun every chance you get and take a gold after you beat him up. The leprechaun started to use his teleport ability to just stay as far away from us as he could. After he paid off the sapper to clear some of the board we turned nice and stopped picking on him, at least for a little while. One cool thing that happened was a lore master turned up only a couple spaces away from the spell archive. The lore master gives you free spells and the spell archive lets you sell spells for 1 gold. You can also buy spells at the archive but not on the same turn. This let me pick up free spells and then cash them in at the archive for gold. This could have been a nice little money maker for me because I was up to four craft and could get two gold each trip. Then the leprechaun teleported to the lore master and ruined everything! If you get three spells in one turn the lore master is discarded so that was the end of that business. Another cool card that turned up was the chalice of shadow that works like the holy grail but only for evil characters. The leprechaun picked up a second talisman and sold it at the alchemist because he thought he didn't need two. This was his biggest mistake of the game which I'll get into later. The game took a big turn when the transmutation machine was drawn by the warlock. The transmutation machine makes you roll. Because the card doesn't say you may roll the dice we thought you didn't have a choice and had to roll. If you roll 1 or 2 you get toaded, 3 or 4 it blows up and is discarded, 5 or 6 you can turn all of your craft points into strength or the other way around. The warlock rolled while the rest of us shouted TOAD! TOAD! TOAD! Our toad chant didn't work and he rolled high enough to turn all the strength points from defeated monsters into craft. This put him at 10 craft points plus 3 points from objects and followers. The warlock already had a talisman at this point and was in the middle region. Next turn he traveled stright to the portal of power. I had 16 total strength in battle including a regular sword and the colossus and my natural strength was at 13 points. I should have went for the crown much sooner but I was having too much fun with the horn of summoning. The horn lets you pull monsters on the board to your space so you can fight them. All the cards that the warlock and leprechaun couldn't beat were easy pickings for me. That is really saying something about how cool the new cards are because I was having so much fun I didn't want the game to end! The warlock made it through the portal of power with no problems so the rest of us scrambled to catch up. I smacked the sentinel and entered the middle a couple turns later. The leprechaun built a raft with his axe and crossed over the river. My next turn I casted a spell that let pick a number to roll when I reroll with fate. That was my last spell from the spell archive and also my last fate but I was able to pick my movement roll and land on the leprechaun. I beat him up and took his talisman. Too bad he sold his extra talisman at the alchemist! This shows that you should always keep an extra talisman if you draw it. I went through the portal while the leprechaun raced back to complete another talisman quest. By now the warlock already reached the center of the inner realm, drew the crown and scepter and started casting the command spell. One of the rules that got messed up was that we thought it was like the regular crown of command and had to roll for the spell. The warlock missed a couple times so I actually made it to crown with two lives left. I should have noted how much life I crossed the portal with but I remember that I was healed up to six life and even had a few extra life from a place card that gives you life points. I lost the dice with death a couple times which points out the big weakness of the orge's super low fate stat. I spent my last fate to land on the leprechaun to steal his talisman and this left me totally defenseless against death. At least I made it to the crown even though I was an inch away from dying. When I made it to the crown we all read the crown and scepter card again and that is when we realized the mistake of rolling to cast the command spell when the spell is supposed to automatically succeed every time. We also saw that this ending was quite different from the regular crown because the command spell is cast on every players turn so the warlock would have killed me before I reached him. If I would have passed the dice with death on the first try I would have been able to make it to the crown and fight the warlock with my super strength. But the warlock would have won fair and square anyway so we just called it a game and ended it there. The leprechaun had a funny last few turns while we were racing for the crown of command. He drew a quest at the warlock cave and got the one to visit the black knight. We all figured this would be easy since he was already in the middle realm but he kept overshooting the space. He couldn't even roll a six to teleport even though he was teleporting like crazy all game. If the leprechaun wouldn't have lost his extra talisman he might have been able to beat the warlock at the center because he had better strength in combat. The warlock converted all of his strength into craft at the transmutation machine so either of us would have pounded the warlock in battle. Everyone had a good time and it seemed like any of us could have won the game if even one thing went differently. I could have tried to go for the crown earlier and the leprechaun never should have sold his extra talisman at the alchemist, especially since already had a pile of gold from landing on the woods! *no offense Brian*
  17. Okay I went a little overboard there but I seriously would like to see Timescape come out. It's not that I care that much about generic science fiction but I DO love Warhammer 40K! Being able to play a Space Marine and Rogue Trader rocks! Fantasy Flight has done a great job updating Talisman and the dungeon set is a better design than the two previous editions combined. All the new stuff I've seen so far has been a big improvement from years before. Could this be the golden age of Talisman? My point is that if Fantasy Flights design team worked out a few changes then Timescape could be really awesome. If you don't like science fiction or 40K that's fine, but the expansion could still have some really cool cards, game region and characters that are worth playing with. JCHendee said: I think A.T. is obviously "trolling" again... and you took the bait, V.
  18. Talisman Island has a new Ice Queen card that acts in a similar manner to the Reaper NPC, but she reacts whenever a character encounters a card from her realm! There is no rolling to see if she might be visiting you. If you mess with her minions, she will come and find you!! http://www.talismanisland.com/
  19. Game store left a message on my answering machine saying my copy of Frostmarch is in stock. Picking it up tomorrow and have a game scheduled right after work. I will give a report of the game tomorrow. I can hardly wait!
  20. JCHendee said: Another sign of differences to come are the choices of cards in Reaper and Frostmarch. Lots of old cards coming from varied 2E and 3E expansions. Unless they plan something really altered for those old boards, there are lots of cards there to re-use... for something else. So all bets are off as what will come as the next large expansion in another half year. Timescape Timescape! Timescape!!! TIMESCAPE!!! TIMESCAPE!!! TIMESCAPE!!! TIMESCAPE!!!
  21. I found a link to the artist who did all of the box art. Go to this link http://ralphhorsley.deviantart.com/gallery/#Talisman Makes some very nice screensavers and wallpaper!
  22. Old Master said: ameritrasher said: BTW, stronger opponents and weaker characters equals boredom plus frustration. Well, ameritrasher, weaker characters can be a real challenge and a little bit of frustration is sometime welcome, but after looking at the spoilers list for Frostmarch, there is a lot of 1,2 or 3 strengh or craft enemy added to the adventure pack and not many strong enemy, now weezing through weakling monsters turn after turn is equal to boredom since I want some challenge from time to time to keep me interested at the game. As to the matter of card count, I am much more frustrated at the obvious inbalance cause by the total lack of importance to the neutral characters who have to become either good or evil to benefit from the game, no magic object or weapon are for neutral character only! This is a clear case of game imbalance. So in short: more stronger enemy, more special object or event for neutral characters, can't care less for card count and statistic, let's try to find some clue about the next big expansion now Cheers Hey Oldmaster... I agree that drawing tons of low strength boars is really boring (pun intended) but just because something has a low strength doesn't mean that it's weak. The reaper expansion had a bunch of low strength monsters that were very nasty. There is one card in particular called the trapper that is really dangerous. He makes you roll two dice and choose the lowest so even if you have good strength he can easily defeat you. A monster with a low number can be very deadly if they have a special ability. If Jon posts another card list it would be good to an arrow symbol ^ to show if a monster has a special ability so we have a better idea of how weak or strong the challenges really are. Neutral characters are balanced because they have most of the benefits of good and evil without any of the drawbacks. A neutral character can heal at the chapel and get fate at the graveyard and he doesn't have to worry about losing a life by entering either one of them. Sure this costs gold but not many people complain about running out of gold in our games. A neutral character can also carry the runesword and the holy lance so he can carry all of the best objects in the game. Evil characters can't carry the powerful objects for good alignment for example. If a card could only be used by a neutral character it excludes both good and evil alignments. All other good or evil objects can be used by at least two alignments so I'm not sure how I feel about cards being limited to only one alignment. Would that mean that you could have objects that can only be used by an evil character and exclude good and neutral characters?
  23. JCHendee said: Quest cards were not the only cards we were talking about. One question pertained to hidden Objects, though actually its about possessions in baggage or packed away on Followers of specific types. I didn't cover that part since others here have also used similar rules and knew of this already. Such packed items, or one in hiding in a hidden pocket, or in a bag of carrying, are turned face down away from the god's eye view of other players... because their characters wouldn't see such. Essentially anything not readied (carried) on the adventurer (a character in play) is not visible to other characters... unless the other players remember everything that every other adventurer has drawn and stowed away. Not likely in a long game. More times than not they don't. This has occassionally led to some nasty and entertaining surprises where particular possessions might not be on an adventurer to be used in an instant. Or when an adventurer preps with 4 chosen items, leaving others in baggage, and then gets jumped by something or someone who would have been better faced using some other set of items. In other words, we nerfed not only the god's eye view of players in place of characters, forcing players to actually be their characters. We also nerfed the grab bag approach to Followers. What good is it to have an item called a bag of carrying, when adventurers just ****** up anything packed away on Mule or Horse & Cart in an instant... as if IT WAS a bag of carrying? And so it goes... There's more to it than this were Special Abilities are concerned, but this is the gist and foundation. Thanks for the reply JC. I can see the appeal of having hidden objects but for me this would be a real nightmare. Sometimes it's hard enough to remember all the effects on my cards and keeping them turned down would make it even harder. I remember one time in the dungeon I kept using the fate stealer sword when I should have used an axe that gave me plus 3 against goblins, especially during a fight agains the goblin king! I don't like having to play a memory game mixed in with Talisman, probably because I am horrible at it
  24. Old Master said: Sorry ameritrasher, Mattr0polis and Velhart but I totally agree with JCHendee on this one, not because I've been playing with hidden cards for more than a decade, but I would miss the sense of suspence and or bluff that can be done with face down cards!! An example is "Are you going to use this spell on another character not knowing why he's hanging around the black knight?" Is it for a quest or does he want to access the portal of power? This not knowing add a lot of atmosphere and suspence to the game and it should be tried at least once by fan of the game, I highly recommend it Of course, this reduce the PvP interaction as you will think twice before going after somebody else to bash their brains or stop them because you suspect but dont know for sure that they need to get to some space to complet a quest? The unknown can be a real trill in Talisman. Cheers Thanks for the reply oldmaster but I am having a hard time understanding why not knowing what a character's intention and goals are makes the game more suspenseful. If I don't know why you're hanging around the black knight why do I care? I will just go about my business and let you go about yours. Some things in the game that are kept hidden add more suspense, spell cards being a good example. Could you please elaborate on how hidden quests makes the cooler? I understand JC's comment on hidden quests being more realistic, but more realism does not always mean more fun. In fact my favorite part of talisman is not getting bogged down with details to simulate realism like most RPGs do. The best example being spell casting which most systems require line of sight. Who cares if it's not realistic for a player in the city to be able to cast immobility on someone in the dungeon if makes the game more interesting. Fun is better than realism in my book mostly because I play games to have fun and take a break from reality. I don't play games to have reality slap me in the face.
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