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  1. If the barrier is on the forest and the dryad makes you move there, do you ignore the barrier and move there or stay in the same place?
  2. Thanks for posting the links Douglas. I wonder if Fantasy Flight would ever publish a Talisman novel or a collection of Talisman short stories? My vote would be for a graphic novel because it would be cool to represent the card art in a comic book form.
  3. I found this story of the samurai character over at Fortress Ameritrash. Check it out! http://fortressat.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1348:into-the-valley-of-fire&catid=52&Itemid=100063
  4. This thread is to show some of the sources that Talisman cards are based on. In another post Archdruid listed some great sources for 'Lord of the Rings' (Barrow Wight), Norse Mythology (eg Ymir's Glow, Ragnarok), Lovecraft (Rimespawn, Sky Screecher), Magic The Gathering (Planeswalker), Greek Mythology (eg Pegasus, Centaur, Medusa), Oriental Mythology (Eastern Dragon, Yeti), Medieval European folklore (eg Basilisk), Native American folklore (Howl of the Wendigo). The goblin sapper might be from the old warcraft game. Talismonger is a NPC from shadowrun. The horn of summoning seems like it has roots in some ancient mythology. If you find any sources please post them here!
  5. The sunday gaming videos are hilarious. The one guy gets toaded, the other guy dies two times in a row. It's funny to see new players run into the dungeon right away and draw the strength 10 battle colossus. I wish more people would film Talisman games and post them.
  6. Velhart said: I was looking at the purchase cards from old editions, and this are the objects that can be purchased there.. Douchnuts Douchnuts??? Those don't sound very appetizing at all. Well, maybe without the cream filling they would taste OK.
  7. If you have enough craft to take 3 spells can you choose to only take 1 or 2 so that the lore master doesn't go away?
  8. If you think the Talisman board is big just look at this Arkham Horror game!!! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/597157?size=original
  9. Old Master said: I would have like to see some bag of gold cards replaced by events or objects until we do get a place to spend the gold we already have! The goblin sapper blows up cards on the table when you pay him gold. The pedlar lets you buy stuff like in the market. The porter and the champion will join you as a follower if you pay him a gold. At the arcane archive you can spend gold to buy spells. There is even a new quest to give another player a gold to complete.
  10. Mattr0polis said: Crown & Scepter- I like this one since it sticks with the classic crown roots, but doesn't really give much time for others to challenge for the win. Once someone gets to the Crown, you are pretty much done unless you are already in the Inner Region, or unless two people get there & fight over it, buying you some time. I guess that's not really different from the Warlock Quests or possibly Ice Queen ones though, and I guess you just gotta try & hurt/kill the people who are doing the best loong before they are moving in to the Inner Region. Could make for some more brutal PvP games in that case. The transportation spell that switches players on the crown is really nasty if you play with this ending. Swithing spaces with someone on the regular crown of command isn't that bad because players get enough turns to catch up unless they get really lucky casting the command spell. The crown and scepter will kill you off before you make it if you're starting from the portal of power. This was the random ending card picked last game and I almost made it to the crown and knocked the other player off.
  11. These endings better not be in the next set unless they are EXTRA cards plus some all new endings. If there are other new endings in the set then throw in the danse and crown.
  12. I like the warlock ending the best because the new quest cards are really cool. I like the idea that you have to keep working for the ending from the game's start to finish. The other endings you only get to do for a couple turns at the very end of the game. The warlock ending brings more adventure to the game and lets you screw over other people by making it harder for them to complete quests. I hope there are more endings like this in the next set but they don't have to work with warlock quests it can be something new.
  13. Velhart said: Nice review. Arcane Archive and Lore Master looks very cool One more chance to get spell cards.. Trickster looks nasty, and transmutor is also dangerous. But who is the Ice hydra? From the List, there is not a ice hydra in the frostmarch deck, or do you mean the chill Bane? I copied down some names wrong. Arcane archive is correct not spell archive Trickster is correct not tricker Transmutor is correct not transumation machine Chillbane is correct not ice hydra
  14. I think if a card has two special abilities you can use them both.
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