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  1. 2016 Netrunner Regional Championship @ Guardian Games (Portland, OR) DATE: May 7th ENTRY FEE: $15 (pre-reg available, see below) REG: 10:00 AM PLAYER MEETING: 10:45 AM START: 11:00 AM ORGANIZER: Bryan Blumklotz (email: pdxnetrunner (at) gmail.com) MARSHAL: Matt Eddleman JUDGES: Bryan Blumklotz, Abby Cohen, and Jason Scott ADMIN STAFF: Melissa Blumklotz and Cleo Mayne FaceBook Event URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/1600289843623669/ PDX Netrunner FaceBook Group URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pdxnetrunner/ ---------------------------------------------- RULES & FAQS: ---------------------------------------------- You can download the latest rules and FAQs at the Fantasy Flight Games website: FFG Support Documents Section: https://goo.gl/5IWXPL ---------------------------------------------- PRE-REG ---------------------------------------------- If you are local, please pay at Guardian. If you are from out of town there is a Paypal link here (max 32 seats out of 64): [Guardian Games Event Page](http://www.ggportland.com/netrunner-regional-event-2016/) ---------------------------------------------- EVENT OUTLINE SUMMERY* ---------------------------------------------- Participant Requirements: Min. 9 players, Max. 64 players. Tournament Structure: Advanced # of Swiss rounds dependent on [# of players entered] plus [# of Regional Byes divided by half]. There will be a Top 8 Double Elimination Cut. Additionally, we will have a concurrent Double Elimination Cut for the 9 – 16 seeds Tournament Tier: Formal Prize Structure: 2016 Regional Championship Kit Scorched Earth prize for last place finisher (Playmat, card box, 3 alt-art Plascrete Carapaces, and a set of Penny Gem tokens) Other prize support TBA ---------------------------------------------- PLAYER MATERIALS* ---------------------------------------------- Deck Building: NAPD Most Wanted List is in effect Have a copy of your Corp and Runner deck lists with your name on them when you arrive. Card Sleeves: All decks must have identical opaque sleeves. Legal Products: No Card Proxies (this includes non FFG Alt-Art Cards) Third party tokens are legal unless the marshal determines that they are inappropriate or obscure the board state of the game. Additionally bring a pen or pencil to record your results on your score sheet. * = See Netrunner Tournament Regulations 1.0: https://goo.gl/YiNVcP
  2. I don't personally hate CardgameDB.com. For me it's the user interface that drives my use of on deck builder over another and having recently released cards in a timely manner. I used CardgameDB for a long time but it comepletely failed on my moblile devices and frankly the ability to comment, bookmark and show love to a a deck build make the online deckbuiling community more of a community. So, it's not that I hate CardgameDB.com, I just like NetrunnerDB.com more.
  3. No need to dig for the answer, I have collected them on a Geeklist here: Android Netrunner Post FAQ 1.1 Rulings From FFG The Geeklist shows the questiona and answer plus links to the origional thread that posted it.
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