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  1. I'm 100% certain the designer of that item did not intend for the piece of equipment to be usable as that piece of equipment after being used to mask the hilt without some time/and or money being spent to reassemble the said item into a working form again. Some sort of modification to the original item would have been needed which will have cost something to do and to reverse. Credits, significant time, parts, etc. I know people can and will think of exceptions and that's fine. Ultimately though, your table discussion will help you decide. Or Sam, of course.
  2. FWIW, I asked the Skill Monkey what he thought given the points raised here and in the comments on the initial article. All he wanted to know was if people would have fun playing them. P.S. He does like the discussion though.
  3. Hi Gang. I ran a Sunday 'extra slot' F&D Beginner Game on Sunday morning at Gen Con in the FFG room (122 I believe) to help take up some of the stand-by players who couldn't get into a scheduled game with the Devs. Foolishly, I didn't write down anyone's name. It was a group of 6 and I'm hoping at least one or two of them frequent these boards and might be able to tell me who you all were. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  4. Skill Monkey recently had some problems not of his own making (an unusual enough situation) and in response ot those problems a very nice person and some equally nice other people decided to help him out a little which you can view here if you want the whole story. http://www.gofundme.com/z2a8m8c?pc= In response to THAT response, there is a new Skill Monkey to say thank you to the nice folks. Here: http://www.madadventurers.com/skill-monkey-fire/
  5. Oh, it's an April Fool's joke all right. But one that's just for me to laugh at. Otherwise, completely above board for everyone else. Enjoy it.
  6. Credit where it is due. Ben edits Hydian Way. It's his and Cam's baby.
  7. Sorry for the delay in getting these up over here, but -- Part IV and the finale, Part V are up and available. We hope you have enjoyed our little adventure in the Grimm lands. There may be more at a future date.
  8. No problem. Glad you like them. Part IV should go up on Friday.
  9. Part III is now available. http://www.madadventurers.com/yalp-ep-33-grimm-a-grimm-adventure-part-iii/ Things have started getting really weird....
  10. Part II of our Grimm Adventure is now live. http://www.madadventurers.com/yalp-ep-32-grimm-a-grimm-adventure-part-ii/
  11. Grimm doesn't get enough love, so we over at The Mad Adventurers Society decided to do a live play for our YALP podcast. Come join us for Part I of our Grimm adventure at http://www.madadventurers.com/yalp-31-grimm-a-grimm-adventure-part-i/ Enjoy!
  12. For those who have trouble visualizing vehicle combat, this may be useful: http://archive.org/details/VisualizingVehicleCombat
  13. Good grief. Just so people can stop going on about it: In my unofficial capacity, I hereby declare the printed stat block for the Sentinel to be an error. It is not an intentional error, but an accidental one, much like the wandering Duros stat block. I have some insight on why it happened, but I'm not going to share that with you as it is not my place to do so. Use the stats in the Beta until you hear otherwise. Move along.
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