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  1. So I'm having a little bit of a problem with my playing group. When I first started Arkham, we were playing with the Base Set and they seemed to really enjoy the game. We didn't win much but we had some fun and played it pretty regularly. Recently I decided to purchase the Innsmouth Expansion. Now we're losing a lot and the games go on longer than usual. Most of the time I feel like I'm the only one who's interest has been kept. We've been playing a lot though, so maybe I'm just burning everybody out. How do I just make it more fun, I guess? I imagine this problem of mine is one others have also experienced.
  2. Anyone actually attempted this feat? I did, and lost against Cthulhu. I wonder if it is actually possible at all to win with just one investigator, and if so, could it be done only with a specific god. I'm just wondering, because it sounds like a challenge for a hardcore Arkham Horror player.
  3. I actually attempted to play the game using only 1 invesitgator. I lost. Miserably, of course.
  4. Well, I've unfortuantely only owned this game for a few days, unlike Doom, which I've had for a year. It takes practice, I guess.
  5. When I meant his modifier, I meant the modifier that lowers whatever roll you roll to save yourself when he attacks you. I don't remember which skill it was, but it got to -4 and I got devoured.
  6. Hey everyone. Hejin here again. Quick question. Since I've opened AH, I've been playing a few two-player games with my bro. Now, we're newbies and all, but we seem to have problems sealing all the gates before the Great Old One awakens. Now, I don't know if we're just doing something wrong, or the game is just hard with 2 people, but I realize we'll automatically lose against GOO like Azathoth. We close gates left and right, but usually we only get about a total of 5 trophies between us before the GOO is released. So far, we barely beat Shub-Niggurath and Yig, but lost against Nyarlhotep because of the fact his modifier was so low I couldn't roll. Any help on my gate problem/question?
  7. Yes.....tackle boxes. Those usually work. Got to go out and buy some. Did that with Doom, so I assume the same would work for AH.
  8. Hejin57

    Doom too hard?

    Most of the time, Doom's difficulty depends. It can be hard at times, usually when the invader player becomes shrewd and spawns hordes in the marine starting area, usually killing a marine or two as well as stalling the group for a few turns. This is mainly based on my experience with the game, which is much more than that with Arkham Horror, since I've owned Doom for over a year. Usually, since I do have the expansion as well, I play the difficulty on Too Young To Die when I'm the invader against my 7-year old brother. But the difficulty of the game, I think, truly depends on the skill of the invader player.
  9. Hejin57

    Doom vs Descent?

    I prefer Doom much more over Descent. While I own Doom and not the latter, I like the whole sci-fi atmosphere in Doom compared to the fantasy one in Descent. Also, I find that Doom is a bit more streamlined and can be played in a shorter amount of time than Descent. But most of my reasons are matters of opinion.
  10. And that shows my inexperience. I didn't even know Glaaki and Y'Golonac were already in the expansions.... Still want Byatis or Dweller In The Gulf though.
  11. Any specific GOO you'd like to see in future expansions? Personally... Basatan The Dweller In The Gulf Byatis(Most of all...) Ghisguth Y'golonac Zushakon Zoth-Ommog Glaaki Chaugnar Faugn
  12. As I am a newbie to Arkham Horror, having only gotten the game Christmas Day, and having played 3 games, 2 of which I won, I might like to say more and more Great Old Ones to fight.
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