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  1. Hey I am having a heck of a time getting the invocation package into my local retailer. Has anyone in Canada received one?
  2. UGH!!! I started a wildfire of awesome discussion just as my logic board died and missed the whole thing
  3. Seriously one out of five??? Just opened and gasped. There is only one female character. What going on? Is there a Ladies of the Wasteland expansion coming out? I have a 3:1 ratio of women to men in my gaming circle. This really make it a tough sell and leaves it on the shelf lonely. I hate lonely games!!!! Most of my gaming is a couples night often with an extra female player. At the very minimum I get two as my wife and one of her friends wants to play, but both made that sour face I've come to dread. Same face as the first time I managed to get a girl to play DND with me only to break it to her that the only difference between a male and female characters was a strength penalty. Come on give me a break. I'll buy a 3 female character expansion.....PLEASE
  4. Raising a topic from the dead but I was enjoying it so without further ado.......Yi-nash-Yog-Sothoth-he-lgeb-fi-throdog-Yah I just bought a new board game for five players with ONE female option. I am one of those very very lucky gaming guys that has a 3 to 1 ratio of women to men in my gaming circle, partly I suspect due to my efforts to give a **** about this kind of nonsense and a players sense of exclusion or disappointment. The 70s and 80s tradition of a token spunky female with low strength and a whip is over. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do, many of the women in my group are not fond of playing male characters. Me I love playing the female as it is novel and I'm never pressed into it. Its a choice. One of my transgendered gaming friends really hates this discrepancy and glares at the piece thinking "OH GREAT THIS AGAIN". It's gonna get less table time because of this seemingly small issue. The game is chosen by me to suit the compliment of attending adventurers. Games like Fury of Dracula (5 players one female) make them sit in mint condition on my shelf, while I weap gothic undead blood tears in all the shadowy places of my crypt rather than fangs beard chasing my friends around Europe. Dracula gets a pass due to story constraints but only just barely. The ratio I always hope for is at least 2:3 female to male options and at least one "Other". Some kind fo monster or rat person? Im not picky but lets try and meet a few more of the archetypal character tropes out there. THANKS AGAIN MANSIONS OF MADNESS TEAM. We are sleeving the game cuz the cards are getting destroyed through use. People, not just women, like options and character choice is often one of the major and sometimes ONLY real decision a game will afford you. I want games that make all my friends feel included and this one always does. I am a practicing psychologist and I know how I feel when I am stuck playing Carolyn Fern. Big scowl! Makes gaming feel like work <Chuckle> Some of the new options are awesome and I can see the ones coming are even more awesome, a wicked cool female combat character. I'm gonna paint it up gorgeous and watch the ladies scramble and argue over who gets to try her first. Chuckle.
  5. I've painted my entire set and I am a big miniatures fan. They are amazingly better than previous sculpts and the plastic is far superior. There has been a steady increase in quality and they seem to have stopped gluing miniatures to bases and just sculpting them to be fully attached. Some of the detail on the previous miniatures was awful!!!!! Sister Mary being one of the worst? Im not sure what sort of haggard old crone with her eyes placed out they modelled her after. Most players can find her mini and due to a distribution error I got two of them. I have two of them painted slightly different for variety and players can never find her the they do they all hold her up for scrutiny and stare with that look of disgust followed by disappointment ending in a shrug. The new stuff has crisp lines and great detail. It's not over the top and its fun to paint. They totally shine out amid their smaller melty faced companions.
  6. New expansion! Streets of Arkham

    Wow I thought I was hardcore. Thats amazing all in one weekend? Its gonna take me a month or two to finish them all once.
  7. New expansion! Streets of Arkham

    Spoilers Wow we go no hounds and no Cthonians. It was all skeletons and star vampires. Those vampires are super upsetting!!!!!
  8. Aw man!!! When does the next expansion come out....... Just kidding.
  9. NICE THE NEW SCENARIOS SEEM TO MAKE GOOD USE OF INFLUENCE. I withdraw my complaint. My poor wife failed an influence roll and......well I wont spoil it for you but it did not make her game go well. Once I'm through these a few times ill update my spoiler menu. You really should play em a few times without looking at this. I use it only for planning games around the players I have.......Ooo oooo there were enough puzzles that everyone at the table got one. That's amazing in a 4 players game.
  10. New expansion! Streets of Arkham

    I had my Mansions of madness expansion fully painted and played within 36 hours of its release. All I gotta do is ink them and finish the bases. My whole set is fully painted. WOOOT! Nail biting finish on astral Alchemy!!!!! We noticed a typo and some of the descriptions were vague and the multiple choice decisions unclear. STILL THAT WAS A GREAT ADVENTURE!!!! Kate Winthrop- Toyed with the undead Marie Labeaux- Amazing spell casting Tommy Muldoon- Went insane on the last turn and ate Becky Finn Edwards- Finished the mission without getting wounded or striking a single blow. ;P Totally crazy though..
  11. New expansion! Streets of Arkham

    One LARGE Two medium then two of each small <Skeletons and mobster> You also get four new investigators. <BEGIN RANT HERE> When you place them next to your other mins and leave the room I suspect it will be much like the beginning of toy story and all the other minis will be crushed and heartbroken to see that the new minis have actual details on them are made of better plastic, not that old chewing gum stuff and are sculpted into WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more dynamic poses. I'm worried about the George Harrison bob wearing "Hey I'm in the open pass the ball" zombies will just seppuku on the spot followed shortly after by the "flat faced sexy devil halloween costume with no muscle definition" goat spawn....Then of course the "I do all my evil druid stuff in this bathrobe" guys.......Blech those suck so bad..... The poor ghosts and zombies compared to the pirates looking skeletons are a sad sight to see and I bought the transparent upgrade for the ghosts. ISN'T A DARK DRUID BASICALLY JUST A CULTIST OF SOME SORT??? Seriously??? Did I need those guys? Have you seen how many cultists I have? <END RANT, REJOIN REALITY> Ok I'm back., It looks great. I'm painting so fast that I stabbed myself in the chin with an exacto cleaning up the almost NON existent flashing. Thanks for the quality.....WOOOOOOOOT Happy days and the gangsters are wicked cool!!!!!
  12. New expansion! Streets of Arkham

    I just got my new boxed set yesterday. Everything is primed and ready for paint. I'm going to try and have it all at the good enough stage, three colours no ind and a few details by game time tonight. Its Friday morning. I've got two kids, a 2-liter bottle of Shasta and my all Rush mix tape. Let's rock!!!!!!
  13. I bought a new street texture roller to do the minis. Im aiming at having them all don't before the first game. Its gonna be a tight one. Im gonna hold off playing for as long as I can.
  14. Wow Maniacs. Thats a nice touch and thanks so much for the help. I can't wait for some new adventures.
  15. Its just not a stat that comes up often enough nor does it seem to have a very large impact other than fighting ghosts. Coulda been called ghost busting. Im always sorta shocked when there is a character to dialog with and how seldom influence is used. If I made a character Id be hard pressed to put more than a 2 or three in it. Some guys with it maxed out and anyone with an interact with others power is sorta of a odd duck in this game. We've seen guys grab the high influence character and usually they feel shafted at the end. Most are left asking what that stat is even for. I wish every or most NPCs would have a favourable outcome if an influence roll is made. What would you use looming horror to describe? As for the birthday present element, I agree for the first two plays. I play this one often and have completed all the adventures 2-10 times. At this point I am more in need of a good menu to select the right adventure for the right night with friends. The difficulty rating is sorta of subjective. We've strolled through a 5 and crashed into a 2. We ended up doing the Gates of Silverwood Manor. There was some good fights, one puzzle and NO INFLUENCE rolls despite there being a person to talk that. That being said we also did not manage to achieve the good ending. The Cult of Sentinel Hill (Combat Heavy, Puzzle light, Investigation extra light, NO influence) Cycle of eternity (Short balanced scenario with mid range exposure to all elements of the game even a smattering of decoy stat) Escape from Innsmouth (Puzzle light, Investigation moderate, combat moderate strategy based investigation with one extremely low influence use) Shattered Bonds Rising Tide (Extremely Long investigation focused adventure, moderate to high puzzles, with very little use of the influence stat) Gates of Silverwood Manor (Combat limited puzzles and low to no influence use) Vengeful Impulses Dearly Departed (Combat bases scenbario with a time limit. Heavy combat and barricade usage) What Lies Within Dark Reflections