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  1. My 3d Printed pieces just arrived. Woot. I primed them within minutes and am diving in there with the paint. They look good. There is definitely 3d printing ridges but it's to be expected. The price was not out of the world and they arrived in good shape. I'll post a few painted images.
  2. I'm making four decks for a big weekend demo of the game with friends and am noticing that many of the example mystic decks have forbidden knowledge. We used to put this in the deck and use it for knowledge checks. It got dumped so often we too stopped putting it in there at all in favour of anything else.......Im thinking I'm missing the angle? Does everyone have more sanity than they know what to do with? Trading a sanity for two resources feels a lot more balanced than one for one. Like trading a gold bar for magic beans? Sanity is just too valuable or am I missing something?
  3. So if I am asked to discard from hand or deck I can in fact end up dumping weaknesses? Oh dear. I've been shuffling them all back in just like when I pull the weakness during initial draw.
  4. We had another game just the other night and had great luck with upgrades and advances. Still took 3.5 hours to finish the first mystery and we lost all four characters. I regularly find this game is extremely long and impossible to complete. Is this just me? are there strategies that give the players some control or is it a despair filled game of pachinko?
  5. Im just not able to understand this one. Can I ever discard a weakness? If a card asks me to discard cards from my deck, for instance?
  6. To be honest Lovecraft is a bit of a dry read. A good read but very dated. If you are looking to get a good grounding in the universe I suggest the Fantasy flight Arkham novels. They flesh out the characters and explain the different regions quite well. I didn't buy the expansions since I owned them all fro the first edition. Sadly I donate know what it is not not have it all because of this. If you want to get into Lovecraft the colour out of space was one of my favourites. Dagon is a must. When you are ready for something longer The Call of Cthulhu is sure to please. I also have a soft spot for the rats i the walls (Be ready for some racism). Good writer, not the most tolerant. I think he was pretty much afraid of everyone.
  7. Wow that is super creative. Good call!!!!!
  8. I own it all and have painted and based them all. I'd say its worth it but my son's middle name is lovecraft and I have cthulhu statues allover my house so I'd say I'm biased. The DLCs are good too.
  9. I just ordered some printed plastic models to replace explore tokens with doors and also some cool barricades. I also got the bookcases and the 3d secret hatch/sewer grate tiles. I hope this does not suck Gonna be fun to paint I hope. Im planning to make one of the bookcases into a wall segment that opens on a pivot bar. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY GLAMMING UP OF BOARD GAME.
  10. ARGH!!!!!! This must be the curse of Dagon. Those damnable eyes that stare so deep and rotten into my very patience. Prodding and tormenting at me with its amazingly slow boat. I'm jonesing guys get me some Arkham Horror Files gaming products ASAP!!!!! As an aside I broke out my copy of Chaosium's Arkham Horror and we gave it another whirl......DOES NOT STAND TEST OF TIME!!! Such memories we once shared ye olde sh@$$y board game of my youth. Wow some of those were better when I was 14.
  11. We messed up the first mission "cycle of eternity" rules and barricaded the front door. That was super valuable and totally not within the rules....
  12. Has anyone tried the Fan made scenarios and if so how did you go about getting them printed?
  13. Woot I can upload photos again. I'm making them ultra small so I can hopefully put a few up every so often. AutographMOM.jp2 Hmmmm it wont display.....Its there though. THE PROOF!!!
  14. Wow Soakman that might have bee a great power for the handyman free barricading. I kinda like the steals an attack run too, makes it have some possible value, maybe it should eat the move and the action. Then that would probably make it worthwhile? One hitpoint per player would probably stop the zombies forever. We are going to try some of these house rules next game and see how they work.
  15. I'm crying inside and it appears that Gerald Zodd is working for the Martense Kin and their gangrenous malevolent printing press that also vexes me so .