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  1. So what is everyone doing with the strangely shaped and sized boxes that are being released with the "Return to" kits? Very pretty but not very practical. <shrug> Too small a pair of shoes but with two boxes perhaps my converse would like their own Lovecraftian themed homes to stink in? Sadly I cant find a nice way to store my cards in them. Creative ideas anyone?
  2. OK Im having a hard time getting the new characters off the ground with their stats of one. I keep getting stuck with a a encounter card I cant shake. They seem like glass cannons good for games with a high player count or am I missing something?
  3. Did you change anything? I was reading it and getting ready to run it. Then I saw the character level and was pretty choked
  4. Adventure path sounds great. Terrinoth is still poorly developed. I would love one based around the haunted house from descent.
  5. Sadly the Haunted city is for character that have quite a few advancements already. I was gong to start there but would have to ask players to prematurely advance their characters or use the pre gens making it a lousy starting point. Whats wrong with a nice starter adventure. No xp. Something like N4 the 0-1 level ADND"Treasure Hunt" adventure. What a great jumping off point. I've run it 4 times and its lead to crazy adventures that were all totally different. One time we got from there to Freeport because of the free viking longship... ?
  6. Im not meaning to rain on anyone's parade. Im glad for anyone that has a campaign going. Any of the standard you enter a tavern/town/castle and a guy/gal/princess/town drunk gives you a lead are fine quest is fine. I want something that has about 5-7 scenes that are well written to showcase the genesys systems with notes on how to run each one, one challenge for each part of the genesys system getting incrementally more difficult. I don't want to be building a story on the fly, riffing off the players while I have my nose in a rule book checking over and over again to make sure we are doing it right. One example adventure is great and from there all of us will have good grounds to stand on. Please tell me I'm not the only GM that feels this way. WARNING SPOILERS!!! I've run the Call of Cthulthu haunted house with the guy in the wall with a magic knife like 10 times because it gives players and GMs a way to start off not cuz its great but because it showcases the system. (Skill checks, investigation, clue interpreting, horror checks, combat and magic.) It's perfect and leaves people wanting more. Scene one: How to do a skill check and roll dice Scene two: small combat with some element of the Terrinoth world showcased Scene three: Social combat Scen four: magic usage And so on......Many will suggest I should write my own. Im a 41 year old man with two kids and a psychology practice. I'm lucky to get enough time to think my own thoughts. The lack time for RPGS in peoples lives is where stuff like Time Stories , Mythos tales and 7th continent have run to the rescue, RPGs with easy setup, startup and ready to go story. If they want something to take off they need a "crutch" adventure to give people the grounding they need. We all learn to crawl before we walk and then run, rpgs are the same. When I buy a new system the first thing I do is look at what support is there and for this game its amazingly sparse. Ive waited and waited and what we got is a very very short monster manual in card form. Neat but not the hole that needs filling. A nice starting adventure for newb GMs and players gets the ball rolling and from there as with all RPGs the sky is the limit.
  7. Thats right a crutch for people to get into the system till they learn to walk and later run.
  8. Sorry all. I'm not trying to be a troll...? The cards are neat, but I have no idea why Fantasy Flight would start with cards and not provide a starter adventure?? I stare at my genesys books (X2) and dice sets (X2) collecting dust not because it didn't have enough cards but because there was no way to ease myself the GM or players in. There is one high level convention adventure but nothing else? I've been GM'ing for 27 years. Always start with an adventure instead of a gimmick. I really hope something is coming soon cuz I'm losing interest fast. After the first adventure most teams can find their way on their own. I still own the EVERWAY RPG. Its a dead game now. It had tons and tons of cards and no adventures. HOL dead now had no adventures but was awesome even without cards. Even Tunnels and Trolls came with Buffalo Castle. Sorry guys I think you are missing the boat on this one. It doesn't have to be great, just have one scene for each basic mechanic and a few plot hooks that people can take off on. Its about learning how to play before trying to use it to create on the fly. Murphy's world also had no adventures, neat game and neat idea. I've got tons of em. They sit on shelves in my cabinet with the others, while not as cool better supported games have the spines worn out of them by excited players. My friends were going to order their books. I told them to hold off and wait. We are waiting and hoping. It looks neat. Ive got a heck of a big *** collection and the longest lasting ones all have adventures. The weird fringe stuff that dies off and sits in this nerd's tickle trunk all have the lack of adventures in common. This is not the only thing they have in common but it is a major one. SJ's Bunnies and Burrows was a gas. Some great ones like Ghostbusters RPG die even with adventures so its not a for sure deal but it sure helps. GMs are what make an RPG popular not players and not gimmicks. We do the work and we hold the events and we plan late in the night. Give us the tools we need and ask for. Please release a decent starter.
  9. Ok so I just phoned and complained to Asmodee. I also suggested that an industry standard sized card box would of made so much more sense, and been a real treat. I was a little harsh but the guy on the phone helped me compose the complaint and make it more reasonable sounding, great guy. 855-382-8880 will get you someone you can tell about your experience of the "premium box and eighteen divider cards to house your complete Night of the Zealot campaign, keeping your treasured cards safe as you duck into dark alleys and dodge attacks from the things that lurk in Arkham's shadowed streets." that came with the add on. If we ran down alleys and ducked with our cards in that box it would be like having them in a rock tumbler. They would be everywhere. My current Arkham Horror LCG is in two foldable long boxes with dividers that fit the card slots. Why couldn't it have been that??? Sorry I have no idea where the grey is coming from.
  10. I see it. Thanks...Its a beautiful box. I wish it had been the zip off a standard card storage box. I would love some nicely decorated boxes in standard sizes for this game. My set takes up two double width card boxes already.
  11. Its kinda junk no matter how you slice it. Im using folding white cardboard card boxes from the store. Putting on campaign in a single box makes no sense cuz you use the cards in other campaigns....Just poor planning. Not sure if the guys or gals who thought that one up even play this game??? Might have been put there to make it lookalike a value added element to boost price without actually adding value???
  12. It's like they didn't know what size their own games was going to be, what a useless box??? The box is certainly going to end up in my kids room fill with hot wheels cuz its clearly not meant for cards? Dear FFG next time use a ruler???
  13. K so we screwed up twice. It totally does say that all spenders have to be on the same spot which makes those sinkholes a real pain. We had Minh and Rolland so the clues were flying off fast. My Rolland is outfitted with art students. Once I get my clue vacuum going its tough to stop em. We did end up running with only 4 XP though so its not like it was a total breeze.
  14. Thanks guys. I think I can do this. 3 players per table is what i'm aiming for and separate rooms but very close.
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