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  1. the S-Foils on a B-Wing enacted the chance to rotate the starfighter around the cockpit giving it an enhanced stability in bombing action, and a extraordinary precision in it. This was never truly used, nor in EU nor in films. So it remained only a way to mount two more guns and to gain more speed at expence of firepower. In Legends, B-Wing rapidly go phasing out for the enormous ratio of problem of his design. It is powerfull and all, but it also give a lot of problem that was judged as is death cause. later, the decomissioned b-wings, came to aftermarket, and were the basis to some of most successfull uglies, as one, the Deathraven which fully exploited the collar
  2. they paid Lucasfilm, to be able to use ALL of them. So I am sure that they have stored in their hard disk the digital version of all starships and snubfighter ever created for star wars and a lot of other things. So they surely are ready to product in any direction Developers would go.
  3. I would like, really, to be able to *share my custom format with other players *be able to set the type of upgrade slot for every single ship. In this way I could have a Force User Marek Steele or a Force User Corran Horn, and others. *be able to design new card. In this way I could play with the Expanded Univers/Legends stuff I like so much but I understand have little way to market nowaday. Thanks, and continue with the good job!
  4. that and the Otana, YT2000 (and all the YT series, for Scum and Rebels, please... and the Stormtrooper Transport, and the ATRs...)
  5. standing this link https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=26b517cc-1528-4fba-8d5a-378e14033040&jobId=251494&lang=en_US&source=CC3&ccId=19000101_000001 from two weeks ago (on the verge of the publication of X-wing 2.0, if one would note it) FFG started to seek a new Marketing Manager. and this https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=26b517cc-1528-4fba-8d5a-378e14033040&jobId=252326&lang=en_US&source=CC3&ccId=19000101_000001 is for their new Warehouse Administrator, from 5 days ago. It looks to me, that some heads have already fallen, or are very like to fall soon...
  6. The mess was up only when the single shops make chaos with their preorder. If you closed it in the endline fixed you did get the stuff without any problem. If you make bad costumer caring decision as retailer you could not make them up to the supplier. Most of flgs give xwing as per dead game long before may, when they won't able to mantain alive the local community, because ruined tournament basically thinking that with the only official kit the job was done. Resulting in the unsatisfactory experiences for casual players and to pro players because the events turn out to be shallow as the "usual" magic the gathering draft... which xwing minitures is not and could never and should never be. Players should come back home happy, whuchever they win or they loose. Or they will not come back again.
  7. With 30+ years of experiences I would say that communities are built by the front men in the stores and organizing official events more than the mere game format. A wrong one could make a bad job made by the bad crew worse, but no good format could improve it. A shopkeeper must know how to do his job. And if and when to take the risks. Communities die when those people lack initiative and drive to animate the show. Because the tournament ARE a show. A good sport match. To which people must be seduced. To many shopper seat down on their back, a defeated demeanor depressing any chance to make something work if it would require too much commitment from them
  8. It's me or, they missed to include the Quick Build for Luke Skywalker in the last pdf?
  9. They already are there. Search for the pdf on support page
  10. it is happened to me too, and I discovered why. The process of printing was done with a humid cardboard, that dissolved the lyer of glue that compact the card lyers making up the solid board itself. It was a mistake of the chinese printer, to run the job in quite swift time. And make me a very much not satisfied costumer. With multple care I was able to avoid damages, but this careless quality control left my trust in FFG/Asmodee very injured. Since the coming of Asmodee these mistakes and error multiplied.
  11. In Tie Fighter Game there were an abyss between T/A and T/D. First: speed. Second: Manovreability. Then: Firepower. Last: Shields strenght. Oh, the warhead payload, and acceleration too, were on T/D side. T/D was so perfect, as a Starfighter, that when it came the multiplayer era, it would "nerfed" to not overstretch his superiority on Rebels design. I have used the old statistics of T/D from TIE Fighter Game (Gods! videogames of that age and their editability!) in a multiplayer fight and being myself a medium skill pilot I would able to fight a complete squadron of A-Wings manned by most capable pilots... the same case were against the T/A, which have some **** blind spots when you go on them from down or up slash, and are less agile in flanking turn. The most good news is that both T/A and T/D are coming back to canon. T/D has just arrived thanks to Rebels. T/A will be come next as the predecessor of TIE Silencer, which you could note is quite the same lines of a TIE Advanced as depicted in the pc games.
  12. During 1.0 era I made an homemade expansion for Azzameen Family and Viraxo Combine (and converted/refitted/scratched build the ships) and played for fun with friends. It was an all scum and villany war. And was one of the happyest moment of xwing gameplay. I plan to redo again for 2.0
  13. The problem with t47 are that his engines burn fuel with an ossidation reaction. No oxigen and the engine die. It is an airspeeder. Most of starfighter have a fusion/fission power source, and a ion flux/plasm core power system which give them the punch to boast shield and navy grade weapons. Clone Wars era starfighter and most of air and ground based weapon are just blaster cannons. When we come to true starfighter we have high power laser cannon, with ranges of tens of clicks, and turbolaser, which deliver more heavy shots on targets. By the way in legends some T47 were effectively modified through Cloackshape Starfighter spare parts to be space capable. But those were almost Uglies for it was more a rebuilt than a refit
  14. E-wing is iconic for the New Republic in legend. Introduced at the time of Dark Empire Crisis, and after the second (third?) time NW lost Coruscant to Warlords and Imperials, it suffered of the innefficient way democracy runs the Military. The standard plot for the NWR proved a disaster in building ships unable ti replace the Mc 80a, turning at last on a redesign of ISD to cover the setbacks. The Ewing was an experiment to mix the best qualities of awing and xwing. They obtained a speediest craft, armed heavyly (with 1.5 the torpedoes load of an ex wing). Han Solo himself as a last gift to his generalship developed the main upper gun (equivalent in fire power to a single ship turbolaser, the heavyest gun every mounted on a starfighter). Hovever e-wing costed lots of credits, mainly because his r7 integrated astromech which was necessary to keep it together and not self desctruct as the orrible gig made of superpowered single elements. Only the finest pilots could make up to the challenge to master this beast and when dust settled down and New Republic was again seated in Coruscant the military asked for an improvement in more stable xwing lineage for unit-on-the-line. During Yuzhan Vong War, e-wing still was there as a bunch of old stuff in a general disaster for the military of the New Republic. The prophecy of weakness as per grand admiral Thrawn statement decades before provec true... the Reoublic fell for the inability of a democracy made of too many opposed point of view to come to a strong military doctrine and civilian governance. Only from the purge of this failure a more militant and well organized Galactic Alliance could do what was necessary to do. Fight back as the Empire would
  15. Some Legends/EU stuff like Isanne Ysarde and Mara Jade do not make to be in the conversion kit. As such Marek Steel still is not a Force User (and he is, and an Emperor's Hand too..) and Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn... or Jan Ors... you know. There is a chance to have that stuff back? A lot of legends chars are still in... why throw away those?
  16. yuppie. they are in maintenance XD we were able to blow the Death Star at the first hour!
  17. On east coast there are about 7.40 am now. People has to start his working day shift yet. I presume they keep a standard backoffice hours. So they will start working around 9.00 am. A good procedure require time. So I do not think ther would be the app uploaded until 12.00 am us east cost time zone (with a +4 hours of variance if the office that is on it is more westward). So be calm and go easy. Fly casual u.u
  18. Maybe there could be some problems with the incoming hurricane. A lot of airoports closed on the east coast
  19. We have got our preorders last thursday. I have prepared my ships for tomorrow evening event today. Preorder in my local shop. It depend and varies on local regional distribution. In continental europe they seem to be very fast.
  20. the bunch of toxic elements had gone with the wind, leaving in play people who love star wars and boardgame for fun and fair play competitive match. That and the most impressive work done with policing the game back and front have give a big shot on the fan to play it and to the easyness to introduce new players (who do no feel themselves as little fish throw to hungry sharks anymore...) So the game here has had a healthy start, with the right people. And a most healthy run out of the block for the wrong one (who are now without a victime-game... nor FFG nor GW or other types...) I only fear that when they will see a lot of people play with XWing 2.0 they could think to come back and make trouble again...
  21. sorry guys, but you should be a bit patient... It is 12th september now in Rome, Italy, and we are +7 hours time zone for your US east coast. So You have to expect at least 36 hours at least...
  22. Asmodee is an EU company, maybe they will use the Paris Meridian as official time XD
  23. a lot of legend reference in that video. The admiral is Prince Admiral Delak Krennel, the vesting pilot in briefing room is Turr Phennir... such good time they where, before darkness... before Kennedy, and Disney...
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