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  1. perhaps the production is based in china, and currently there are severe consequences in this. there is a commercial war now.
  2. they said that the ace expansions will not reprinted. So no Imperial/Rebel Aces, and no Heroes of Resistance and so on.
  3. I scanned the whole thread before posting, so I am very sorry if this is a question already made. I am planning my purchases, and in this is very important to me consider a factor: the conversion kits will be available forever or they are just a limited production for the launch of the 2nd Edition, available until exausted?
  4. as a matter of measures ratio wide:lenght: standard blueprint = 1:1.91 (1600 m/830m) FFG model = 1:1.47 shorter of a 23%
  5. and what if one simply measure movement with a tape-meter as per common wargames? The template saves from arguments about measures (endemical in every wargame played by not fair gamers...) but with a bit of education, one should be needing its help
  6. well, I expected untile 7 jenuary, the date of first deliveries on 2009, but nothing... and it is still out of print. I argue they prefer hit the shell with new games before reprint old ones, but I wonder if I will not do better to buy it on e-bay and so on... I'm quite tired to waste my time so.
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