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  1. it the same reason for some cry about Rebel Alliance, and here in Rome, IT, I actually have never loss with it, using a big ship moreover... It's all in the personal experience of the game - non enough to make a smooth analysis of the balance.
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    Moldy Crow

    One reason for not giving the Moldy Crow title to scum HWK 290, it is the origin of this statement: a previous pubblication from the Wizard of the Coast, before the Star Wars Lincense was bought by FFG. Most of WOC products were similar to those now published by FFG, and today some are competitors. Space was another reason: the kit was very full fitted with other stuff, and there was a limit to what put in the cardboard, and cards, so they concentrated in the most iconic actual products. Meanwhile, on ebay, you could find the card easily for less than 1 or 2 euros (or 5 dollars if you are in US) - so there is not so dramatic tragedy in this.
  3. To paint a miniature is an acquired pleasure. To me it is quite a meditation art, that relax myself as no other can. But to many of my fellows it is hard duty, and they can put themselves on it. So they give their model to me to paint, for a nice cash to earn and I am more relaxed and with some bucks in my wallet to buy more miniature to paint. u.u all in all it is a win-win situation, to me.
  4. every ship should have full range pilot skill from 1 to 5, with unique pilots the only over 4. And lots of discounted point prices for low skill to non unique pilots, even more if their ship has not any special abilities... Since now they are quite doing good.
  5. A more direct way to do this is design a new dial associating shield and laser power up to maneuvers similar to epic play energy points
  6. HWK, YV, and YT are all freighter series from the Corellian Engeneering Corporation.
  7. That was because some of Incom Engeneers were sent to Kessel. There they were bought by H&K who used them as slave worker (same history of the developing of ME.262 in WWII) until they were freed by Alliance Commandos and joined the Rebellion. They gave the design of T60 to the Rebels then joined the ranks of Freitek to produce the E-wing
  8. The great misfit of this game is to fix to much ships and upgrade to faction. Expanded Universe was more "liquid" in approach. In her beginning the Rebel Alliance uses whatever they can scrounge buy get ... or steal ... from Old Republic, Uglies, Separatist Alliance, Empire. When they became the New Republic started to issue standards. And were practically annihilated by the Vong. The Empire used initially a lot of old rep vintage, then issue the fallimentary doctrines which after Thrawn get efficiently reformed. The rest of the galaxy did more or less what they wanted. This game needs to free ships, giving them a pilot slot for upgrade cards dedicated to the characters and their piloting skills.
  9. I collected the ships, because they were the best on that scale (finally something that as sold is to the highest grade, and not some product of the '80s) But I played few, very particulary tuned, and long elucubrated scenarios with friends. The main reason was we were afraid to damage models. They are big and not so easy to fix as a starfighter in case of some little damage. They fall in the same range of some big resin model for wargame. They costed you too much to risk 'em without a second thought. And you are happy to enjoy them on the shelf, well protected from dust and damages. The only two which saw extensive use were the C-ROC and the Gozanti Cruiser (two version of the same ship class if you know the background). They are truly solid and resistant, and compact and take easyly the stress of the duty during transport and play. The game were fun. But they were also special days organized to catch up with very dear and old friends: we would enjoy every other activity, because the company involved. There vere good sized matches, that occupied us for full afternoons and often after dinner. Mostly they where an optional choice when we had less will to play Armada, which has bored my group quite rapidly (we were and remain fierce adepts off BFGs, and used for decades the Star Wars mod of it, and today we think it is a far superior gameplay).
  10. i suspect that RZ2 have rotating guns, so there would be a main difference. Other minor different lines in the model could be traced. RZ1 is more... "round", a nice little chubby fighter. RZ 2 seems more thinner and light.
  11. there is hope here to get the plugin for the upgrade cards. Can you confirm it as a WIP?
  12. downloaded the plugin and having working 100% correctly.
  13. The colour of the symbol denotes whose Vigo is. The Black One is the most rare and noble because belong to Prince Xizor. On Corellia the yellow one is the symbol of Durga the Hutt.
  14. No they take off mod slot on awing tiedefender and fang. No other change in my sight. Now i have to run to catch the bus... if some one locate other changes could mark them here?
  15. They published today the update to point cost pdf. A lot of starfighter lost mod slot
  16. If only they evidenced changes colouring them as per every faq in this world they will make me very happy. I could not see if my list is still legal and now i have to go to play in 30 minute on the other side of Rome. They complicate my life when they do thiz >~<
  17. The simple fact is that "Tie Advanced" was the name of the Project under which Tie/Ad from X1 to X5 were produced from the initial design provided from Darth Vader for personal use to the machine used briefly by the Empire for line units. The most successfull units was the Avenger Squadron who passed to X5 from the modified TIE Interceptor with shields and hyperdrive refits. With the mutiny of Grand Admiral Zaarin most of TIE Ad factories were destroyed and the newest starfighter mostly remained at his sole disposal. Admiral Thrawn gained the prototypes of Tie Defender (officially Tie Ad x6 and x7) which were instrumental to hunt down Zaarin, but become themselves a menace to front which he developed the Missile Boat and her SLAM drive tactics. In this regard old canon allow a lot of latitude for models and rules. Hystorically Lucasarts has several big problems in rendering the model for the graphic limits of the time, and the advent of multiplayer reality imposed a strong reduction of stats for Tie Adv and Def, both of which were scaled down first from Tie fighter game to xw vs tf and again from this to xwing alliance. This produced divergent informations in canon which only with the creation of wizards of the coast roleplay for star wars were setted down, by Lucasfilms itself intervention. Actually to understand the correct power balance for those fighter you should experience them in xwa.
  18. Lucas related the fact to the lost of body parts, with their load of midichlorians. It is also stated plainly in more parts of Expanded Universe that to be a full master in the Force one has to be mostly... whole... and organic. So the cyborg Darth Vader was not fully able to develop his true power.
  19. The fact that after the mutilation Anakyn loses a lot of power was stated by George Lucas. Before he was potentially twice the power of Darth Sidious. After he was only 80% of his power in the Force. It is stated in the commentary track of Episode III. There it is stated that Luke (and Leia) were only one half of original power level of Anakyn. The Chosen One was extraordinary in every sense
  20. citing C3p0... "Oh my"... That a grossolane mistake in the canon... We shall see the cards and how they implemented it... (by the way there were just one of that ship...)
  21. I experimented Whisper, Darth Vader, and Tomax Bren, using as per crew 0-0-0 and BT-1. I having a lot of fun on it. I do not intend they are the most powerfull, but those two clunkies are a pair of their own kind once you can be used to their role. You have to tone down the upgrades both on Whisper and Vader, by the way, so the rely more on your skill as a gamer to be effective.
  22. the problem is, Anakyn Skywalker was more Force powerfull than Darth Vader... How to rend it? generally speaking, the argument here are valid: less shield (except for Y-Wing and ARC 170), more armour, less speed, more agility. We have the same difference that exist from fighters and bombers of the I World War and II World War. With the mixed age in the middle (not all powers in II WW have the best in the line, a lot of '20 and '30 years were still on duty and phased out during the war, exactly as was the case for a lot of starfighters and starships during the Rebellion). The Alliance work on antiques was to strenghten their firepower, strip armour to gain speed and maneuvrabilty, and to ad Astromech to reduce manpower. Repubblic Y-Wing hosted Astromech, gunner, pilot, and bomber crew - Alliance go with pilot and astromech only. And by the way during Clone War, Y-Wing is closer to medium bomber than to fighter-bomber or pure bomber roles, and it is twice the size of an X-Wing for this reason. The true difference stand in the crew: Clones are best then average pilots in both Rebels and Empire starfighter commands. They are finely trained and were the same skill of Jango Fett, who was an ace capable of fight with success and experienced Jedi Master as Obi Wan Kenobi, with the Force at his side. By the converse, the Droid, defect in skills, and were lacking in many ways - they amend this with numbers and missiles firepower (and with maneuvre impossible to biological beings). Do not forget that the Sith were not on Confederacy in any official capacity. Ventress has a role but she was not a true Sith. So I do not think we will se any of the Sith Infiltrator at least they do the same on Darth Maul than they have done on Scum and Villany Conversion Kit. There are a lot of subfaction in Clone Wars: Mandalorians, Hutt, Black Sun to name a few, a very fertile ground. We shall see... The galaxy are going to be bigger and better in the next future. And that is good for X-Wing Miniature Game.
  23. Evaluate cost fighter vs fighter from two different factions is nonsense. They are balanced with all the entries of their faction. It is not a simple and direct matter but a multilayer reasoning that decide the point value. There are builds for all ships now. The only changes truly needed are up way in points for some choices that in all factions are far too efficient ruining the whole game reducing the scope and the variances of list building. Since now there are imho very minor necessities in that order of duty. The game is mostly fine as it is.
  24. I mean asteroids and so on of non epic origini. And i mean in offucial ffg supported event and the store championship
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