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  1. only the Compnor was able to pack a such toll of nonsense in his propaganda. Do you made an intern with Armand Isard? My job is usually connected con material still used in that era of astronautical progress. Many relics out there are still in stable orbit (the Vela Satellites just to name one, and the instruments left on the moon which are CONTINUOUSLY used since the '60). Those who live up to this cospiracy theory are just very misinformed non cultured ... people.
  2. Just a question, for the first equation... the problem issued a Fourier's transformation for getting what gain on the information of the system? The Hamiltonian has an Heisenberg invariant form, so it is obvious che every value that the physical system could take are fixed at initial time and the system status is a mixed status of several eigenvalue. That said to affirm that every language whatever complex has a meaning and could be reduced in plain words accessible to everyone. So exist the chance to make xwing 2.0 without implement any ban list. You get it working around victory conditions (scenarios) and making the building of a single list autowinning in all match impossible. Being creative it is a good solution. Being lazy and mutilating the game it is not.
  3. I have the proverbial bad feeling about this. It would not necessary to be a genious to understand that a talent as him should never, ever, would be lost by a company. No way.
  4. Just two words. Thank you. This will surely strike a hit where it hurts most
  5. By the way there is a curious indicator that the Vong are the less popular choice possible. Of all EU the books with them are the absolute primate or less pirated one by illegal download. People do not want them, not even if they came gratis XD! I really do not believe there would be so much people who would put their money on them.
  6. I was thinking more to some of the brainless one. Such Hyrogens or Keezon, from Star Trek Voyager... the worst ones
  7. Better having them in Legion or Armada. Personally I hate their concept ang consider their introduction one of the gravest mistakes of EU. They were to much taken from the first years of this century feeling about War against Terror. They did not sounded as Star Wars, but like some minor bad villain race of Star Trek
  8. This talking is too much similar to the one at the end of the 5th edition of warhammer 40000. After three edition games workshop still has not recovered from the mistakes of tournament management done in those years. Xwing has taken a gut punch at the end of first edition here in italy for the tournament scene was impregnable by new players who avoided the game, letting merchandise dead on the shelves. Now in 2.0 things are moving slowly. Both shop owner and costumer are diffident and only the passion behind star wars brand move the purchase. A lot of grudge is coming against disney for discontinuing EU. A lot more to some strange aesthetic choices in the last films. People here love old classics. Love Vader, Han Solo, Boba Fett, the Empire. We are very sceptic and do not like to feel ourselves treated as cows to milk. We want products that will be valuable over the time and not discharged for marketing reasons. For those reasons huperspace here is tollerated barely as a forced choice from above to resent
  9. Quite correct But historically sw made the true big money with merchandise in the long run and but tfa and tlj undeperformed grossly on that point of view. I am not telling that internet whiner are right, only that I fear that some time in the future they will discontinue whole range by econlmics reason. I am a space marine player in warhammer 40000 tabletop game. I have seen how the primaris projected dark shadows on thr furure of my regulare marine. I do not desire they would cancel a whole collection of models only because they were from Legends in Xwing. And Hyperspace create big fears in that sense.
  10. It has been stated the skywalker family arc will end with this last episode. So its clear that there will be nothing more about Resistance and First Order timeline. What do you think that will mean for xwing?
  11. Hyperspace make me and my friends decide to not go to any official tournament this season, and concentrate time and money of my groups of fellow star wars fans in the more rewarding campaign of star wars roleplay game. It taste too much the way Magic and other cards game are to be appealing.
  12. Because they are built to be solid industrial tools for hard work, not fancy toy to make one feel cool.
  13. Clone Wars quite polarized the scene: those who were neutral, were the criminal syndacates such the Hutts Five Families, the Pykes, and the Black Sun. Most of them merged briefly in the Shadow Collective under ther returned Darth Maul. Some pacifist flocked around Mandalore, represented by Duchess Satin (and that explain why so much of Scum today, fly on board MandalMotors design). Oh! And there would be the Deathwatch - and their ships... MOST appealing. All in all, it should very nice to be a Scum in Clone Wars. By the way is the period of the Young Booster Terrik Adventures, of Jorj Cardas (aka the clone of Lucas in Legends XD), and the young Taalon Karrde. Yeah, there is a lot to be fished...
  14. As you could find in the "Upcoming" up in the forum page, there is no trace of this product. So you can be sure that in the windows of at least 1 year there will not be any news of this product. And you surely will not be able at least for two years.
  15. Historically, FFG has never had cheap products. This is one reason for it is still on the market - and have a quite extensive range. The Reccomended Retail Price, by the way, is one thing, the final price you pay is another: online, ebay, and at convention markets you can get heavy discount. I have bought Lando Falcon for 20 euro (aka a little bit more than 20 us dollars) having the patience to search and wait. I would never pay full price for something do not seduce me totally (aka the CR-90 or the Super Star Destroyer) having a majestic appeal per se. And, standing I have already 6 ARC 170 from Rebel Alliance, and I am in the works to repaint them for Clone Wars, you see that if the new model is not very appealing they will never have my money for it. But if they should but out a bigger Y-Wing, or a very bigger B-Wing they will be hit by my wallet so swift that they could need E.R. assistance.
  16. they have a mix. They learned during WWI and endured after. Search for the company: Bloch, Dewoitine, Potez, Amiot, Breguet, Latecoere, Liore et Holivier. Those are the first ones who came to my mind. Some of the machines were quite good in the interwar period, but they ceased to improve them, and find that the enemy have not. The same of US fighters, which were rapidly improved by experiences from Eu Front volunteers and Asian Flying Tigers Squadron. For Italian Regio Aeronautica you could figure that we have very good pilots, but old machines, and nothing in embarked air forces. So we suffered a lot in designs, with the best coming at the very last period of the war, too late to make a difference.
  17. Are you asking if you can win some event? Yes. Skill make this possible. Are you asking if you can have fun playing with friends, better than playing at other games, or going to the cinema together or other enterteinments? Yeah, it is also possible. Are you asking if there is some way to earn an autowin list which make worthless field ships and go to tournament? I have to tell no way. And I hope remain also this way after the faq, and will be the same for all factions. The autowin lists metagame abuse of the gameplay and kill communities...
  18. So, until now we could be tracing some parallels: Axis (not Italy, sorry, we were tragically not up the challenge during the war, except for a class or two of aircraft in specifical roles) for the Empire, Soviets and France for Scum. USA and Great Britain for the Rebels. TIE/Ln Starfighter: Mitsubishi A5M. Basic carrier fighter; Me.Bf109 TIE/In Interceptor: Mitsubishi A6M Zero. Evolved carrier fighter. Focke-Wulf Fw 190. TIE/x1 Advanced: Nakajima J1N. An heavy fighter. Focke Wulf Ta 152/Me.262 TIE/ph Phantom: Kawasaki Ki-45. A quite good night fighter. Me.Bf110/Me.210/Me.410 TIE/sa Bomber: Mitsubishi Ki-51; A good light bomber - mention of honor for the Aichi embarked series (B7A, D1A, D3A). Here I have some pains: I would say the Dornier 217 ... but the T/B it's quite more similar to Focke-Wulf Fw189 TIE/Int Interdictor, aka Punisher: Mitsubishi G4M. A good medium bomber. Heinkel He 177 (the would-be german flying fortress...). The German equivalent is Junker JU 88. Assault Gunboat: Yokosuka P1Y. A very good medium bomber.
  19. the true difficulty in this is that we should compare armour grade, firepower, maneuverabilty, top speed, and some other factors. Now, in modern terms, 3rd to 5th generation modern fighters are not quite so easyly to be judged, for the most modern have seen few combat, and now weapons (missiles) if hit target destroyed them completely, and less and less they rely on gun firepower, such as Star Wars shows in starfighter combats. The only true parallelism could be done with WWI, WWII, and Korean War, with roles and some of informations we could historically get. WWII is the period who inspired directly Lucas. The convention to name Red and Blue Squadron, for the Rebels, come directly from the Battle of England RAF squadrons. So I think too we should remain in the theme.
  20. Well... ywing remember me the tbm avenger. The xwing it's a good corsair. The a-wing perhaps a p51 mustang. Bwing it's quite a bristol medium bomber. The e-wing a good mosquito. The z-95 a good hellcat. And the arc170 a good b24 liberator. TIEs go down to german and japanese fighters and bomber. Tie ln starfighter it is surely a Zero fighter mitsubishi a5. Tie advanced and similar follow the secret weapons of luftwaffe. T70 it's a fine hurricane. A-wing markii it's a good spitfire.
  21. The most dire flaw in those A-wings is that they are not piloted by someone like Pash Cracken or Tycho Celchu.... A-wings are for high grade skills pilot in the same ways of ME.262 or they are more an hindrance than an advantage. Most of the best Awing Rebel Pilots were ex Tie fighters pilots trained to high speed maneuvers rigors... it was a problem for New Republic to replace them as Thrawn shown very netly, after their smobilization.
  22. I could never buy a ship I really do not like, just for her powerfull metagame, or a single upgrade card in the pack. For this reason in 1.0 I refused to buy the Aggressor, and a lot of Scum ships. After starting the roleplay, needing the models, I have acquired them (discounted, mainly on ebay, ship only, more rarely on the discounts for 1.0 to 2.0 iatus) and in some case repainted them. If there is not a catching background, I have no interest in a ship. This is the way most of the ship from Episode VII, VIII, and IX have no appeal to me. Maybe in the future years...
  23. it has been already done. You must have the original cd or the legal downloaded version, but it has ben upgraded. Search on Youtube and you'll find all information about it.
  24. it the same reason for some cry about Rebel Alliance, and here in Rome, IT, I actually have never loss with it, using a big ship moreover... It's all in the personal experience of the game - non enough to make a smooth analysis of the balance.
  25. CapitanGuinea

    Moldy Crow

    One reason for not giving the Moldy Crow title to scum HWK 290, it is the origin of this statement: a previous pubblication from the Wizard of the Coast, before the Star Wars Lincense was bought by FFG. Most of WOC products were similar to those now published by FFG, and today some are competitors. Space was another reason: the kit was very full fitted with other stuff, and there was a limit to what put in the cardboard, and cards, so they concentrated in the most iconic actual products. Meanwhile, on ebay, you could find the card easily for less than 1 or 2 euros (or 5 dollars if you are in US) - so there is not so dramatic tragedy in this.
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