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  1. Uhm... take back all star wars expanded universe contents, at least for one game format.
  2. Ok. This is my first attempt with a 3d printed model, acquired by a friend. The casting was quite defective so I tried to salvage a usable custom model for xwing miniatures.
  3. Neither. I already own all the ships of that era from another game and they are in perfect condition. If and when ffg should make something that it was never made before I will surely acquire as collectible.
  4. Fact is that in Legends there are not so many fleet actions during Rebellion. I count the Battles of Murkhana, Endor, and Derra IV. Mon Mothma vetoed this tactic because the Rebels had at most 30 cruiser (a dozen Mon Calamari and older ships) and a bunch of frigate only and could not loose them easily. And more over cannot loose the people. Rebel Alliance was literally a speck over the leviathan of the Imperial Navy. And this is the way they fought enstablishing temporary local superiority striking everywhere they could with multiple hyperspace raids that made the Alliance appear bigger and more numerous she actually was. If the Navy was under correct guide (Thrawn's) the result has always been a dire massacre of Rebels fighters and crafts...
  5. Those game have multiplayer since xwing vs tiefighter. Very big battles would be fun but experience tought me that piloting skill is best evaluated in matches with max 8 players. 4 vs 4 is the best and more played format at xwing alliance tournaments.
  6. Here I am. And before I played a very similar game about wwi and wwii fighter combat.
  7. Now call back xwing and tie fighter games team. Lord Holland we are expecting you *on his knee.
  8. Scymitar is twice long a tie bomber and wide and high as a tie fighter.
  9. The Skypray is the same size of Lambda Shuttle
  10. There is actually no need for if you like and enjoy 1.0 But that do not means 2.0 is not better and more streamleaned. The very crude note is the total absence of missions which is a grave mistake. So you have to brew a little of adaptation for 'em. I am mostly in your same condition and can issue that hint: take your time and spent your money with prudence only on those products you like for themselves, and not for their intended use.
  11. The same font today spelled a dire rumor (today ep IX ended the works): nor Lando nor the Falcon would survive this last run. I sincerely hope this would prove false but Disney tought me to have fear. The image published today is a stunned Finn seeing the Falcon crush and burn with Lando within.
  12. Card packs find place in a wave when they are running out of ships to be published, variants included. So to me is quite unrealistic to expect that. The most like ways to sell the card packs some one wanted were the conversion kits and there were terrible feedback from the public on the web that they are still examinating to understand.
  13. Leia and Han were still legally married at his death. So the Falcon belong to her and she let in custody of Rey and Chewie. Ps. In new Canon after Endor Han an Chewie joined the campaign to free Kashyyyk then set up with their respective families until the time Ben Solo betrayed the New Jedi Order. After that, mourning the loss of their son to the Dark Side and for heavy divergencies in lifestyles Han and Leia splitted, without divorcing. Leia political career crumbled soon afterward when she is exposed as Darth Vader daughter in front of all the Senate who kept her hencefor in total disgrace
  14. Technically, Han Solo and Chewbacca shared an agreement working together for Jabba the Hutt: they would spend first for fix and replenish and upgrade the ship, than share 50%/50% the remaining profit. So Chewie has no share on the ownership of the Falcon. Legally, the heir of Han Solo should be his direct family: Leia, for thei splitted, but non formally divorced. So she is now the one who decide who own the Falcon, and it seems that she give Her to Rey and Chewie, 50%/50% but in the novelization Rey is unhappy, becouse she is very sad for Han Solo death and her attraction to his murderer - she actually love him, and is costantly ashamed by this - and she can't keep the ship which made this alive 24/7. So it is quite plausible she left the ship to Chewie, who will need a second man to pilot the Falcon. Now: this ship is nowaday rare, and severely customized. Not a lot of people could pilot the Falcon on the spot - Han Solo himself was taken back from the scavenging and the customizing done to the ship in the intervening years. He need and old pal to do the job. So there it is why Lando will be necessary, more than only for committing contacts and money. He was a General of the Rebel Alliance, and a **** good starfighter command one for this. He is able to command troops, starfighters, and ships. And he has brain: all things the depleted Resistance needs direly. I really hope to see all this in gameplay - it would be great to have the Falcon leading the fight as at Endor.
  15. i put here for the influence in gameplay this arc will have if and when the ending of the third trilogy will have on the re-issue of Resistance Millennium Falcon packaging. Last time it was comboed with the Black One X-Wing, but now in the last iteration it could have with this narrative arc, things have quite evolved: from a semi-derelicted piece of junk in a messly state of customization, to the hand of one of the two man who love the ship more than they loved their sons. I could not think that Lando will let the Falcon remains in the bad shap as it is now. Dirty, underpowered, with mismatching parts, and undercrewed. I believe sincerely that he and his friend Niev Numb, with Chewie will do a lot of work on the lady. Because tech is improving in all those years and Lando is the kind of man who spend all the money it need to have the best. And he is now VERY rich. I was one of the most rich men of the New Republic (I would remind you the scene in the casino in Ep VIII, with all that weapons magnates showing up). So I think He will be giving us the most powerfull Millennium Falcon ever, and that FFG in the next package should clearly reflect this. You can simply state this comparing the job done on the Scum Falcon.
  16. there, guys. sorry, is in Italian, but I believe you could find easily in English https://cinema.everyeye.it/notizie/star-wars-episodio-ix-svelato-nuovo-proprietario-del-millennium-falcon-362602.html the site has been almost 100% correct in anticipation until now on Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek franchises, debunking a lot of fan theories, and anticipating such thing as the death of Han Solo. So it has a quite strong reputation.
  17. In Episode IX at last the most famous ship of the far far away Galaxy would come back in the hand of her first master, Lando Carlissian, one of the few who will come in aid of the Resistance. Now a very rich man he surely will pimp up the Lady. So, FFG should give us a brand new Lando's Resistance Falcon?
  18. Err... I had a tumor on my tyroid gland and suffer of metabolic sindrome since then. Chemio almost destroyed my muscles and ligaments and cartilagins. But hey I have a woman and did not like your description of a such medical case. Standing the rest aside I concurr to your logic... but if someone is a ineducated thing of person it is only his fault u.u
  19. ehy, if the Christmas Special is canon, I suppose Special Edition too should be... But we must ask to Lucasfilm now. George said that whenever He edited a film, the newest version is the one he considered the best and to be canonized.
  20. here you can see a lot of ships! there is even the Outrider (not a anonymous yt2400, but the real one)
  21. up in the sky, flying away for about 2 seconds (in the same way the falcon is visible in Episode III). It take of vertically from one of the pit when stormtroopers are marching in the city, at the port, than turn and go up from the upper left quadrant of the screen to upper left corner. I have both original shot and all the reelaboration of the scene. It is visible from the '97 reshot
  22. you can see on Tatooine too, in Episode IV, at Mos Eisley.
  23. Just few question. Why all you call the company with the old name when it is a lot of time that it is Asmodee North America? And second, do you really believe they would pay as they did, do, and will do, to let unused part of Ip Franchise they acquired? The real thing is that star wars (and other sci fi franchises) are now suffering on toys and videogame derivative products and there is a bit of chaos. Star Wars need a long period of calm and peace with his own fanbase to induce it to buy again stuff with the brand on. And one way is to respect the "nostalgy effect". To give you an example Bandai improved gunpla sellings with the Gundam Origin series a lot. And this is just one way to demonstrate that a wise corporate will have to not compromise his costumers base. And over Asmodee there is Lucasfilms which is going to be very serious on this aspect.
  24. Mmmh you make a marketing issue a philosophical one and this is wrong. Your old first edition is still good as ever. You can play it with anyone who like it. Still you can surelly ask your local shop to use it in his tournament. The only question is if there would be enough people involved. Xwing was in a bad taste and people were leaving the game for the gameplay issues and some nasty continuos whining around Star Wars in general. Lucasfilms and those who were aimed are totally unaffected but the buzz has been so obnoxious that discouraged some to attend good film as Han Solo o discard SW franchise products such as Battlefront II. The truth is that the 2.0 edition give use a good ruleset and good new models. The tournament system should be considered as a world a part. And you coul have a true feeling only by May or June for the goodness of it.
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