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  1. Exactly. The non unique pilots particularly. My impetial friends find very strange the balance point stated for Marek Steele (who should have a T/D too, and be a Force Sensitive). In the aftermath of this edition conversion too much of Legends related content has been wash out. The empire came out quite bland with just 3-4 unique pilots standing ground against list which fly by themselves such us old republic Jedi aces imho
  2. As per Rebel Alliance and Scum pilot I hope they would fix Imperial craft points. They are all wrong and overpriced. They deserve a strong discount arouund 25-33%
  3. I tryed to scroll this thread to get some information about this game... and what I get? the usual hatespeaching ranting that is killing the love for star wars. Guys, if you have such hatred inside to spit out, the problem is not in the films, or disney: it is in you - you are suffering badly for something. Lucas sold the company after the Prequels because he did not want to deal with this negativity anymore - so if you hate what Disney made Star Wars to be, you have to understand that it is you the reason all this happened. So stop ranting around. Enjoy what is (the old canon, the new, whichever, they are all fantastic stories not a reality), and hope the franchise will produce good things such as X-Wing Miniatures, Legion, Armada, and good videogames. And now, I am very happy to have bought my first playstation at 42 years, to crush some rebel scum out there! By the way: I am a veteran player from the LucasArts Games, and I still play X-Wing, Tie Fighter, XvT, Xwing Armada, and are very fondly of project such us XWA Upgrade. This game is a good thing because all the good stuff of old is unknown to the young ones, and they are not interested in understand that kind of approach. Now I can persuade some youngster of 12-16 to take a shot in a cockpit. And this will be vital to mantain alive the Legend of Star Wars. "Teach and pass what you have learned!"
  4. The actis like the z-95 headhunter is quite important because mark the transition in the design and from an age to anotherm. Both are the sum of all the lessons learned from Clone Wars enstablishing the two different pathways followed by the TIE series ans all other modern starfighters. The Actis is short range heavy firepower at high speed an maneuvrability and no shields. The z95 is resilient all around starfighter with medium performances. Most of the modifications made on D7, were standard from the line in the Actis becoming a test bed and a paradigm in intself for the system array and where commands and monitirs and generally speaking all the avionics was set up. More speed and more firepower as base model it is a good starting point. The black one piloted by Darth Vader until Sienar perfected the X1 is another...
  5. Ryloth was taken and lost multiple times. Sidious made it a killing fields for Jedi and for the reputation of the Senate on pourpouse resulting in the isolation an weakening of the rilothi t'wileks who were practically enslaved en mass at the end of the war. They were with Mon Cals and Wookie some of the fiercest warrior species and for this the Emperor wanted them neutralized.
  6. I stopped going to tournament thanks to those practices... not that I condemn them - their logic is sound and the people using them are not killing anyone or breaking any law. But definitely that thought me that the tournament scene is not what I need to have fun. And by the way imho tournaments have eccessive weight in game development taking game far from the way I like them to go.
  7. It's just me or someone else to find very strange that the Galactic Republic do not have any chance to field C3P0 and R2D2? Anakyn literally refused in bg every other astromech...
  8. as you can see here https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/ FFG/Asmodee has a quite extensive effort to support the first edition of X-Wing miniatures, and it is quite a lot of time since the 2nd is out there. Coming from wargame, when a day 1, the old edition disappear and die, this is quite strange to me. Do you think it is just to sell the remaining stuff on their stocks? Or they plan a serious effort on this?
  9. A game fly high if, when, and where there is a good team gameplay between retailers, community animators/moderators, and business company. A game is still in fine condition when you have two (whichever combination you pick). A game would go poorly on only one pillar of above list. If no one pillar is present a game is dead on the shells. That is the universal truth, for any game. Xwing now live different status in different places. Imho has the potential to be full power. It is still a great game, but needs the right people on the bridge and in the front line.
  10. This legal rubbish is definely bad for business. Any company who enforced them closed the market soon after. 3rd part materials keep alive a such tiny market. Simply they should ask some % from professional sellers.
  11. You might mount the wings to male them rotate 180° from rear to front in S-foils attack mode.
  12. Mandal Motor do this on porpouse, to give the advantage of some precious seconds in dogfight to their pilots meanwhile enemy understand what have in his crosshair
  13. Uhm... take back all star wars expanded universe contents, at least for one game format.
  14. Ok. This is my first attempt with a 3d printed model, acquired by a friend. The casting was quite defective so I tried to salvage a usable custom model for xwing miniatures.
  15. Neither. I already own all the ships of that era from another game and they are in perfect condition. If and when ffg should make something that it was never made before I will surely acquire as collectible.
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