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  1. i dont know what you were going for but this is a bad deck. i dont know where to start on it
  2. ^ mwhahahaha < it was nice out yesterday and now its raining today the world hates me v halloween! free candy! got in the van
  3. this needs some attention i would like to start playing these and ruligs need to be made
  4. did you guys ever work on the other format errta that i brought up. i know that throthel had an idea for a boss fight system and there was some questions i had on those on card effects and new worlds. if you can that might pump some life back into the game.
  5. so i was wondering when does pan's effect "time out" end. is it at the end of the battle phase or at the discard phase/ end of turn.
  6. did you tink of adding normal pirates for th cave + pirate combo on the worlds
  7. circle of life + 2/ +1 equipment when you defeat a dark card you may draw a card. if you when a challenge you may gain +1 hp.
  8. i might just go drinking and theres never a need for a costume for that but i might work on something
  9. ^ yum sandwich < hates cute hamsters v smote!
  10. ^ nope no money for a ds let alone the game < whats to beat up his friend cuas he hs it v whats to help
  11. the profile points are a random lottery they help you get random stuff some times. i would try target or a local game store to see if they have pack and buy what they have
  12. ^ my friend painted "thats what she said" on one of is warhammer marnies < hates monday mornings v hates them with me
  13. thats all fine and dandy but everyone has different taste so you will get deck E through J and that changes everything
  14. o why not im bored and need some thing to do
  15. hello? did anyone see a tournment around here it was suppose to be right here. it was this big and about this tall and had a bunch of funny people in it? anyone now where i can find it
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