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  1. I was wondering if there are any chances for an expansion to this game. It is one of my all time favorites but the reprint brings nothing new unfortunately compared to older versions. If they only added like one additional mechanic I would have bought it... an expansion would be a no-brainer for me.
  2. I hope they'll be introducing at least one or 2 new mechanics in this new Drakon edition. Otherwise I might pass this one along while it would be an instant buy otherwise...
  3. Thank you all for your kind and helpful advice! In a few days I'll be introducing the game to my friends (who seem to be quite interested already). After that I'll probably be investing in a second core game, a x-wing and a tie as this is what most of you agree on. But I'm still in doubt between the firespray and the aces expansion to complete the empires army. Both look really fun to play.
  4. Ok so a second core set will become one of my next investments! Are the pilots of the loose tie-fighter and x-wing expansions worth it? And I think I will start investing in some Tie Interceptors & Bombers afterwards for the Imperial army. The Phantom looks very nice as well though...
  5. Hi there I'm completely new to X-Wing but very interested in the game none the less. It was actually becasue of an impulse buy that I bought the X-Wing base game (+ 1 Y-Fighter ) in the first place. As a noob I think I run the risk of buying the wrong ships as we are already seeing ships of the 4th wave. Very nice ofcourse but this complicates things for beginners I would say. To give you an example: a noob like me would buy Advanced Tie Fighters while I read online that the normal Tie Fighters might be better. So long story short: Which ships of both the Rebels and the Imperial side are worth investing in? And how many would I need of each of them to build a nice 100 point army of each faction? I know many builds exist but I can imagine that some ships are kind of the "norm" while others are depending on taste. It's the ones no competitive army can go without that I'm really looking for here. That way I know that at least some of the ships I buy will have been worth the money when I enter competitive play.
  6. E-Talker

    I love this game!

    I bought the 3rd edition during the holliday sales and I've allready played it about 15 times now, mostly together with 5 others. So thats in 10 days time since I got it right before Xmas. It really rocks and everyone just wants to keep playing the game. Because you always get the feeling that the next round will be yours ... but will it? Mostly not So in my opinion: replayable? YES! 9/10
  7. I bought A Game of Thrones but not all pieces were in the game. I only got 3 green wooden knights instead of 4 I only got 4 red wooden ships instead of 6 and ... strangely... I got 11 black wooden footmen units instead of 10 (so 1 too many) I mailed to "General FF" instead of to "customer service" about this. Wrong idea? Anyway I hope there is a way to get the missing pieces because this is quite a bummer now that I noticed it during play
  8. this is great! I'll playtest it this summer with my group
  9. Ok I have to admit, this is like the coolest project I've ever hear of about Doom the Boardgame. I hope you can make it happen! I still play the game a lot with my friends and this will add a lot of fun! If I can help in any way just let me know
  10. I really like your Hell Knight! nice jobs
  11. E-Talker

    My Doom Paintings

    thank you very much for the hints! actually i allready knew about drybrushing but i forgot about it haha anyhow, if you like to see more --> http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s146/predator32123/ there are all of my paintings except 1 at this point perhaps someone can indicate me about my better work? and about the worst ones .. altough i might guess those myself too that way i know which ones to paint alike and which ones to give a new try hehe
  12. whow man these look really cool! i like the way you painted the marines and the cacodemon especially .. you have put a lot of detail in all of them, great job!
  13. E-Talker

    My Doom Paintings

    Ok then I'll repost the whole thing, perhaps someone can edit my first post? I can't.. Hello guys, Last summer I was painting some of my doom miniatures (from the original set). It takes quite a while to paint the things so I haven't finished all of them yet. I'm going to continue painting them after my exams. Also got the expansion of doom and I plan on painting those too. Anyhow I hope to get some opinions about the mini's because i would like to improve my skills. Oh and about the colors, I didn't copy the colors of the real doom game because i wanted to give my own fantasy a chance altough some of them have much in common. Gotta admit they aren't all that pretty (first mini's i've ever painted in my life ). MANCUBUS one of my latest paintings, I made 2 of those and actually I'm quite proud of these ones. For me they are my best painted mini's. I have put a lot of effort in painting the cables and getting some shades around. Also the head was difficult, but i think my other mancubus got a nicer head then this one . I've got 2 mancubuses like this DEMON this is one of my most early paintings. Not quite like the pink game monsters but i like this one better. With the blood I tried to create the look of fur on the demon. And then parts of the mechanic part coming trough.. These are quity nasty demons with lots of blood as you can see. I have 4 pretty guys like this one. and what do you guys think? oh and by the way.. don't forget the pictures are bigger then the real thing
  14. E-Talker

    My Doom Paintings

    thnx mate, I have 4 of those! does anyone know how I can make these pictures show up in the topic itself? And by the way, is it possible to edit your own post because i can't find the button..
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