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  1. nub5 said: All good suggestions, but I must add the one that always works for me: When players provide me a beer without asking. 42! isn't that much of a beer drinker. *G*
  2. I wood, sorry, WOULD definately say only in Woodlands. Otherwise, High Elves ought to have it too (High Elves always strike first *G*)
  3. nub5 said: Just give him the papers. Honestly how much help would a writ signed by the local EC be when dealing with a mob of illiterate peasants? A lot - it's not about what's on the paper, it's about how impressive the seals are (I've seen papers with papal seals on 'em - **** impressive).
  4. monkeylite said: From Ranks and Symbols: "For some reason, rumours persist among certain commonfolk that a wizard needs to have a special warrant from the Colleges of Magic to practice his craft. This is not actually the case; there is no such thing as a “wizard’s warrant.” However, due to the misperception that such things exist, some wizards, especially those who need to travel far and wide, carry certain papers with them describing their position and signed by someone of rank – usually the Elector Count of the province they are in. This added bit of precaution can keep a group of commoners from turning into an angry mob if they’re expecting certain fictions to exist." So, I'd suggest that the Witch Hunters are most likely to know that licences are not required. But the fact that many people expect licences to be necessary can lead to lots of interesting situations for your wizard. Which is the whole point. Wow - they just f'ed one of my favorite parts of the WFRP setting and, IMO, one of the more atmospheric.
  5. If a wizard doesn't carry the appropriate papers from his college, he's going to be in big trouble - without 'em, a Witch Hunter can (and should) burn him for unlicensed magic.
  6. Katsue said: Hmm...are there any official models that are armed with just one spear, or are the all dual wielders? Looking at my wife's old models, I see one armed with just one spear - he's also got metal armor on his right arm and studded leather pants.
  7. Jericho said: There goes. I like harsh encumberance rules. Keeps things real. Bad wording when one considers that someone with Strength 2 can use a Longbow as easily as someone with Strength 4.
  8. Katsue said: On a similar point, what weapons are suitable for Wardancers? Going from the latest models, only one-handed swords. Going from older models, also spears.
  9. On the other hand, they ought to get access to protective tattooes - and a killer hairstylist. *G*
  10. The action Covering Fire mentions the PC firing "a hail" of arrows, but it doesn't say how many. Given that you have a limited supply, you should know how many are used. Suggestions?
  11. mac40k said: Secondly, there should be no need for the Elf to carry both a Spear and a Dagger. Realistically, when would he choose to use the Dagger instead of the Spear? The Spear is just better. What is the Dagger? A backup weapon? Unless you are using house rules that make it easier for the PCs to become disarmed or have the Spear break, he'll never use the Dagger. PCs don't need to carry an arsenal. It's a tool that can be used as a weapon, much like an axe - a hunter would likely carry both a big knife (the dagger) with a breaking point for breaking the animal and a smaller, very sharp knife (which might be used as an improvised weapon) for skinnining and pairing.
  12. With Str 3, Unencumbered Limit is 15, if I am reading it right. Weight for a longbow is 4, 12 arrows is 2, spear is 4 and dagger is 2. This adds up to 12, so with Strength 3, you can either carry some other stuff (blanket, traps, possibly more arrows) or wear leather armor - seems like Strength oughta be a key Attribute for hunters, rather than Toughness. And even then, you'd wanna go for Strength 4, in order to avoid Encumbrance penalties.
  13. Yeah, Dragon Mages can be modelled by using the Bright Wizard career on a High Elf. And when Fantasy Flight makes Amber and Jade colleges, they should be compatible with Wood Elves. But High Magic is just plain better than College magic. It's going to be hard to integrate - it'd be like introducing a Soldier career which has all the same stats as a regular Soldier, except they get an Expertise die on all rolls.
  14. Yet, quarterstaves are still one-handed off-hand weapons.
  15. UncleArkie said: JacobKlunder said: mac40k said: Perhaps FFG will release improved versions of the Weywatcher, Swordmaster, etc. in later expansions. In the meantime, you have to balance the career system with the fact that the characters are not actively working in their careers, they are adventurers. A Weywatcher that leaves his Wood Elf community can't become a more elite Weywatcher without returning to his people. First, that may not even be possible depending on the reason he left in the first place. Second, it puts him out of action from an adventuring standpoint for some period of time. So while he remains out in the world, he may have to become the Scout of the Party once he's completed his Weywatcher career, because that is the role that is open to him given his current circumstances. Yes, it is perhaps not as prestigious a career in the eyes of other Wood Elves as his brother who stayed home and became a Glade Guard, but it is his way of bettering himself as best he can while continuing to adventure. Valid points, except that, by the fluff, a Waywatcher has already been a Scout and has now advanced to something better. Seems like your refusing to get our point here, taking the scout career does not necessarily make a waywatcher a scout, taking the scout career as an advance just represent that he is bettering the skills that he already learnt, there is no regression "back" to a being a scout, the two careers are almost identical anyway mechanically you could just look at it like the player taking the waywatcher career "again". Ahhh, okay, that I can live with. Now I just want more advanced careers for all races. *G*
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