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  1. thx for your opinion. maybe your are right. but i believe someone out there must also feel that this game is too easy the way it is developed and i think a custom use for an encounter deck could be very refreshing for the game. it would also be more encouring to not only building decks for the good guys, also for the bad and you could use all cards (more or less) for playing the game. i don't like the concept of playing one objective, beat it without a problem and then wait for another month till ffg releases a new easy quest. PS: i mean objective cards. sry for the false writing
  2. Hi forum, i just wanted to ask if it is possible to create a new encounter deck with the existing objektive cards? Me and my friend like this game a lot, but since we are playing card games for many years and are very good at it we find it too easy with our current decks. we loose to no quest (except for rosgobbel, since you have to sideboard healing mechanic in order to win against). Even Massing isn't a problem no more (with the release of kazaadum). It's the only scenario where we loose 1/5 maybe 1/4 of our games. Now we thought about creating our own encounter deck, but we find no solution or guideline of how many cards the encounter deck should have or how many treachery cards and how many monsters we should take in. also the powerlevel of some cards differ widly and since their is no ranking system (which should exist in our opinion) on each card it is difficult to create a hard encounter deck which pushes us on our limit!!! has anyone the same problems or thought about a ranking system for difficulty of cards (like difficulty of scenarios)? could anyone give me some thoughts about this? finally i hope that ffg reads this post and thinks about release some mechanic to make it possible to use all existing cards in different objectives. cya
  3. best art ever ... Demon Prince !!! after that i like the squigs artworks alltogether
  4. Hi community, here is my updated version of my chaos deck. it is now slower but has definitly more answers to other archetypes. it is a lot stronger vs matchups i had problems before. enough said.... here it is: 50 Card-Deck Unit (27) 3 Fledgling Chaos Spawn 3 Blue Horrors 3 Demon Prince 2 Clan Moulder's Elite 3 Pink Horrors 2 Savage Gors 3 Ungor Raiders 2 Warhounds 3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch 3 Blood Dragon Knight Support (12) 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Contested Village 3 Desecretad Temple 3 Den of Iniquity Tactic (8) 2 Unleashing the Spell 3 Warpstone Experiments 3 Plague Bomb Quest (3) 3 Raiding Camps hope it get some love and comments to make it even more powerful. maybe I'll see some usage in tournament decks too.
  5. Hi there, i think this deck is easy to beat. one plague bomb and your board position is gone. same is true for troll vommit, verena, smash'em, sorcerer of tzentch, deathmaster sknitch, dark elf quest, star dragon and so on. it has good matchups vs dragon lair combo control and maybe some empire builts but chaos, DE, and dwarfs your worst nightmare though. but its nice and easy to play and the games should be no longer thand 5 or 6 turns where your enemy lost or you have no option to win any more. thx.
  6. thx gr4ffi for your advices for deckbuilding. in the next few days we are playing again and then i will test some of your advices. i think unleashing the spell x 2 and raiding camps x 2 will be very good. i can't see why every chaos deck is playing the fledging spawn or the den. i think both cards are pretty bad and cards like braying gor and blood summoning are quite better for resource production. the den is too weak and hinders myself more than most opponents, caus i want to lay down developments in bf not in other zones. i will build my chaos deck and post a newer version in 2 or 3 days okay. is spoils of war that good???
  7. thanks, but i hope for more discussion about my deck. call of the brayhorde it's also worth to consider in this deck!
  8. Hi community, i've been playing whi from the beginning and my love for chaos was great, but ffg don't gave much love for my favourite race in competitive mode. But now i've been playing recently with my following deck and since the capital cycle is out, chaos gets really powerful. It's a really heavy aggro deck with much creature hate and some support hate. It's really fast and it's stronger than the usual orc rush deck. in about 20 games i lost 2 vs orc rush. control decks like high elfs indirect damage oder dragon lair combo deck had no chance against it. Plz help me to further optimize my beloved Chaos Deck. But now here it is... http://deckbox.org/sets/136741 or for other guys who don't know or use deckbox.org: 50 Card-Deck Unit (32) 3 Servants of Khorne 3 Blue Horrors 3 Braying Gor 2 Clan Moulder's Elite 3 Pink Horrors 3 Savage Gors 3 Swarm of Bats 3 Ungor Raiders 3 Warhounds 1 Khorvak Grimbreath 3 Sorcerer of Tzeentch 2 Blood Dragon Knight Support (9) 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Contested Village 2 Mark of Chaos 1 Daemonsword Tactic (9) 3 Burn it Down 3 Blood Summoning 3 Plague Bomb I'm testing it frequently against different other decks and this is only the beginning. Chaos/Destruction have more powerful cards like Spoils of War, Seduced by Darkness, Blood Wall, The Changeling (my favourite card), unleashing the spell and so on. i hope my deck got some interest and now lets begin the discussion. cya
  9. Hi @ll, i've bought 2 Core Sets, to maximize deck building options (the left 12 Single Cards were filled with Proxies/Scans). I've playin 2 Kinds of Decks, one very very strong Leadership/Spirit Deck and one less powerful but killing machine Tactic/Lore Deck. But whats about to happen with the encounter deck? I've played it like everybod else with one Core Set Encounter Deck, but i don't know if its right or a little too easy for now, since i maximized my built options, but the encounter deck, has the strong cards only 1 time? How do you guys play it? Did you add the single's and 2nd's now that every encounter deck has every card 3 times? have anyone testet it before? How do you like the idea? Hope this thread will be filled with comments and input. Thx @ll
  10. now guys come down. everything went good. every powerful fraction like empire itself got thei butt kicked, due to the new restriction list. Thx FFG. I would say Empire, Dwarf and DE got most beaten by this, but Orcs, Skaven with Mixture, Chaos, HE should really profit from this list. now lets build some nice decks and post em like the good old days! Cya Guys
  11. Hi everyone. i will post a new chaos tactic card (great removal) from chaos moon: Plague Bomb 3CCC - Tactic: Keywords Spell, Desease Deal 1 damage to one target unit, then 2 damage to 2nd target unit and then 3 damage to the 3rd target unit. A good removal and much better than Nurgle's Pestilance in every way
  12. Hi there, i wanted to know if it is possible to buy a selction from cards anywhere aside from buying multiple Coresets or multiple expansion sets? I have one Core Set and each Expansion of the first Cycle, but me and my friends don't want to buy additional copies, just to have f. e. three "Troll Vomit" Cards. Since the second Cycle will have 3 copies of each card (BIG THANKS FOR THIS FFG!!!) i want to buy from an alternative source the remaining cards which where only one time or two times in each pack. Can anybody help me here? Tips? etc. I would buy them from FFG directly, but they don't sell these cards i wanted seperatly... :-(
  13. Hi everyone, i want to know how the card bathe in blood works. is it possible to play the above card on my opponents dark elve unit to get rid of it after/or before combat cause the unit must be sacrificed at the end of the turn. It also doesn't matter which turn it is, since the card has no restrictions, when to play this card. Wording: Action: Coose one target dark elve unit. Double that unit's power until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, sacrific it. Help me;-)
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