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  1. I hope FFG surprises us. I think this could be a very viable game with just a couple of expansions a year. Print some cards and "voila!"; a very affordable option for them. No plastic minis at all. re: Blacklist Games This is great for the Sadlers but they would have to start all over as I'm sure FFG wouldn't let them continue with Terrinoth expansions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Does anyone think we'll get an expansion at GenCon? I haven't heard anything but FFG always keeps their secrets close until the week before. *crossing fingers*
  3. I think I heard from one of the GenCon podcast followups that the bulk of the shipment was on a boat from China. The copies at GenCon were flown in.
  4. Did anyone think to ask FFG if there was a chance of them releasing Blood Bowl 6.0? I think it would be fantastic if they had the lisense for BB did a new line of figures!!
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