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  1. This page has all the links you are looking for.
  2. wickedwretch said: Can WWI and WWII sets be combined? AFAIK, WWII sets have damage tokens instead of cards, can those be used to play with the two-seat planes? WWII sets are obviously easier to get, and there's a Deluxe set available; can I only play with WWII sets and not feel like I'm missing something (other than the cooler WWI planes)? Booster packs seem to be WWI-only, can I get the WWII Deluxe set and play with those? No, the games cannot be combined, as they are made on different scales (particulary speed and damage) There are a few booster packs for the WWII set as well.
  3. With those boxes, you will have everything you need for a WWI game, and your deluxe set will give you everything you need for a WW2 game. I hope you enjoy the game!
  4. Warhawk said: Wondering if I messed up. I bought the 2nd two rule sets online because I got a deal. They just have not gotten here yet. But from the web site it is hard to tell what cards the boxes come with. Can I pick up the A damage deck in one of the boosters? So I will have to get planes and a A damage deck right? WHat else will I have to pick up? The damage decks do not come in any boosters. The A damage deck only comes in the Famous Aces box, the Burning Drachens box, or the Deluxe Set. The Deluxe Set, which Fantasy Flight Games refused to publish in the US, is pretty expensive to find online. If you buy the Watch Your Back box or the Flight of the Giants expansion, you will get B damage decks, which can be used if you draw 2 cards for every 1 A card you would normally draw. In addition to an A damage deck, you will need counters, which come in any of the main boxes (Famous Aces, Watch Your Back, Burning Drachens) and the Deluxe Set. You could also make your own counters based off the information in the rulebooks.
  5. That is the rule, you played it correctly.
  6. Aussie_Digger said: I have been reading a little on this game for a while, i am interested in the setting of this game, and like the sound of other things apart from battle being involved as well. Now i normally play Tide of iron, wings of war and axis and allies (boardgame) do you think i would enjoy this game. Oh and the other thing im not really into games that involve magic and things like that, is this game set in the real world? with "real" things taking place? Warrior Knights is different from the games you mentioned, but I play all of them except Tide of Iron and I enjoy this game. This game does not involve magic and all events are within the realm of possiblity for a medieval world. The only sketchy part of that is the role of Faith tokens and how the Head of the Church determines who receives event cards (before they are read). A player familiar with the Roman Catholic Church's claim to be a source of divine/supernatural power may consider this mechanic to be "magical" in some sense. I would have a harder time playing this game if the mechanics of the game gave the Catholic Church the power over fate. I suppose a naturalistic justification for this would be the cultural influence of the Catholic Church in the medieval world in regard to the location of educational centers, monastic hospitals, the number of physicians who were clerics, and the psychological effects of believing in a "greater cause" behind events that one is a part of. I find it very probable that the blessing of the Catholic Church would increase the likelihood of success for a mission, due to the fact that more resources, manpower, and energy would be committed to it. I consider the Faith tokens in the game to be indicators of a faction's connection to the Church, not the amount of religious belief that the faction has, and so I do not consider their effects in the game to be "magical" in any sense.
  7. In the "Assulting a City" Section on page 16, the rules direct the players to follow the same procedure as an open-field battle (pages 14-15), with specified changes. One of the specified changes is the breaches may replace 100 casualties, but there is no specified change from the open-field battle rules which indicate that reducing the enemy to zero does take precedence over Victory Card count. Therefore, that rule must be applied in assaulting a city. I agree with you that the rules should be clearer to directly address a likely outcome such as this.
  8. If the city is destroyed by the assault and the attacker has 1 or more nobles still alive, the number of Victories is irrelevant. If the city survives the assault, 1 Victory more than the attacker forces the noble to reatreat and 2 Victories more than the attacker kills the attacking noble. (Capturing a City Via Assault, page 17).
  9. The Thing In The Attic said: When a strong hold is on the board it's placed over a razed city location. does the stronghold add it's 400 strength to the locations strength when its being assaulted? during taxation does the stronghold gain crowns equal to the location it's in? if a card refers to cities on the board does it include the stronghold location or is it refering to only those locations with a plastic city on them. do you gain influence for your stronghold in the upkeep phase? when an unexhausted noble(s) is attacked does it become exhausted? does it become exhausted if it retreats to an adjacient area? the rules state that a noble that cant retreat has to retreat to its stronghold where it then becomes exhausted, is this the case if it made a legal retreat to an adjacient area that also happens to be his stronghold? can town levy's move with the noble they are asigned to? other than that i think i got most things sorted. Thanks for any answers I am not sure if I am understanding you correctly, but a stronghold does not need to be placed on a razed-city location. In a six-player game, there are no razed cities at the start of the game. In any case, a razed city is just another empty hex, the city values have no effect if the city does not exist. Therefore: the stronghold has for its strength its value of 400 + any troops you may have stationed there - any casualties/breaches, but any city-strength value from a razed city is not included the stronghold does not collect taxes in the special Taxation Phase (however, if a noble is present in the stronghold, you may collect 1 crown if you play a Levy Taxes Action Card during the Actions Phase) if a card is referring to cities on the board it only refers to unrazed cities you do not gain influence for your stronghold itself during the Upkeep Phase (although your Stronghold must be on the board to gain Influence from your cities) An unexhausted noble does not become exhausted when it is attacked. Only nobles which have completed movement and/or battle actions from playing an Action Card become exhausted. A noble does not become exhausted if it retreats to an adjacent area, but if there is no adjacent area to which it may retreat, it moves to its Stronghold and becomes exhausted. If the noble made a legal retreat to an adjacent area, regardless if its Stronghold is present there, it would not become exhausted. Town Levies must move with the noble they are assigned to unless they are being transferred to another noble or Stronghold in the same territory that the noble is leaving. Your welcome, I hope you enjoy the game
  10. Great job on the camo To be honest, I never notice the logo on my maps when playing, and not one of the 20+ individuals who have played on them with me have ever commented about it.
  11. I apologize for the mix-up in quotations, I was intending to quote the rules, not Luisito.
  12. The rules state: Luisito said: A Baron may not own more than one copy of each Advancement Card. In addition, each Baron may own a maximum of three total Advancement cards. If a Baron ever owns more than three, he must discard Advancement cards (of his choice) until he has three remaining. Discarded Advancement cards are always placed on the bottom of the Advancement card deck This indicates that the purchasing is done before the discarding, and therefore if the Parchment is the 4th or 5th one purchased, there is no need to discard.
  13. On the previously-mentioned page 17 of the rules, in the Attacking a Stronghold section, it states: "Strongholds are attacked in exactly the same manner as cities; they may be assaulted or sieged." I would take this to mean that the rules for Capturing a City Via Assault on page 17 would apply to strongholds, and those rules state: "The attacker may also capture the city by achieving a full or partial victory as described in the 'Count Victories' step of resolving open-field battles."
  14. In the spirit of your idea of burning a bridge across the river, you could make a motion to build another one, or perhaps build a road through the mountains between a particular 2 hexes. Another one could be "Ignore Wages Phase" which would mean you did not need to pay wages any longer. The interesting thing about private motions is what to do if a Baron storms out of the Assembly, refusing to comply with it. A better motion than Crown Me King, which only requires one Baron to refuse it to make it not game-ending, would be Transfer to Me All Your Cities & Influence, because then every Baron would have to refuse to prevent you from winning, and you could easily pass all remaining agendas in favor of yourself, although some might not be too useful if all other Barons are banned.
  15. In my previous post I did not take into consideration that the agenda is a Law verses a Charge. However, if you were elected to recieve the charge, you would have to have refused it when it was passed. It is not possible to refuse something that is not given to you. I would argue that you are refusing to comply with a law that the charge puts in effect, not the charge itself, but I must admit the rules do not specify your particular situation.
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