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  1. Im a bit shocked as the insert will not accommodate sleeved cards. A bit of shortsightedness on FFG's design. It is a CCG for Pete's sake. I guess it's on to plan B...
  2. Nice! Pulled Quadjumper the other day.
  3. You can't miss the huge Point of Sale Force Friday door clings and the 6 ft tall, 3 Stormtrooper cardboard display (with Kylo on the backside) - Target went all in. Plus the checkout cashiers had Star Wars shirts on (looked really nice).
  4. Snagged the last two boxes at my local Target! With the $10 gift card it was a sweet deal (can't use it until next purchase but it all washes out in the end). I recind my criticism of the cover and packaging - it is very sleek and nice. Haven't opened the boxes yet (ordered Olgas and waiting now) but I'm very happy to have the new starter set and on Force Friday too!
  5. No way I can resist...too many Targets between work & home!
  6. I do think the box cover is uninspiring - especially in light of the Last Jedi connection.
  7. My spreadsheet just went out the window... Looks great! Any idea on MSRP?
  8. I'm loving the art in Destiny! It may be recycled amongst various games/RPGs but it is just plain great. Gets me excited for the new cards.
  9. Good article! As a new player as well, this was informative and interesting to see the nuances of tournament play, as I have yet to try one. I'm still trying to figure out if they are a fun time? Sounds like they are very intense.
  10. Updated my trade list - half way down one page back.
  11. Old schooler here...who is Cad Bane? I could Goggle but the experts are here.
  12. Better late then never! Hopefully this bodes well for Empire at War.
  13. Thematically, playing ePalpatine and bringing in Vader's Tie Fighter to win the game would seriously cue the music.
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