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  1. I'd love to see a supplement book by FFG that translates their old game setting Virtual into the Genesys game engine. For those that might not have heard of it, Virtual was a d20 product that used the 3.5 version of those rules and the setting was basically Tron the RPG. FFG created it and I'd love to see them revisit it similar to what they have now done with Android.
  2. You have done amazing work! Please keep up the good stuff! Mor eNPCs and character writeups, etc. would be awesome. More adventures would be fantastic! I'd even love to have conversions of the adventures from the TSR and West End Games versions.
  3. You were sincere when you say you tend to stat characters a tad lower than what fanboys might judge them. I would have had Sallah's Brawn score a bit higher and I would have thought Indy might deserve a Brawn 3.
  4. Checking these out now! I will post my comments soon.
  5. I have everything on PDF if needed.
  6. These are the movies in the U.S.
  7. Is this still being actively developed?
  8. Is this still being actively worked on? Color me very interested.
  9. Does anyone have a review of sorts for this? I'd love to know people's overall thoughts that have read through it.
  10. Also, has this been updated at all since it was initially released?
  11. Have you ever done any more character writeups? Where can I find the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Seth adventure? Are there any other Indy adventure conversions into Genesys anywhere I can find, please?
  12. I picked up 1 core rulebook, 2 sets of dice and a GM kit right before midnight. They are gorgeous! Now, someone run a campaign I can play in!
  13. Doesn't on the boat typically mean it should hit stores within 2 or 3 weeks?
  14. This is an awesome addition to the community! Can you get the dice rolls to show in your game channel? When I connect the bot it takes me out of my channel into like a sub-channel with the bot. The attached pic is what I see. How do I get my players into this DM with me so we can roll for our game rolls together?
  15. I am assuming the rule still works this way with the Beginner Game as well?
  16. For Explosive Successes: They allow you to gain a Success and roll another die of the die type it was rolled on. This added die you get to roll - does it get to be kept in addition to the amount of Ring dice you can keep or do you have to choose whether to include it in your kept dice or not? For example, if your Ring is 2 you would normally get to keep only 2 dice. But does the Explosive Success allow you to essentially keep 3 dice, one of which being the additional rolled die?
  17. Have there been any clues as yet as to when the dice, the GM screen and core book will get released other than the vague "Fall" bit?
  18. Do we have any idea when these products will be in stores?
  19. Thank you for your efforts! How does your superhero adaptation handle super strength? Can it model Superman, Green Lantern and, Batman?
  20. Does anyone know if there is a complete and up-to-date list of all official FFG books released for all 3 game lines anywhere, please? I want to check my collection to see which 2 or 3 books I need to have them all currently.
  21. All of the above and more! I am torn between this and Hollow Earth Expedition for my upcoming Indy game. I would pay you to run this online. Lol
  22. Can we get writeups for Indy and some other characters?
  23. Keep this coming and thanks so much! I have been planning an Indy campaign!
  24. I wonder what my best bet would be as to which day to be there to snag anything I can get my hands on for L5R 5e...maybe day 1?
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