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  1. gmanjkd said: While the FFG stuff is super high quality and I like that, I would pay for content over flash anyday. I would gladly pay as much or more for another campaign like 1000 thrones i.e 255 pages, color cover, black and white throughout, 9 adventures with tons of content and no flash, over new expansions with more cards, cut outs, and dodads. Hope the new TEW sells like crazy to encourage this kind of product in the future. Gary I'm going to buy it.
  2. Emirikol said: Unfortunately, FFG feels they must put out a certain type of product "look" while sacrificing the fact that there are much cheaper ways…and hence why PDFs may be the way of the future for most compnaies..but FFG is/was hung up on selling expensive 'components' to the five of us that play WFRP3 to make up for whatever the rejected alternative is/was. 'Tis just how it twas at the time of inception. jh There are as many as FIVE of us playing?? o_O
  3. LordoftheMilk said: I think the recharge mechanic is fantastic. No more duration counting, no more magic points, etc… Also allows for heroic fighting styles and maneuvers. A wonderful evolution. And if you need more flwxibility, you can simply use the toolkit rules whereby you can reuse an action card while adding misfortune dice. That's cool, I'm glad you like it My players just found it a bit fiddly and we were always forgetting whether we'd taken the chit off or not…we lost count too easily (but you're right, we'd have the same problem with counting durations ).
  4. Emirikol said: So Mongoose put out some interesting notes about the future of production of RPGs. I wonder how their reality relates to that of ffg's production of wfrp3… jh Do you mean the state of the mongoose post? Yeah, it doesn't sound too promising when leading RPG companies are selling a few hundred copies of their games. And PDFs are doing well…that's no surprise either, but of course then piracy becomes an issue. I'm sure when FFG started on WFRP3 at least some of their thinking must have been "if we have dice and cards, it'll make it less worth pirating the game". I can't blame them for that. I'd be suprised if we get many more WFRP3 products, perhaps just those PoD spell packs.
  5. Yep, good solution - almost exactly the same as what we use (don't have short though). We also put a number on the bands starting with close = 0. When firing missile weapons, the count of the band equals the number of misfortune dice to take as a range penalty.
  6. Doc, the Weasel said: Why not just run full FATE in the Warhammer setting? Seems like it would be a better fit than trying to kludge two totally different systems together. Good question. First I'm not particularly enamoured with Fate. I've tried using Strands of Fate for WFRP and I just didn't like the result. I definitely like the Fudge core mechanic however. And I think WFRP3 has done a lot of good things - rules for corruption and disease for example. It has retained a reasonably good Warhammer flavour within its rules (not as good as WFRP1 of course…). And yes, I'm sure my rules are kludgy in places, but as I'm only producing something for my own benefit, I don't mind…we'll see how my players take to it in Janurary
  7. Daedalum said: Ooh sounds cool, please do consider sharing your rules once you are happy with them. I'd be interested in how such a fudge/v3 mix would suit extended campaigns too. I'm still working on them…unfortunately it involves a lot of rewriting of actions (spells and creature/monster attacks mostly), but I'm getting there (too much time on my hands at the moment). I like the replacement core mechanic I've devised. It works in two dimensions - vertically you have the attributes that use the Fudge ladder and range from 1 (poor) to 6 (superb) with 3 being the average for humans (you can have 7 for legendary too if you want). Each skill obviously defaults to a attribute score, and when you make a skill test you roll 4dF. But skills are also learned separately and run horizontally - skills that are worse than average add challenge/misfortune dice. Skills that are better than average add expertise and fortune dice (there are no longer any characteristic, reckless or conservative dice). It means you still get some of the fancy WFRP dice (including, importantly, the comet and chaos star results), which are definitely fun, but never too many of them. Ugh, if I had any graphics skill at all I should just draw that o_O I'm hoping these rules will work well with extended play because characters don't succeed anywhere near as easily in early levels, and they have a lot of room for improving attributes and skills - and the XP costs to do that will take a long time to accumulate. Will keep you posted.
  8. Ruskendrul said: How about: If you use an ability with a recharge in a row (say 3) you get an extra 3 black dice to use that ability. The penalty stack for each time you use said ability. Smash Face, recharge 3, use. Smash Face, use again with 3 more black dice. Smash Face, use again with 5 more black dice (3 minus 1 for recharge time plus 3) and so on… But if you're using minus 1 for recharge time, aren't you then effectively tracking recharge again? What about just 3 black dice (for recharge 3) every time you use it after the first? Or 1 purple dice for each recharge value beyond 2? One of the problems I realise, however, is that some results increase or reduce the recharge. What do you do then? Again, it results in you having to track recharge in some form or another. It really seems that the solution is to rewrite every action - no thanks! And all this ignores this issue of the "broken" core mechanic. If you're rolling 4 attribute (blue) dice vs 1 challenge (purple) die, your chance of success is very very high (too high in fact). You know, I really want to make this system work with as little effort and as few changes as possible - but it seems like there are too many things wrong with it
  9. What about this: Any action card that has a recharge of 2 (or less) can be used at will. Parry, block and dodge (I'd be tempted to remove the ability restrictions on these too) can be used at will. However you can only parry one attack and block one attack per turn (that one is straight from GURPS). Any action card with a recharge greater than 2 can be used once per encounter. However if you want to use one of these actions more than once, you must suffer fatigue (if it's based on a physical ability) or stress (if it's based on a mental ability) equal to the difference between the recharge value and 2. Upside: removes recharge. Downside: introduces a different type of fiddly tracking. I like the idea of penalising with fatigue/stress. The problem with coming up with house rules is, you can never really thoroughly playtest them. Mind you, as others have speculated, FFG don't seem to have playtested enough either…
  10. Coulda, shoulda done a much better job with it. Oh well. I'll buy The Enemy Within and play it with my semi-broken house rules
  11. Elector Count said: Just curious… Anyone in the base? Anyone in the middle? Frankly the vitriol, hate, disgust, and opt-out venom is based wholly in what appears to be an "inside job." Inside Jobs always promise success in the "Yes Echo Chambers" where no one disagrees with the direction or development. Those asking for patience, or considering WFRP 3e wholly on good faith/will/altruistic feelings, don't get the passion many have for WFRP. 1e aside, 2e was a solid release. Many, many, many people from the base and middle playtested WFRP 2e. And many, many, many people have heavily invested in WFRP 2e. Will I consider the WFRP 3e on it's merits? Probably not. Price. Direction of the game. There's more. Really FFG. A waste of capital. BTW… lest we forget, or over value the vitriol, hate and venom, this debate should be a real concern for FFG. My prediction is a critical fail. Paizo's guts, through Eric Mona, proves that supporting abandoned editions leads to rabid and loyal customers. Pathfinder is proving to be a huge success. And if you weren't aware of it, Paizo's playtests with the free, open, public Alpha and Beta editions were a resounding success… and GenCon is proving it it the lines. FFG, like WotC before them, will regret this investment because they lost the base, and that will shy away a lot of the middle. In closing… a laugh: http://xkcd.com/386/ I still don't get the vitriol. I don't get all the 1e and 2e die hards who actually think it's a good system. It's a mediocre system with some ok elements. I wish people who flamed 3e so much would be honest about that. Careers are ok but eventually get in the way, combat is just a boring drag, etc. I started with WFRP1e when it came out and I've collected it enthusiastically over the years (and I mean *collected* - I have just about every product ever published) and enjoyed playing it a lot. But at least I don't fool myself into thinking 1e and 2e some brilliant systems (I've played with both house rules and using other systems like GURPS - personally I think GURPS is a great match for the warhammer world). But neither is WFRP3e a great system. I was excited when it was announced. I bought it up. I didn't feel betrayed (cos you know, it's only a game, how on earth could I be *betrayed*??). But I'm disappointed with the overall execution. Like previous editions, there are some good rules in 3e, but there are *lots* of problems - the core mechanic seems grossly overpowered for one, too many cards for another. So if WFRP3e stops being published this year, there's no way I'd bother returning to 2e or 1e rules. Warhammer was never about the rules, it was about the world. That's what I have enjoyed so much and will continue to enjoy.
  12. So I was thinking of getting back into WFRP3 (only ran a few sessions last year with some friends/newbies). Then I started reading all the posts about the rules being BROKEN (especially from Yepesnopes). And the sad thing is, I agree. I think I was in denial for a long time. I really wanted this game to be good, and to be successful. I actually quite like the dice, and some of the sub-systems around fear/terror, insanity, corruption, disease etc. But too many cards, too many chits and a core mechanic that just seems unbalanced (seems like they didn't even check the probabilities of rolls when they designed it). Anyway, I'm not here to bash WFRP3 anymore than is necessary, I'm just here to say that I've written my own house rules for WFRP3 which rip out the core mechanic and replace it with the Fudge 4dF (and the fudge ladder). This means (the way I look at it) a broken over powered system is replaced with a very balanced one. I still use expertise, challenge, fortune and misfortune dice to keep things interesting. I've had to rewrite quite a few rules - but I've tried to minimise this as much as possible, so there's actually quite a bit there that's still using the rules as written, for example I can still use the existing monster stats and skills, and character attributes are at exactly the same levels as the RaW. The big change is actions - I've basically got rid of them. Combat is now much simplier with choices for actions limited to those you'll find in GURPS. I still have to rewrite spells as necessary (ugh, not looking forward to that - just see what my players want to play first). I'll play-test the bejesus out of this sometime in January, then get my campaign going again. I'm a pretty loosey goosey GM (as my players know), so having a perfectly balanced and fine-tuned system is not necessary for us. Really looking forward to playing this. I wonder if anyone else has combined fudge dice with WFRP3 dice??
  13. UniversalHead said: With extensive improvisation and rewriting… That really is an unfortunate choice of words (or, to put it bluntly, no sh*t sherlock!).
  14. Yepesnopes said: I am going to post with a bit of ZEN, because when I think about the mechanics of wfrpg 3 I easely go on fire. Lets agree this is not the strongest point of the game. Sort of thinking about getting back into WFRP3e and I agree with you that some rules seem…odd. Would love to hear what you think is broken and why…I found one of your earlier posts about action cards and I agree with that too. The token tracking system for limiting actions just doesn't play well on the table. Anything else you think is broken and why? Anything rules you think actually work? Thanks
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